Sep 27 2008

Islamist Terrorists Arrested In Germany, But Others On The Run And Possibly Preparing For Attacks

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Islamists terrorists have been arrested in Germany, but there are more known European converts running lose – possibly preparing for an attack on the West:

German police officers boarded a KLM airliner at 6:55 a.m., shortly before it was to take off, and seized two men who were identified as a 23-year-old Somali and a 24-year-old German born in Somalia. Officials said that the men were unarmed, but that documents saying that they were ready to fight and die in a jihad had been found.

Even more troubling, officials here said, were two suspects not yet in custody.

The German Federal Criminal Police on Thursday made a plea to the public for information on the whereabouts of Eric Breininger, a German convert to Islam, and Houssain al-Malla, from Lebanon. Officials said the men were on their way to Germany from a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

Investigators said Mr. Breininger was close friends with Daniel Martin Schneider, one of the men charged with planning a bombing attack in Germany last year. That case received significant attention because two of the suspects were, like Mr. Breininger, German converts to Islam, and because they had amassed large quantities of explosive chemicals.

After the announcement on Thursday about the two men, German television and newspapers were filled with videos and photographs of Mr. Breininger, 21, at a training camp, wearing camouflage fatigues and a turban, brandishing a rifle. “In the past we always feared that Breininger would participate in attacks against German soldiers in Afghanistan, but we have very clear information that they are on their way back to Germany,” the German security official said.

Thankfully his name is known to western intelligence organizations, he won’t be getting on plains to the US under his normal passport. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other identities he can use, or that he has allies who also are converts to madness.

It would seem al-Qaeda does want to send a message to America during this election season.

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