Aug 31 2005

Sheehan Losing Her Luster

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I am not surprised one bit that the political organizations on the far left are distancing themselves from Cindy Sheehan, as reported today in the Washington Times by Bill Sammon:

Powerful liberal advocacy groups such as are taking a less active role in Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war activities in the wake of criticism that they may have muddied her message.

The groups, which played a major role in Mrs. Sheehan’s monthlong vigil outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, are scaling back their involvement as Mrs. Sheehan prepares to leave Texas today on a bus tour to Washington.

Critics had said it appeared that Mrs. Sheehan had morphed from a mother grieving the loss of her son in Iraq into a pawn of liberal advocacy groups.

“The vigil started as a very grass-roots thing and then grew because groups like MoveOn were drawn to what Cindy was doing and wanted to offer their support,” said Wade Fletcher of Mintwood Media Collective, a Washington-based public-relations group advising the Sheehan demonstrators

I think it was the recent polls showing support for staying in Iraq until it is stable and Cindy Sheehan not changing 80% of peoples’ opinions. They know Sheehan is now more likely to hurt than help their cause.

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