Sep 16 2008

Stop The Presses! Palin Bought A Tanning Bed

A Governor’s mansion – the place the Governor and family live while the Governor is in office. In one of the most ridiculous news flashes I have seen we learn Governor Palin bought (with her own money) a tanning bed, and had it placed in the Governor’s mansion.

Sarah Palin brought one unusual accessory to the Alaska Governor’s mansion after moving in last year: A tanning bed.

Al Giordano’s NarcoNews first reported that Palin had the apparatus installed in the mansion in Juneau, and a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Roger Wetherell, confirmed the account to Politico.

“She paid for it with her own money,” Wetherell said in an email.

The word “installed” is used to convey the idea it was plugged into the wall for power. No word yet if Palin also “installed” a toaster oven (being so hick, one can only wonder at what this woman would stoop to). I did see that the Palin’s had “installed” a sea plane at their dock at their home in Wassilla. And I am sure they “installed” a car or two in the garage.

And all the while I am trying to wonder (a) what this has to do with national security, energy security, health care or taxes and (b) what unimaginageable devious devices the Obama’s have “installed” in their homes. We know they have plans to install a basketball court in place of the bolling alley in the White House – which is the second most ridiculous news I have seen flashed and discusses. So what!!!

And the Political Industrial Complex of media, consultants and Pols can’t figure out why America wants to sweep them all out and get real people in control of this country? God help us. 

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  2. […] Ok. Sure. Whatever. This has political relevance how, exactly? A.J. Strata calls this one of the most ridiculous news flashes before writing And all the while I am trying to […]

  3. Aitch748 says:

    And a tanning bed costs, what, $1500? $2000?

    Or maybe the media now wants to push the “vanity” meme: OMG WTF look how much she spends on herself LOL!!!!1!!11!!!

    This is so stupid that now I’m wondering if some people watch the news in the way that some people watch bad movies — by mocking what the people on the screen are saying and doing.

  4. cmhyland says:

    What many people may not realize is that tanning beds are used as Light Therapy in the treatment of SAD ( Seasonal Affected Disorder ). Up in New England we get a touch of SAD due to the short winter days… In Alaska it must be more pronounced and a tanning bed could be used to keep the family feeling good. Also it’s cheaper than a family winter vacation to BVI.

  5. dave m says:

    Sheeesh AJ! Where have you been?

    Tanning beds are politically incorrect,
    not because using them increases yer “carbon footprint” but because
    having a suntan at all is now politically incorrect. Heck, first a suntan
    and then a cigarette and then even a bottle of wine. No. This won’t do.

    Having a suntan means you are obsessed by vanity, don’t care
    about what medical costs may burden the “system” if you get a melanoma,
    and shows you just don’t care about the third world.

    Well, I don’t get it, but they seem very serious about it.
    An aside: I had a summer vacation in the south of France where
    everybody has the deepest, darkest, sultry, sexy suntan you could

    There is some value yet in the French shrug.

  6. crosspatch says:

    She lives in Alaska. There is little sun there for most of the year. She also has young children who need UV exposure to generate vitamin D and other vital things in the body. Sunlamps were very common in Alaska but these days people are going more to the tanning beds to get their dose of artificial sunlight. It prevents complications of vitamin D deficiency and keeps other things in the body properly regulated.

  7. dave m says:

    And even if she only used it because she thought it made her
    look kind of … nice,
    that would be OK too?
    I say yes, that would be OK too.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    Retail price for a tanning bed is 35K.

    She got hers on her own dime from a tanning place that had over bought for the market.

    I have not seen the figures yet but I am betting it is no where near full retail cost including installation.

    Next I guess we will hear about the hot tub if they have one.

  9. Toes192 says:

    I am getting the winter blues just thinking about 6 hours of daylight… Sarah, Can I come use your tan bed next winter when you are in DC?

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