Sep 15 2008

More On The Building Palin Wave – Updated!

Some more poll news out today on the rising Palin wave amongst the electorate.  In Ohio Palin is deemed to be the candidate, among the top four, Americans most identify with (watch those attacks libs, you are insulting the electorate!):

A factor in the GOP boost is that more respondents, 31%, identified Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the candidate “most like you,” with 22% for Barack Obama, 21% for John McCain, and just 13% for Joe Biden.

And Palin has created an enormous grass roots awakening among the conservative GOP base:

Additionally, the survey also found that 93% of conservatives plan on voting for McCain (up from 67% in May), and 48% will volunteer and/or contribute (up from 24% in May). The difference? Sarah Palin. The survey found that 92% of conservative are “more enthusiastic” about McCain because of his choice of Palin as his running mate. “Clearly, it wasn’t enough for conservatives to oppose Obama or Clinton; they wanted a positive reason to support McCain,” says Elliott. “Palin is making this possible.”

I expect to see more and more of this as the liberal elites in the Political Industrial Complex (politicians, talking heads, political consultant and the news media) continue to lash out against America’s champion of change – Sarah Palin. The message from average Americans seems to be “Don’t mess with our representative, unless you want to be out of office and out of business”.

And I don’t think making fun of McCain’s physical handicaps due to his beatings and torture in Vietnam will be bringing flocks of Americans to Obama’s lost cause either. Fess up Obama, that ad about McCain’s email is a disaster which will continue to damage your campain as long as you stand by it. 

Update: You have to wonder about a poll which sees a 3% shift in the women’s vote and only registers 1% shift in the bottom line, but there is still more movement of women to McCain-Palin being seen:

For the second consecutive day, Barack Obama and Joe Biden lead John McCain and Sarah Palin in the Diageo/Hotline tracking poll. The Dem ticket is up 44-43%; Obama/Biden had been up 45-43% in yesterday’s release.

The Dems now lead by 6% among women, down from their 9% margin yesterday. McCain/Palin, meanwhile, leads men by 4% — identical to their lead on 9/13.

Among Inds, McCain/Palin’s lead fell from 16% in yesterday’s release to 10% today.

It is probably due to the skewed party ID distribution which is 41%D, 36%R, 19%. I seriously doubt these numbers for national polls. If it were corrected to the more reasonable 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 I would bet McCain is up 4-5%.

Update: Even more bad news for O-Bomba:

But, in perhaps the worst news in this survey for Obama, when asked whom they’d consult for advice if they faced the “toughest decision of your life,” voters chose McCain over him by 50-34. If the toughest decision is who to vote for president, McCain can take comfort in this finding.

Personally, that is one indicator which we will all look back upon as the final indication O-Bomba’s compaign had derailed for good.

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4 Responses to “More On The Building Palin Wave – Updated!”

  1. luc says:

    Obama does not seem to care or understand the point about McCain emailing capability. Take a look at:

  2. Phil-351 says:

    The media circus just keeps shooting itself in the foot. . This latest insane diatribe from a financial writer, no less! You’d think a joker who writes about numbers would see the numbers on the wall. What an ass. The media built her up? They’ve been beating her up since the announcement for VP! Under the dictionary definition of a tool, they should put Jon Friedman’s face.

  3. ivehadit says:

    That Hotline poll is suspicious to me..It pops on the scene a couple weeks ago…always giving o the lead…hmmmm.

  4. WWS says:

    The ‘Sarah Palin phenom is doomed” author seemed to forget that the election is only 7 weeks away.