Sep 14 2008

Poor Site Meter

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Leave it to an engineer like me to be one of the few who did not mind the new Site Meter roll out. I liked the conciseness and simplicity of the old version, but I also liked the new views because of the way it condensed information. Many more did not.  Site Meter is now rolling back to the old version in response to the blow back.

My suggestion to Site Meter – offer both. Allow for the ‘classic view’ and the new view, selectable by the user (not just the website owner). Truth of the matter about technology is most people get comfortable and like consistency. They don’t like revolution, or even large evolution.. Then there is the minority who love to evolve the systems to the next level. The trick is to accommodate both.  Site Meter did not offer much but repackaging, and they took some key views away. That was probably a killer with the new look and the amount of effort required to go to different views.

My suggestion is try again, but this time allow those who want to stay in the older version the option to do so. Much of what you wanted behind the scenes (or screens) is probably very much salvageable.

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