Sep 11 2008

Alan Colmes Slams Palin As Only “Beauty Queen”

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Tonight on Hannity and Colmes Alan Colmes fell back into the hateful trap all liberals find themselves in as they try to slam Paling and defend Obama. I don’t have exact quotes, but hopefully this will hit YouTube.

It all started when Colmes claimed the GOP was ridiculing Obama’s community service (why do they go there? It just re-affirms Obama’s thin tissue thin resume). But when the pressure went up Alan boiled over again into fit of petulant sexism when he shot back (paraphrasing):”Like being a beauty queen is qualification”?

Look fool, if all Palin had ever done in her life was be a beauty queen then I guess there’s a point here. But that is not all there is to GOVERNOR Palin. Which is infinitely more impressive than the hollow and bitter Alan Colmes.

Two things to watch for in the next 24-48 hours are the phrase ‘beauty queen” and the Iraq War being “God’s war”. Seems we have new smear points from the Dems.

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3 Responses to “Alan Colmes Slams Palin As Only “Beauty Queen””

  1. Mike M. says:

    Yup. The former won’t work at all well…and the latter is an outright lie. Which the McCain campaign is already hammering (they really have their quick-response team together).

  2. WWS says:

    I loved Sarah’s response to the attack question on the “God’s war” smear. Calling on Abraham Lincoln’s quote on the same topic – brilliant!

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Gov. Palin was seeing her son off to Iraq. While Obama was….?????

    Alan Colmes started out as a stand up comic. Maybe this was part of his act.