Sep 11 2008

Obama: Palin Is Just Another Pretty Face, Not A Pig

Obama really is pretty clueless. Instead of hinting that Governor Sarah Palin is a pig with lipstick, he goes on Letterman and calls her just another pretty face – insinuating she has no brains, views or political force of her own:

Obama: “It does. But keep in mind that, technically, had I meant it that way, she would have been the lipstick, you see?” (audience, Dave laugh) “But now we’re…”

Dave: “I don’t know, you’re way ahead of me.” (audience laughs)

Obama: “Yeah, the failed policies of John McCain would be the pig.”

Obama keeps digging his hole, and laughing with the master Frat Boy himself on TV. Just words, just lipstick. There is nothing to Palin other than her lipstick. Obama is simply a dipstick. 

This caught my eye as probably the core question in the election right now:

In a presidential race in which unexpected factors like lipsticks and pigs have driven questions about sexism and feminism, a central question remains: What do women want?

McCain figured it out. It’s not that hard. In a word: respect. McCain respected Sarah Palin so much he gambled his entire life on her. She would make or break his run for the Presidency. That’s respect. Obama and the liberal media and liberal pols haven’t clued in yet. Respect, professional behavior (heck I would settle for mature behavior), seriousness. 

For some strange reason, due to hate and insecurity I guess, this is beyond the grasp to most of the left. Which is why America is being repulsed and shifting sides.

On a related note: when this all broke I said keep an eye on the seasoned Pols. If Obama screwed up you would see them stepping back. They are clearly starting to step back now, as they openly discuss their concerns about the Junior Senator from Illinois with the news media. I don’t think we will see another rookie Pol running at the top of the ticket for at least a century, given Obama’s performance.

Update: This is a great example of the Political Industrial Complex not getting it:

The Sarah Palin “boom” that has so traumatized Democrats and intimidated the press will have little if any impact on the presidential election. People don’t vote for vice presidents, they vote for presidents. This race is about John McCain and Barack Obama not Annie Oakley from Wasilla, Alaska. 

Her name is Governor Sarah Palin.  And this election is ALL about Sarah Palin and women finally breaking that glass ceiling being held down by jerks like Beckel and Obama. Step aside men, a lady is coming through.

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14 Responses to “Obama: Palin Is Just Another Pretty Face, Not A Pig”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Based on this, it becomes doubtful that Obama will exercise the Eagleton option by replacing Biden with Hillary. Besides, I doubt that Hillary will accept the offer after this.

    I wonder what Bill is going to offer to Obama today…

  2. CatoRenasci says:

    The lack of respect for women in this year’s campaign cycle shown by the left and the Democratic Party generally should surprise no one: anyone who thinks that the sainted JFK or Bill Clinton treated women with respect hears only words and ignores their behavior.

    Even more strongly, I’m reminded of the comment of one of the young leaders in the civil rights movement who responded (apparently quite seriously) to a question about the position of the women in the movement with one word: PRONE.

    Perhaps the reason marxist feminists in the Feminist Establishment are so consistently angry at all men is that they assume all men are the chauvinist pigs that leftist men are — however much they talk the talk of sensitive feminism, they behave like throwbacks to the old stone age.

  3. gwood says:

    Perhaps the reason marxist feminists in the Feminist Establishment are so consistently angry at all men is that they assume all men are the chauvinist pigs that leftist men are — however much they talk the talk of sensitive feminism, they behave like throwbacks to the old stone age.

    Absolutely! For a visual of this phenomenon we need only view the clips of Obama and Biden kissing each other’s wives on the lips, while Sarah and John exchange a respectful hug.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    First Rule of Holes

  5. TheBad says:

    This too, is something I have noticed over the years. The left screams the right is racist, sexist, etc. But it is the right side of the government that I see who keeps promoting or placing them in higher and higher positions.

    Yea I know, that the left can say, we nominated the first black man to be President, and we were the first to nominate a woman for VP. She didn’t have a chance to win against Reagan, and now I am wondering if Obama has a chance in hell of winning.

    As a Libertarian, I watch both sides very closely. I rarely ever can say my horse is in the race. But I still must bet on one of the two that are there. In the first part of the race I just couldn’t believe how lame this race really was.

    I have always liked John McCain. Anyone who really knows him, knows he is what is known as a maverick in Washington. (I think a lot of people confuse a maverick and a renegade.). And I was starting to wonder if McCain’s days of a maverick were coming to the end. Even tough he has crossed his party line several times in the last 8 years. This is something I am really looking for for in our next President. Someone who can maybe get something accomplished in Washington. And that’s not going to happen, unless our next President knows how to bring down the wall between the parties and get things passed.

    The 2004-2006 right congress went down in history as the all time worst. I hope the left will be happy when they show them that the 2006-2008 left congress is even worst, when they take the record away from them in the next couple of months. Unless they suddenly decide to do something before then, and get something passed. I hope this is a record that they figure out, they do not want, but I will not place any bets on it.

    Sarah Palin is not a unknown to everyone. I started checking her out a few months back. After seeing something about her on a blog I was reading. If you really check her record (blog and media smears are not records). And what do I find? Another maverick who in a very short time went against her party line, cleaned up a lot of corruption within her own party. (Whats the old saying? Cleanup your own back yard before you start complaining about mine.). No, she has not been perfect on everything she has done. Show me who has, and then please explain to me why we do not have them on the ballot.

    I think a lot of people in this country knows it time we see a woman in the White House. At least in the #2 spot for now. Which I can understand why so many on the left are mad that Hillery isn’t sitting in the VP spot. I too believe that she would have almost guarantee a win for the left. But NOOOOO, someone seems to be to hung up on their male ego to do what was best. Or maybe he was worried she would overpower his Celebrity Status, who knows.

    And then, the John McCain I am use to seeing, announces the female I would like to see most on the right, as his running mate. And suddenly, we have a race that has brought the entire crowd to their feet. Both sides screaming at the top of their lungs. We have one more lap to go, and the old horse shows us that maybe all he needed was a young maverick to take him across the line. And not caring who gets the spotlight, for him being there.

    Yes, this Libertarian will most likely put his money on the McCain/Palin ticket.

  6. dave m says:

    Warts and all.

    OK, so I’m over on this PUMA website called Texasdarlin
    and she posts a call for Obama to step aside, citing the Berg lawsuit,
    the pig controversy, etc. Nothing unusual there. But.
    One of the posters attaches her comment:

    (name deleted by me) predicts:

    Obama will resign for “health reasons.” That “wart” growing next to his nose suddenly appeared full blown. It was not there two weeks ago at the time of the Invesco Follies. We know that neither this image-driven, narcissistic egomaniac nor his wife, the savagely ambitious and vengeful Lady Macbama, would allow a growth to mar the superstar’s precious face. But…it is not a natural growth. It is a theatrical appliance being worn to provide an ill health exit line for Obama when he realizes defeat and/or exposure is inevitable.

    I further predict that he will wait just long enough to resign so that Hillary will not have time to mount a winning campaign. Remember, he and his wife are very spiteful. Though we will never know, it seems very possible that he has struck a deal with the Republicans: he will resign from the campaign if they agree not to reveal all the dirt they’ve gathered on him.


    Well, it’s a theory! So I go over to google image search and start looking
    at pictures of Obama. I can’t find any with a wart. So I think Golly,
    this poster could be onto something, big.

  7. owl says:

    Watched the pig campaign and now I think I have seen the beginning of the next. Palin, the heartless, mean & cruel. Picked it up 3 times over the last 24 hours. It showed on GMA this morning that Palin was heartless to the women in shelters suffering from abuse. Yep. Just as the NYT use to always be the kickoff attack paper, MSNBC the 24/7 cable, ABC’s GMA starts the Dem campaign each day. Cruel to animals.

  8. WWS says:

    Dave, don’t tell that to Obama’s supporters! Look how earnest they are, here’s a new video from Boy George supporting him!

    the link is to a blog with the video (which is real, although some argue that is actually the ultimate Rovian dirty trick; Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard!!!)

    Read the comments after the video! my personal favorite: “I am trying to gouge out my mind’s eye.”

  9. kathie says:

    Don’t tell me the “pig” comment was unintentional. Think of Obama’s big speech in Denver. What do you remember? The number of people in the stadium, the fireworks, do you remember one word of his speech? No. Now think of Palin, what do you remember? The woman, her poise, her graciousness, and ‘WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HOCKY-MOM AND A PIT-BULL, LIPSTICK”. Now tell me Obama and the DNC didn’t have her in mind!

  10. MarkN says:

    Somebody please take away Obama’s shovel. The economic plan excuse is soooo lame. Why use two metaphors to refer to one fact. It lacks all credibility. The MSM will die in 08. NBC has been killed because of MSNBC. Olberman should be the running mate. Will Gibson kill ABC’s credibility? We shall see, although GMA is trying to beat him to the punch.

    I posted yesterday that only a few % points separate this from a close race to a landslide. McCain – 345; Obama – 193. Not so farfetched.

  11. Neo says:

    I’m not so sure it’s Palin as much as it’s that the McCain/Palin is a viable ticket that has Obama lost. Clearly, the Democrats think Palin is the only thing holding the ticket afloat, so she is the target.

    But let’s face facts, this was supposed to be a “Democrat” year where the winner of the Democratic Primary was a “shoe in” in November .. just like Chicago.

  12. Phil-351 says:

    I just had to add:

    Now even the RINOs are losing it:,4670,ChafeePalin,00.html

    Like was mentioned before, don’t like the polls, ignore them.

  13. Terrye says:

    Obama should have just ignored Palin, the way McCain has ignored Biden. But nooo, he and the rest of the party and a lot of the media just had to go off the deep end. Man, do they look silly.

  14. MarkN says:

    Never take anything for granted in politics. I think Palin will do fine with the Gibson interview. One thing that the MSM doesn’t realize is that she has grown in office, in public service. If they had any real life experience (other than community organizer) they would know that it is quite normal for me to hire someone who takes 8 hours to do a task last year but only 4 hours this year. It is called the learning curve. I can’t believe so many lawyers are up in Alaska trying to dig up dirt on this lady. From what I can read, the “scandals” are just honest mistakes by someone new on the job.

    Palin has been on that learning curve ever since she has been mayor. Has she made mistakes, sure. But she has learned from those mistakes. So the Bridge to Nowhere was not a flip-flop, it was learning on the job as Governor. Anyone with a normal life with a normal job or business will understand that.

    That is one of the things I like about her. She would make a dynamite employee. Not a big ego from a big ivy league university, not the smartest, but a hard charger, always working, always learning, honest and trustworthy, always getting the job done. I would hire her as Vice-President of the country.

    Biden’s out there disqualifying himself. Saying “Hill” is more qualified. Please these guys are not going to be elected dog catcher. Please vote for me even if some lady who got passed over is more qualified. I’m shell shocked by the incompetence.