Sep 11 2008

Beginning A Long Farewell With A 9-11 Salute To President George W Bush

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I am sure many others out in the blogosphere will have very impressive posts in memory of 9-11, this year I am keeping it simple. I think the most memorable 9-11 for me as a blogger was in 2006 and someone had the great idea for bloggers to research and post on one of the victims of 9-11. MY assignment was Paul Laszczynski, a NYC Port Authority officer. It was a challenging and humbling experience to try and give a stranger’s life justice.

As we recognize the 7th anniversary of that fateful day I cannot help but note how too many on the left have twisted that day into some weird, self promoting fantasy. From the 9-11 Truthers to Keith Olberman, who last night politicized 9-11 on his show by saying conservatives politicize 9-11 (nice projection there dude), many people forget we have people who spend their entire existence trying to kill as many of us as possible on their path to Allah. It is a personal failure of character not honor the events of that day with clarity and accuracy. Keith Olberman and his ilk have tried to twist the events for sage their own personal demons and egos. They are failures as patriots and Americans.

One of the main reasons we all sit here today, able to recognize again the tragedies of that day, the reasons we are fighting two wars, and the enormous progress we have made, is due to the leadership of President George W. Bush. We did not want war, he did not want war. But he fought wars to change humanity’s trajectory. For all those who want change, give credit where it is due – things changed for the better since 7 years ago.

On 9-12-01 al-Qaeda loomed large as the future of Islam. They had given The Evil Satan a punishing blow and we were reeling and not sure of ourselves. Our economy was hammered, our confidence shaken, our security in serious doubt and threat. Since that time, regardless of ups and downs in the path taken, we have seen the Arab Muslim street rise up in anger at atrocities being inflicted on them and purge their enemies from their homelands, neighborhoods, cities and towns.

After a time of trying to ally with al-Qaeda against the devil Americans (as we knew most Muslims wanted to do and which could not be avoided, but only worked through to victory), something happened which changed the world. In 2007 an Awakening began in the heart of the Arab Muslim Street (Anbar, Iraq), and was met with a Surge in troops by Americans to help defeat a common enemy: al-Qaeda. Thanks to unblinking diligence to victory (instead of withdrawal) President Bush, General David Petraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, our armed forces and tens of thousands of brave Iraqis, al-Qaeda is now the vanquished enemy of Islam in Iraq.

No one predicted we would come this far in September 2001 – that would have been rightfully called reckless thinking. No one would have predicted the left would be working with all their might to surrender to al-Qaeda on the main battlefield of the war – that would have been called insulting and unfair, questioning their patriotism. Well, history will be the judge on that matter, starting with this November.

This is a very important 9-11 anniversary, because it will be our last with President George Bush in office (I can here the juvenile squeals of delight from the incorrigible left who don’t have an ounce of honor left in them). The man who led us from the dark days of 9-11 to where we stand today, well on the path of fixing a suicidal mental disease that once was spreading like wild-fire through Islam, will be standing down soon. 

Like all of us he was imperfect. Like all good men he made the right enemies and dealt with them. He brought major change to the world and he should be thanked by that world. In his first year of office he was faced with a daunting challenge and a growing threat as al-Qaeda was ascending in the Muslim Street. When he steps down America will have regained its confidence and shown the world appeasement just means delaying the time when we must make the sacrifices and face our problems. It is not a solution, it is a delaying strategy. Appeasement is not victory or progress, and it can allow enemies to grow in strength and deadliness if left at the debating table.

George Bush leaves office with al-Qaeda now the enemy of Islam in much of the Muslim Street. Just as there are Nazis running around still today, one day soon al-Qaeda will just be the sign of a sick and deranged mind, hopefully trapped by the laws of lands barely tolerant of them due to the basic respects to the individual of democracy. We are well on the path to reaching that day – thanks to George W Bush. 

Thank you sir, for working to keep us safe all these years. Many of us realize it will be decades, probably well after I have left this world, before the true stories of what we faced come out from behind the security classifications. Until then, your results – the changes you achieved – will have to speak for your efforts. 

I honestly believe, as with all Presidents, George Bush will leave office with reasonably good poll numbers, which will grow even more as his administration fades into history. Right now his personal numbers (admiration for the man, not the policies) is still high (the flip of Bill Clinton). I find it a bit arrogant for people to be negative on Bush because he didn’t solve all the nation’s problems yet. He definitely took on the biggest and most dangerous one. He took care of many of us when events called him to action.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tribute, AJStrata!

  2. KauaiBoy says:

    Thanks once again AJ and to our POTUS without whom we would not have come back as quickly.

    I will say it again: Thank God Al Gore was not our president on that day.

  3. dave m says:

    I’ll second that!

    I’m not 100% sure he has finished yet.
    We will have to wait a few days after Nov. 4 to find that out for sure.
    The President isn’t telling anyone.
    There are a huge number of warships in the Persian Gulf. Four
    carrier battle groups, HMS Illustrious and her carrier battle group
    and even some French.
    Mohammed Al-Baradei is stepping down from the UN’s IAEA at
    the end of the year. His work is done and he has succeeded.

    President Bush told us that he is not concerned with poll numbers.
    I believe he was telling the truth in that statement.

  4. 9/11: Seven Years Later…

    It’s hard to believe that seven years have passed since that incredibly awful day. I can still remember it as vividly now as I could on that morning….

  5. ivehadit says:

    Great post, AJ! I have copied it to my harddrive…:)

    And Dave, what is the source of the Persian Gulf info? I’d like to share it and I want to have the source. Thanks in advance.

  6. owl says:

    Thanks AJ and thank you President Bush. I have lived through several presidents and I see the media. President Bush was their most successful campaign. He is also my favorite president and I didn’t think anyone would replace Reagan’s spot. Congress and the ‘Party’ has a lot to answer for.

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  8. Terrye says:

    Thanks AJ.

  9. kathie says:

    In deed our President is a very special man with great humility and courage. We have been a very fortunate Nation in so many ways.

    Remember 2567 days, that is the number of days there has not been a terrorist attack on this Nation.

    Thank you AJ.

  10. Jeff Z says:

    With political dialogue in full force, I always state up front that I think that W has been an excellent president. People are so stunned that they almost always hear me out. There is almost always disagreemen, but surprisingly little vehemence.

  11. Boghie says:


    Like you I believe President Bush’s approval will grow with time. I think only Washington, Lincoln, and FDR have faced times as tough as he has. And, he faced them head on – without undue regard to polls and pundits.

  12. BarbaraS says:

    We will miss George Bush. He has not always done what we wanted him to do but he has done what he thought was right. He will go down in history as one of our great presidents.

    George Bush is one of those remarkable people who feel it is more important to be true to himself and his country that to be popular. The press has demonized him and may they roast in hell for doing so. It is their treatment of him that has made me the most angry.

    History will look back in amazement at his poll numbers and press cuttings and they will wonder if we had all lost our minds. Here was a president that saved our bacon in numerous ways and we vilified him.

  13. dave m says:

    I got that info from www dot debka dot com

    I wrote that to trick the spam filter into allowing the message through
    I’ll put the exact links in the next post, if you don’t see them, they got ate.

  14. dave m says:

    Two articles recent about naval buildup in the Persian Gulf

    I got the HMS illustrious info and the fact that one of our carriers is
    also carrying French Mirage fighters and pilots from an earlier article
    from the same site. Probably within the last month. They have archives, of
    course, but I don’t have time to search them.

    Thanks for asking.

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