Sep 09 2008

Obama’s Pig Statement – Election’s Over

Major Update (and probably the last on this post): What we have here is a clear case of premeditated political suicide and armed plagiarism (was this Biden’s part in the crime?):

The key to realizing the plagiarism, and to realizing that the entire riff was pre-scripted, is that Obama begins to tell the joke wrong.Obama started in with Toles’s “Exce-“, but quickly realized that he didn’t start the joke correctly, so he went back and filled in the preamble to the joke, and then he returned later to Toles’s “Except” once again.

All of this was pre-scripted, right down to the lipstick on the pig.

Lipstick was the liberal talking point of the day:

Carnahan: ‘There’s no way you can dress up that record even with a lot of lipstick
By Ben Smith
September 09, 2008, 03:08 PM

O-Bomba blew it in a fit of hate and anger. Nuff said.

Updates Below: Note how the denizens of Kos (home of the vile smears about Bristol) and the crowd at the event ‘got’ Obama’s meaning. The tone deafness of the panicked defenders fail to recognize how everyone on the far left  ‘got it’ well before the the repulsion rose up against Obama. It is sad to see his vaunted campaign end like this, but the warning signs about the neophyte were all over the place for anyone to see. – end

Dude, what were you thinking? After your shafted an icon of the women’s movement in your grasp for power in the Illinois state senate – not even letting the voters have ANY options as you threw all your opponents off the ballot through lawsuit maneuvers – you think you would know better than to attack a woman with a gutter joke. After you pried into the life of a divorced mother so you could expose her divorce records to the world, even over her objections to protect her kids, so you could chase the challenger from the US Senate race, you would think you would know you were living on borrowed time with women. After you smeared Hillary Clinton out of the primaries with the help of your immature mail friends in the news media (Mr. Tingle leg to name one), you would think you realize that was your last chance to diss women.

But no – your greed for power is so consuming, your ego as shallow as it is arrogant, you had to use the lipstick joke knowing full well it would be inferred as an innuendo-slam against Governor Sarah Palin. You had to go for the crude sexist slap:


Barry, ever hear the phrase ‘men are pigs’? You are the kind of male that makes that phrase ring true with 90+% of women. Thanks for nothing cretin, but my sex (male) is much more honorable and respectful than you would make it out to be. Are you trying to impress women or repulse them? Clearly you have a lot of growing up to do, and you will have about 16 years to do it in since we can now safely expect women in this country to give the McCain/Palin team the keys to the White House for next 12-16 years.

Go home Barry and explain to your daughters what you did. See if you would find it funny if some arrogant jerk called them pigs. Go home Obama, and rethink your life. 

Update: I tested this on the ladies of the house and they are not amused. Given Palin’s clearly self deprecating joke about Hockey Mom’s and Pit Bulls, it is clear any sane, mature person would stay far away from the connection. DJStrata noted how Obama was wiping his brow before he delivered the clearly staged throw away line as if to say “do I really want to do this”?

I have been watching state polls where blue states are going purple (WI, MI, PA), Dark Blue going light blue (NJ, WA) and purple states going red (OH, VA). This tells me the avalanche in the private polling must be down right frightening. Why else do this?

This smells of a Hail “Screw You” Marry pass if I have ever seen one. And the other side just intercepted and is running unopposed into the end zone to win the game. Obama panicked and listened to some emotionally stunted liberal consultant when he tried to use this line (and the week old dead fish in the newspaper was not any better – which is the rest of the quote).

DJStrata and LJStrata are going to see Palin tomorrow in Northern Virginia – and I expect the Barracuda to do some severe slicing and dicing of Obama over this one. Another sexist pig is going to be laying in the ditch crying his eyes out after meeting the Barracuda. I can’t way to see her response.

BTW – if the audience there got the message this was aimed at Palin I doubt seriously this was some kind of mistake. It was deliberate, and all the feigned ignorance by the media will not fix Obama’s fatal mistake.

Update: Hugh Hewitt reminds us of the time Obama gave Hillary the finger in a well used hidden jester:

The crowds get the signal just like a catcher gets the signal from a pitcher. Obama seems to have some serious insecurity issues about women if has to stoop to this 3rd grade taunting. Then to follow it up with that Eddie Haskel “what – me?” crap! Dude, the ladies have all seen it before many times.

Update: Shock and disgust from the Land of the PUMAs. But the juvies at Daily Kos got the message loud and clear without a translator: Palin = Pig, McCain = Rotten Fish. Are they sorry? Hell no they want more!

You want to sling mud at us, we’ll throw ten times the mud at you….

hum…who cares? they are both pigs!

Pigs are fine animals, clean and intelligent.

They have nothing in common with Cain or Unable.

Palin introduced the Lipstick and pitbull meme…

Surely someone with her political EXPERIENCE ought to have been able to predict the very obvious rebuttal.

Now they cry “sexism”?  Wow.  If lipstick isn’t a symbol for the female gender, I don’t know what is!!  

No She’s an Evil Cow!!! 

And on and on it goes, they got the message Messiah – loud and clear.  If the Kosians figured it out then it was pretty damn obvious what he meant.


America, just look at the classless community Obama has organized for us, and just think what he could do to ‘change’ America if given the opportunity? When your little girls grow up they too can be the object of juvenile ridicule by insecure liberal fascists. This IS how the Jews were treated for a few years – before the Nazis started rounding them up and gassing them. They were ridiculed and belittled, so that when the time came there was no sympathy, not compassion, very few willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the hate. Make no mistake – this group of liberal trash is turning into something very dangerous.

Update: Liberals think examples of other poor behavior will save the Messiah – clearly they are wrong. Even worse, they think it is Sarah’s fault Obama tossed a pig reference her way! Get this whacked logic:

Maybe Gov. Palin shouldn’t have been so quick to call herself a pit-bull in lipstick. She’s the one who injected gender quips into the race with that statement during her RNC acceptance speech.

Maybe if “woman’s name here” hadn’t been so independent her husband wouldn’t have beaten her? Maybe if “woman’s name here” hadn’t been so seductive looking she wouldn’t have been raped? Maybe if Sarah Palin had not made a self deprecating joke Obama wouldn’t have had to refer to her as a pig????

It is about high time the liberals take responsibility for the own lack of self control. Obama meant it and it was a deliberate throw out line to try and make a subtle (if not subliminal) point. And it came out loud, clear and repulsive.

Obama threw his campaign into the gutter all on his own – don’t blame Sarah. The damage is done.

Update: How bad is this mistake? watch Biden and Hillary and the other Democrats and see how much they are willing to personally stake on the event. Some radicals are in to the end and will sink to any low to grasp onto the dream. But many will back off to save themselves.

BTW – all the back and forth in the blogosphere between left and right, ignore it. They don’t represent America, their votes were locked in years ago, and they are numb to the invective which turns off Main Street America. Obama failed the common decency test. He is afraid to say clearly what he wants so he hides it behind a crude analogy. Then he pretends he didn’t mean it while he snickers behind his hand.

Well, I am laughing straight in his face. Palin is not a victim of O-Bomba – that’s impossible since she just won the class and respect award for being higher than the gutter. People who think this was more of an attack against Palin than an implosion of Obama and the left missed the point entirely. Obama just proved he is not ready for prime time. Palin wins the ‘experience’ test hands down because Obama disqualified himself. He tried to cheat and break the rules (of common decency). That is why this is over. 

I am bummed today because America’s election process went into the tank because Obama couldn’t perform to the minimal standards. He fatally tripped up and we have 2 months of watching the agony in front of us. McCain/Palin win over a dumb-ass technicality. And I worry about the Obama girls and how they will be impacted. Look, there is no pleasure here in the Strata-Sphere that Obama screwed up so badly. But the reality very few in the moderate middle will see any reason to vote for him now, and lots to vote against him. This is a junior senator mistake. He was simply not ready to be under this kind of pressure.

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  1. Terrye says:

    And there was CNN trying to cover for Obama and prattling on about how Palin did not really kill the bridge. It is called media bias folks and it is alive and well.

    But I know what I saw, and so did Obama’s audience. Tacky tacky tacky.

  2. Toes192 says:

    🙂 I am starting to like you, Patch

  3. clintsf says:

    Don’t get overconfident.

    We’ve pulled even in the polls, and the electoral college math is starting to make sense for us, but there are 60 days left. 60 days is a lifetime in electoral politics.

    It could all still vanish if Sarah Palin doesn’t do a great interview with Charlie Gibson. And it could all easily vanish if Obama makes McCain look old and tired in the debates. And most of all, economic and world events that are in the news (and who controls that?) will shape which issues voters are most concerned about when they enter the voting booth.

    Don’t get overconfident.

    Things look good now — better than I would have imagined possible all summer — but we’re just at the very beginning of the national campaign.

  4. Theodorerex says:

    I, and many, many others, thoroughly enjoyed Obama’s pig comment! It’s the truth . . . this Republican team says they want change in Washington, but their proposed policies and those of our failed Bush regime are one and the same! And, this comment/analogy has been around for years . . . just as hers at the convention has . . . let’s try to concentrate on what’s important folks!!

  5. pjo says:

    They’re already running an ad in Michigan using Obama’s pig statement, as usual the ad stay classy. There is another one where they tag Obama and all of his Senate buddies with not lifting the drilling bans and how it is costing jobs and not allowing any sort of economic recovery. I think this ad help drived Michigan into play, along with the disarray in Detroit; the current Mayor finally quit, the new one has not taken over yet and the vote creating machine called Detroit is in the state of flux with a certainty that some parts of the machine will get broomed out to allow some patronage.

  6. […] of the reasons I think Obama and the Dems went with the completely orchestrated pig-comment against Paln is they see something happening that has the totally spooked. I don’t have time […]

  7. Neo says:

    Obama isn’t so stupid as to not understand why the crowd rose and appaulded when he uttered the “lipstick on a pig” line. It really wasn’t that great, especially if you assume it not to be an insult. If he had been smart, he would have put an end to it right there. At least with one of those “no no no no” lines that he does so well, but instead he just went on.

    It was rude, lewd and totally unprofessional … and it is indefenseable.

  8. kathie says:

    People want change in Washington, I want change in Washington, but not the kind of change MSM and the left is spreading and peddling. Just maybe it’s not really Bush, but the lack of fight shown by republicans for Bush, and the money spent by those who are supposed to protect us and our interests. Just a thought as to why Palin has made such a hit, because she is a fighter, a slasher of government programs. I think that the republican legislators blackmailed Bush. If Bush wanted to win the war, he would have to give into pork. Americans intuitively understand spinelessness.

  9. kathie says:

    People want change in Washington, I want change in Washington, but not the kind of change MSM and the left is spreading and peddling. Just maybe it’s not really Bush, but the lack of fight shown by republicans for Bush, and the money spent by those who are supposed to protect us and our interests. Just a thought as to why Palin has made such a hit, because she is a fighter, a slasher of government programs. I think that the republican legislators blackmailed Bush. If Bush wanted to win the war, he would have to give into pork. Americans intuitively understand spinelessness.

  10. Boghie says:

    There was a hint of a ‘Deliverance Theme’ in the ManPig’s joke, eh.

    If you see a headline, and hear a video and ‘get it’ you know it was premeditated. Was this a joke told around the campaign strategy sofa while Governor Palin was making her speech? Is this dope dumb enough to voice a Bidenism?

    I don’t know what ‘The One’ was doing.

    I do know I don’t want him making any decisions for me.

  11. […] The O-Bomb about Palin and the Pig may have been in response to nervous Democrat Leaders demanding Obama take the gloves off against Palin: Since Palin made her national political debut last week, Obama’s campaign and other Democrats have been slow to criticize Palin, preferring to let mainstream news outlets and liberal blogs raise questions about her record.  […]

  12. […] Obama’s lame lipstick schtick erupted I said the election was over. I said proof will come when the seasoned polls started […]