Sep 09 2008

Is There A Tectonic Shift Occurring In America?

Men (and liberal feminists), your average woman is pumped over Palin – and the wave is still building. That is my feeling and there is some poll evidence that a tectonic shift is occurring in the American electorate towards Sarah Palin, and the man who had the guts to put her on a national ticket. It seems to be most intense around moderate Hillary supporters, who appear to be going through a political awakening. I have wondered if sisterhood is stronger than party in America. My bet from day one was it is sisterhood, and it seems that may be the case.

Here is a round up of what I have seen, beginning with the post which started me off looking for evidence of the sisterhood rallying around Palin:

Get this: I’ve now heard dozens of times that when Palin was trashing Obama, PUMA members say they were jumping up and down in their homes, screaming at the TV, in absolute flabbergasted wonder at this woman’s power, ease, style, grace, brains, and ability to speak and connect with the audience. Mostly, though, they love her mad assassin’s skillz.

American women will not let this candidate go. They love her deeply, not as a goddess, but as a sister, and they are slowly absorbing the fact that it took the REPUBLICANS to put a woman on the ticket. We may see many radical feminists become Republicans, I kid you not. One PUMA went to McCain’s speech last night, and she started sobbing because McCain was so humble and emotional, and the people around her were so nice, patriotic, and happy. She’s used to ugly, angry, smelly leftists.

And this is a vital point to remember: McCain honored all women by choosing an exceptional woman who outshines him. He is so much of a man, so comfortable and secure with his masculinity, that he is entirely unthreatened by the fact that he has chosen the person who will eventually eclipse him.

The premise in the excerpts in this post was a tectonic shift was occurring that was still below the radar of the Political Industrial Complex. So I went to check for myself on pro-Hillary sites, and I did find a building wave.

Example 1:

Holy smokes, Folks. I think Sarah Palin may have delivered the tagline for a new era of political populism in her address to an “electrfied” Republican party last night. 

This morning it is perfectly clear that the DONC has been undone, outmaneuvered, and straight-up outclassed  by the Republicans.  How does a Palin bear hug feel Nancy? Beside the baby-toting, gun-wielding, big-grinning dynamo from the Wild Wild North, Nancy you look sort of, I don’t know — wan?

The DONC has also been outed — outed as sexist wimps who are too weak to face down bullies. NOT ONCE did a leader of the DONC call out Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann for their sexist attacks on Hillary . NOT once did the DONC stand up to Kos or Rhoades or the other Blogger Boiz — the keepers of the swamps from which the most abhorrent language and imagery was used to silence, humiliate, and intimidate Hillary supporters (tampon teaparty Anyone?). I could not believe it when Rudy Giuli-freaking-ani demanded last night in tones of thunderous indignation, “How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time to spend with her children and be Vice President.  How dare they do that.  When did they ever ask a man that question?”

This is called reframing the debate, Folks, and the Republicans have done it again. They have successfully painted the DONC as the political haven for sexists, hypocrites, weaklings, and elitists. Just like Anglachel said last week. Oh, and the sexism? Read HERE, HERE (Taking Out The Trash), and HERE.

Example 2:

We, as supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, are alarmed by the vile denigration of Sarah Palin and her family by unsavory elements of the media glitterati and the fringe left. These sensationalist bigots attack Gov. Palin’s motherhood, insinuating that she cannot achieve what male Vice-Presidents have done for decades in balancing family life and executive duty. We wonder why this has never been asked of John McCain, father of seven; Barack Obama,  father of two; nor of Joe Biden, who began his Senate career as a widowed father of two.

Moreover, the use of Gov. Palin’s special-needs child and pregnant daughter as bludgeons to diminish their mother horrifies us. Ham-handed schlock artists in the press – prominent among them NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, CNN’s Campbell Brown, herself the unapologetic working mother of an infant child, and the New York Times’s sewage spewing Maureen Dowd – are practitioners of the most loathsome kind of ‘journalism’ imaginable. Their juvenile, sexist political analysis belongs in the gutter or in a boys bathroom stall – not in mainstream discourse.

Example 3:

Barack Obama, his Chicago thugs, and Joe Biden want Hillary Clinton to save them and then go to the back of the bus.

The Obama Hopium snorters really really believed that Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters would cough up $300 million in donations, bring in the white working class vote, bring in women voters, bring in the big Democratic blue states, and fall in line as part of the celestial choir in praise of the messiah from Chicago.

Screw that.

It is not universal by a long shot. But if only 10% of typical democrat voters move it creates a landslide in the electoral college. And there are a lot of people out there on the left who are ready to teach the dems a lesson on how to treat a lady. Make no mistake about that one. Right now it is too soon to see if this is building, but I cannot see why it should not be. And I cannot fathom what things will look like after a few weeks of the ladies pulling together and making a stand for the sisterhood. It will be something for the history books.

Don’t look for polls to detect this or have confidence in it. Brush-fire politics and movements are something most statistical models will try and ignore as bad data for a time. Gallup may not be the outlier, it may be the only one willing to open the voter models enough to detect the coming Tsunami.

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2 Responses to “Is There A Tectonic Shift Occurring In America?”

  1. Neo says:

    I most unanswered question in the “shift” that must be haunting stockholders of the NYT (and other media outlets) ..

    Can the media adapt to the chaning times or will they use the AGW approach of getting little gain at great expense, bringing more loses ??

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Obama’s support base is

    Liberal Elites and Eggheads
    Black Voters
    Nutroots leaning college kids

    The new Dukakis Caucus with the college kids tacked on.

    Now half those college kids are female. If Obama loses them or the kids in general start seeing him for the empty suit he is or get tweaked at how the nutroots are handling this situation then Obama is toast.

    He is counting on the college vote as his secret sauce combined with Hill supporters he thinks will not desert him for the republicans.

    Both of them can wipe him off the map with only a few percentage points of either or both taking a walk.