Aug 28 2005

Islamacists Are Not Warriors

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Warriors are not characterized by cowardly acts on innocent people -especially children. The attack on a ferry in the Phillipines illustrates why the Islamacist thugs will never gain the respect of anyone.

LAMITAN, Philippines: At least 30 people, including several children, were wounded yesterday in a bomb attack on a ferry believed to have been carried out by Abu Sayyaf Islamic militants, officials said.

The explosion occurred while passengers were boarding the Dona Ramona ferry at the Basilan island port of Lamitan, which was built with American aid money and formally opened by US officials last week.

The ferry was preparing to leave port for Zamboanga city, across the Basilan strait, when the bomb exploded causing extensive damage and chaos.

National police spokesman Chief Superintendent Leopoldo Bataoil said that prior to the blast police had received “advisories that there will be possibilities of terrorist incidents”.

“We are not discounting the possibility that the Abu Sayyaf group is the one behind this,” he said. The Abu Sayyaf, which security experts say has received support from Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, is known to operate in Lamitan, a mixed Muslim-Christian town.

? Who can find respect, honor or admiration int the bombing of children. Muhommed must be spinning his grave in fury for what these pathetic losers have turned Islam into.

This is the kind of world you want to usher in Bin Laden?

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