Sep 06 2008

Obama Polls Still Crashing

At one point Obidenama had an 8 point lead over McCain in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, but now that lead is all but gone (2 points) and there are indications from Gallup that McCain-Palin may come out of the back-to-back convention weeks with a significant lead on Obidenama:


The interviewing for today’s report partially reflects public opinion following the highlights of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday and Thursday nights when McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, made their acceptance speeches. This includes a strong night for McCain in Friday’s interviewing, the first full night of interviewing following his acceptance speech.

The first Gallup Poll Daily tracking report based on interviewing conducted entirely after McCain’s speech (from Friday through Sunday) will be published on Monday. The test for McCain will be whether he can do more than return the race to the absolute tie seen at the beginning of the convention period, and actually lead Obama by a significant margin for the first time since late April/early May. 

Rasmussen today shows a slight uptick today for Obama, but the internals show the potential for a devastating shift in the woman vote:

As McCain has begun to chip away as Obama’s convention bounce, most of his gains have come among women voters. Obama still leads 51% to 44% among women, but that seven-point edge is just half the fourteen point lead he enjoyed last Tuesday. McCain leads by three among men, little changed in recent days.

Obama cannot hope to even come close if he begins to lose the women’s vote to McCain-Palin. The party which was supposed to crown Hillary Clinton finds itself looking in from the outside as Governor Palin looks to be the first woman VP (and later President) in our nation’s history. This is all helped along by a panicked liberal media which is turning Palin into America’s heroine through character assassination and martyrdom.

I hope, for our country’s sake and the sake of my 3 daughters, that come Monday the polls do show the Palin effect crippling the Obama PR show.

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9 Responses to “Obama Polls Still Crashing”

  1. djl130 says:

    It’s going to be close. I can’t help wondering what the Obama followers will do if he loses. What do you suppose will happen? P.S. You need to sign up for a blog feed on Facebook!

  2. browngreengold says:


    How much effect do you see the “Bradley Effect” having on Obama’s numbers?

    I have always felt that if he didn’t have a solid 10 point lead going into the last two weeks of October he would lose.

  3. Toes192 says:

    Waay off topic Af but you MUST… I insist link this video and keep it at the top of your posts…

    I stated at my blog
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  4. kittymyers says:

    How will the economy affect the voters? The latest unemployment figures were not good, worse than had been anticipated. The Right is energized beyond anything I can recall. I want to be optimistic, but those unemployment numbers hover over us.

  5. browngreengold says:

    If McCain can show the correlation between increased unemployment and higher oil prices and the increased minimum wage it will be an issue that the Republicans can work to their advantage.

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  7. roylofquist says:

    Dear AJ,

    I think many are missing the significance of the past week. Yes, Dame Sarah, Our Lady has excited the people as never before. This resulted in more people watching McCain’s speech than watched Obama. Many have panned McCain’s speech as pedestrian. I beg to differ. As I have posted elsewhere:

    Folks, I think it was a great speech. A powerful speech. I’ve been listening to these things since 1952. This was one of the best.

    You have all heard of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Douglas was the greatest orator of his time. He kept crowds aroused for hours. How many of you have ever read anything by Douglas? How many of you have memorized and cherished and cried over The Gettysburg Address? There was no applause for that speech.

    McCain spoke softly. He made you listen. He told a story about himself that convinced people that he is a humble, brave, honorable and dedicated man. I have never seen anything quite like it. He also convinced many that he was the guy to slay the dragons in Washington – for them.

    Then there’s the Russian Bear. There have been many arguments about whether Saddam was a danger or whether Iran will be a danger. The people KNOW that Russia is an existential danger. This election is no longer about Iraq or Iran or Vietnam or anything else. This is about a truly evil monster with enough weapons to exterminate life on earth. The people who don’t know will be told by their parents and grandparents and by generations of ancestors that contribute to the family story.

    McCain showed that he was a warrior – a giant standing against an effete metrosexual.

    How many remember a line from Obama’s speech? How many gave a cheer or applauded the next day?

    You may not remember a line from McCain either. That’s fine. But you’ll feel him in your gut the next time you hear Obama.

    Maybe one of the most effective speeches ever that “the world will little note, nor long remember”.


  8. djl130 says:

    Very True, Roy. I thought the end of the speech was thrilling. I DO remember what he said – how he fell in love with his country when he was in another, etc. You have made an excellent point.

  9. kittymyers says:

    Thanks to Sarahcuda, the one thing remembered from BO’s speech will be those styrofoam columns 🙂 I think BO is a dud of a speaker, but that’s just me.

    McC’s speech was impressive, especially when he spoke of his capture, how he learned to love America as a POW in another country. I was very moved by that.