Sep 05 2008

Backlash Against Vicious Media Attacks On America’s New Leading Woman Continues – Updated

America has embraced Sarah Palin as one of us, part of our family. How could we not, she is one of us. No clearer indication is out there than the drubbing the liberals and left wing media are taking for their low life treatment of Sarah and her wonderful family:

Three celebrity weeklies — OK!, People and Us Weekly — featured Sarah Palin on their cover, but one of those magazines is reportedly losing subscribers because of it.

Us Weekly, which unlike People and OK!, chose a rather caustic cover line (“Babies, Lies and Scandal”) is said to have lost thousands of subscribers in just the first 24 hours following the printing of the issue.

“I’m hearing it’s 5,000, maybe more,” says one well-placed source in the industry. Another source claimed that as many as 10,000 readers have already cancelled their subscriptions.

If the message is not clear now it will be soon. Don’t mess with the Palins because they are one of ours now and we will not allow a bitter DC/NY establishment to trash our family.

Update: The media is now blaming ‘surprise’ as their excuse for running gutter rumors and demanding the Palin’s provide DNA samples to prove who where the parents of young Tigg:

David Westin, president of ABC News, said the intense focus on Palin — who was not widely known before McCain tapped her as his running mate last week — exacerbated a perception that the media were piling on.

“Some of what’s happened this week is inevitable when you have a true surprise,” he said. “You’re compressing months, if not years, of examination in a few days.”

Bull crap! The fact the media ignored the well known possibility Palin may get selected is not an excuse to throw all professionalism and basic decency out the window and run with rumors and lies. The media is even trying to exploit the charges of a stalking ex-husband of Sarah’s sister to create some dirt on the Governor. Since when did the liberal media take up the cause of a stalking ex-husband? There is no excuse for the crap the media peddled – and the longer they deny THEY control the quality and professionalism that goes into their so called product the more America will turn to other news outlets.

Seems Sarah is starting to purge our nation of a major element of the Political Industrial Complex which has sunk DC back into the swamps it was built on. We don’t have to vote to fix the media – all we have to do is switch the channels and cancel subscriptions. And that is what we are doing since the unrepentant media doesn’t want to clean up their act. Think anyone will miss these clowns? I don’t.

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11 Responses to “Backlash Against Vicious Media Attacks On America’s New Leading Woman Continues – Updated”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    I saw on Fox that Oprah is refusing to have Palin on her show because she supports Obama.

    I thought when that guy from US weekly was interviewed on Fox that that there would be many cancelations. Not all women are liberal by any means. The majority is probably apolitical or not very political. But women resent it when they see one of their own trashed by the establishment.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I think what killed Us Magazine with women was the juxtaposition of a smiling proud mother showing off her son and the gutter-crap “Babies, Scandals & Lies” title slapped over the mother and son.

    That was repulsive and should kill Us Mag – deservedly so.


  3. browngreengold says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but I seem to recall that Ofrah had a big blowback when she endorsed B-Rock.

    Seems that I recall her having to tone down her involvement with the Obamanation.

    I cannot take the time to research that at the moment because I am at work.

    Seems that Ofrah may be a slow learner.

  4. kathie says:

    What MSM did was repeat “Daily Kos” gossip, innuendo, and smear as news. It shows where they get their leads when they can’t be bothered to do their own work. Remember all the democrat nominees were at the “Kos” convention, Nancy P and other democrat leaders. So what are MSM talking points?

  5. AJStrata says:


    Can we keep with ‘Oprah’ please? Thanks – AJStrata

  6. Toes192 says:

    Men like myself do not ever watch Oprah. So for that demographic this is a non-issue.
    As per the fired trooper story, our Sarah has [giggle] filed an ethics complaint against HERSELF to try and get this investigation out in the open.
    [Sept 3 article]
    Up here, we know it is a little political game playing…
    I posted on it Aug 30 at
    [Page 2 now, I think]…. hay, I link back to Aj on that post + there is an interview link to our Sarah.

    Just a personal wish… I hope she goes back… insists on all the TV cameras in the universe while being questioned… I do not worry about our Sarah taking care of herself
    Blogging has opened a new world… While we are uncontrolled [beware the “fairness” doctrine] …
    when any big time operation [such as US mag] messes up, we can call them on it in within hours.

    I think news operations have a tough job verifying their information. I know in my 2-3 posts per day, I try to be FACTUALLY accurate in context of the opinions… and it is tough. Ours professional news outlets have a far larger responsibility and should not rush to publish junk.

    As for Kos, why bother. We know their views without looking. The only reason to look at them at all is to know the opposition.
    ——–Gotta go… This blogging is hard work… 🙂

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Oprah is in a dilemma because you can’t pick sides when you are a mainstream media personality claiming to represent “Women” (all women, not just liberal women).

    If she has Palin on and doesn’t trash her, she is hurting her candidate, Obama and making Palin and McCain look good. If she hosts Palin and trashes her in a mean-spirited way, she will lose the audience who like Palin, which btw is more than McCain OR Obama.

    If she doesn’t host her at all (which looks like the path she is taking), she’s going to get a backlash for not being evenhanded, since she’s had Obama on the show. Oprah can only lose audience.

    Oprah is learning the true cost of political endorsement by a media personality. There is NO monetary upside to an endorsement for someone who wants to be mainstream and serve ALL audience members who are women.

  8. ordi says:

    Mr Westin’s admission that THEY (MSM) were “Surprised”, is admitting he and his ilk are OUT OF TOUCH with the AVERAGE AMERICAN!!!!! Sarah Barracuda was on OUR radar but not theirs.

  9. AJ; hate to change the topic, but check this out!

    I wonder if Barack HUSSEIN Obama (PBUH)(SAW)(SWT) would support a “surge” into his home town Chicago, now that DOUBLE the number of Americans have been shot to death in Chicago, between Memorial Day & Labor Day this year, than the number of American troops killed in the same time frame in Iraq!

    Where is the OUTRAGE on the Left, over the American death’s in …..Chicago???

    Oh, yeah, that’s right, there isn’t any…..

    Sorry I asked….

  10. kathie says:

    Dalein..maybe a little “awakening” strategy would do wonders in Chicago? Seems to have worked in other settings!

  11. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    I have added a link to your post from Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Tom Brokaw and others twinge where I am posting quotes from the media; I think it will turn into a long post as they continue to twinge and wiggle.