Aug 28 2005

Democrat Split

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The democrat split is coming. I have said many times there is a chance the party doesn’t last past the 2008 election cycle. And it appears this is becoming more likely. In this LA Times commentary Peter Charles Choharis, executive director of the 2004 Democratic Platform Committee, adds his voice to the growing argument inside the democrat party on what to do about Iraq.

In 2004, Democrats agreed that, even if the war was a mistake, the U.S. must do what it takes to win. Today, the party shows signs of a split. Fifty House members recently formed the Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus, calling for a troop withdrawal, as has Democratic Sen. Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin. If Democrats divide over Iraq the way they did over Vietnam in 1968, with some favoring pulling out and others opposing it as dangerous to national security, a more united Republican base will again prevail in elections.

Politically, a Republican strategy of declaring victory and withdrawing troops could be popular. But a Democratic strategy of declaring defeat and removing troops will never be, as the 1972 election showed.

This is very true. But in the very next sentence, Peter totally undermines his point by showing how little faith he has in the war:

And fairly or not, the 2004 race demonstrated that American voters will choose wrong but strong over right but unclear.

Insulting people you want to vote for you never works. First off, we are not losing the war. It has been tough going as those who paid attention knew it could be. The Bush administration has been clear this was not a trivial endeavor. But it would not matter if we were back on our heels. You have to want to win to win. You must have faith in the cause and the goal. Otherwise no one will follow your lead and you will not force your way through the tough times.

On one side you have the Cindy Sheehans, who have become the media darlings (since the media clearly relates to this group). Their ascendancy is accelerating and is what will finally buckle the democrat party, which is at least 50% anti-war liberals.

On the other you have these lame attempts at trying to back the US efforts to change the ME and dry up support for Islamic Fascism.

And these two sides are beginning to seriously dislike each other. Each side represent the total antithesis of the other side. The civil war of the left appears impossible to avoid now, primarily because the media has chosen its side in this war. They are with Cindy Sheehan and her anti-Israel and anti-American choir.

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