Sep 01 2008

Obama Can’t Surrender Iraq To al-Qaeda, So He Secretly Moves To Surrender To Iran

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According to the infinitely more tenured Senator Biden, Barack Obama has told Israel he plans to surrender to Iran on their nuclear weapons once in office: 

Ha’aretz reports that Joe Biden told Israeli leaders that they would have to accept a nuclear Iran if Barack Obama wins the Presidency.  Israelis expressed “amazement” at Biden’s attitude:

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was quoted Monday as telling senior Israeli officials behind closed doors that the Jewish state will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran.

No wonder Obama was willing to sit down with the Mad Mullahs and I’m-a-nut-job without preconditions. His plan is to unconditionally surrender to Iran. Even though every nation in the world shudders at the human toll a nuclear armed, martyr complexed nation like Iran would be like (think of Hitler with nukes) Obama has already decided it is EASIER to just let them have the nukes. Of course it is EASIER! Geez, you think national security is going to be easy?

This liberal appeasement folly follows the sad line of disasters from Carter abandoning the Shah and letting the Islamists take over, to Bill Clinton letting Islamists run us out of Somalia and attack us in NY City, at our African embassies and even at one of our warships (the USS Cole). Obama was desperate to have us surrender Iraq last year, and to this day crows about how our troops are coming home (even though they now get to come home in victory where he was happy with a humiliating defeat).

The man is dangerously stupid. You do not show hesitation in front of these enemies. When you do all they see is a green light, not respect.

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5 Responses to “Obama Can’t Surrender Iraq To al-Qaeda, So He Secretly Moves To Surrender To Iran”

  1. Redteam says:

    AJ, I don’t think you are surprised to learn that Biden told the Israeli’s that. I doubt many of your readers are either.
    I’m also not going to be surprised between now and Jan 20, when Iran is attacked, either by Israel or the US. Pres Bush hasn’t allowed the US to be the target of Islamists and he’s not going to leave it or Israel set up when he leaves office. The threat will be removed prior to Jan 20.
    All thinking people know that Obama is trying to portray what’s happening in Iraq as a removal of troops BECAUSE of him. He’s delusional. We won there and don’t need all the troops there and will bring them home. It’s as simple as that.

  2. luc says:

    AJ, it is not often that I disagree with you but I must register my protest at your calling “The man dangerously stupid.” although you may be perfectly correct!
    What you see from him is really the actions of a brain-washed communist which was indoctrinated from very young. If you are very careful, you will see that this explanation applies to all his so-called-gaffes or errors in judgement because of lack of experience.
    In retrospect I have to apologize for initially disagreeing with you, because a 44 years old that continues to believe in communism must also be quite stupid in spite of obtaining a Harvard Degree.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Obama is appeasing his base. I think he knows Bush and/or the Israelis will take action before Jan 20. However, if he should win they had better do something between Nov 5 and Jan 20. I’m convinced he would let the Iranians have the nukes. He is so dangerous in so many ways. It is appalling how so many Americans support him.

  4. conman says:

    This is amazing. It is the eve of the RNC convention and all you folks can talk about is Obama? Is McCain so uninspiring that the only thing you can talk about is why he is not as bad as the other guy?

  5. missy1 says:

    Well actually, we’ve been talking a lot about the slander from the left against Gov. Palin and her 17 year old daughter.

    Now the topic is “Obama Can’t Surrender Iraq To al-Qaeda, So He Secretly Moves To Surrender To Iran.”

    So, what say you? John McCain won’t surrender our hard fought gains in Iraq and will be strong against Iran. Obama, not so, and the disaster of him possibly becoming the CIC needs to be discussed on the eve of the RNC convention that has been pretty much been put on hold.