Aug 30 2008

Palin Pick Haults Obama Bounce, Probably Will Be Reversed Tomorrow. The Left Cannot Set Different Bars For Obama (Man) and Palin (Woman).

Both Rasmussen (+4) and Gallup Daily (+8) daily tracking polls have held steady for two days now. Today’s polls are the ones which will have only an inkling of the Palin VP selection contained in them.  

Initially both polls were registering an increasing Obama bounce some claimed would go as high as 12 points, but the bounce seems to have stalled since the Sarah Palin selection for VP. I would not have suspected this to happen yet. The polls have days of momentum building up in them as the Democrat Convention culminated in the Obama acceptance speech. I would not have been surprised to see a little more bounce to come yet given how fresh the Palin news is.

Anyway, we shall soon see how important the woman vote is, and how strongly they will rally to Palin as the liberal media and political powers try work to discredit her and demand Palin meet a different experience bar than Obama. Rasmussen hints, today while discussing his poll’s internals, that the women’s vote may be something to watch:

Obama currently leads by thirteen points among women while McCain leads by six among men. Among white women, the candidates are essentially even while McCain holds a substantial lead among white men

And Gallup went even further to point out Obama was falling back to Earth on the Palin news:

On this day — with strong partisan forces pushing the public in both directions — Obama still polled better than he had been prior to the convention, but not as well as he was polling on the individual nights of the convention.

The rallying to Palin will come as Obama and the liberal democrats and media try and force a different minimal level of experience bar for Palin than for Obama. And that folks, is how to end that argument silly argument cold. Does Obama’s speeches trump her being commander of the Alaska National Guard? Are her many more years in elected and executive office not equal work to Obama’s years in the US Senate running for President? Is being the head of a small company not equal to a ‘community organizer’? On the experience issue the left is trying to set one bar for Palin and one for Obama, which is the same as one bar for a woman and one for a man.

And that will drive 80% of the women in this country to her side just because they have all seen it before and know this type of quiet sexism over splitting hairs on experience IS the glass ceiling. Given what we have seen in the donation spike for McCain-Palin, the noise coming from women across the nation (especially the energy of the PUMAs), and these polls I would wager the Obama Bounce starts crashing back to Earth tomorrow.

Update: Ed Morrissey has a good run down on the ridiculous mud the left is trying to throw at the woman who will be the first VP (and probably President) of the United States. The thing everyone misses is how all this noise (is troopergate worse than Ayers and Wright?) all boils down to the left and the media will be crucified in their lame efforts to set different minimal bars for Obama (man) and Palin (woman), and the end result will be a crushing wave of women’s support rushing to the GOP.  And I would wager that wave of solidarity would be all the way down to the tail end of the election coat tails after the crap I have been reading in only one news cycle.

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  1. Mark says:

    It appears the Palin pick has already thrown Biden for a loop:

  2. kathie says:

    Some observations I think are interesting.

    When the cameras went out to find people who could speak about Palin they went to grocery stores, friends, other politicians, ordinary people who knew her and they all said she is remarkable.

    When cameras went out to find people who would speak on behalf of Obama they found Wright, Moss, Pfigar, Ayers and poverty stricken Kenyans. I have not seen one single friend of Obama say what a great guy he is.

    Palin represents what America is saying about all those in our government that have a 13% poor rating. Get rid of the entrenched and find new, fresh blood. We are sick of funding the bridges to no where, we will give our hard earned money willingly but use the money wisely. Use our gas tax to fund infrastructure, have a safety net for those who need one, but stop using our funds to support those who can help themselves but don’t. Stop buying political votes with what isn’t yours, our money.

    If there is a problem with banks and loans, fix it so this doesn’t happen again. If we want to be more oil independent drill, and allow for innovation. This is not a political question this is a question of national security, fiscal health of our nation, stop standing in the way of what the people need.

    Stop crying about Iraq. You voted for the war, you had the information that you needed to vote for the war, stop lying, and get about finishing what we started as a Nation and finish it leaving Iraq a better place then we found it because that is what America does. You know it and so do we. We don’t steal land, or resources, we give hope and security.

    Palin brings us back to what we know is real. Meat comes from animals, not a plastic container, energy comes from the earth, not from some hypothetical Saudi, good governance comes from real people not highly paid, egotistical, flowery mouthed politician.

    Is Palin a risky pick? I think yes because Washington and their political gurus hate to loose power and will tear her apart. Is it a great pick, yes because it represents what we all know. We are sick of Washington and the way they behave, their corruption and smiley faces telling us to vote for them again. Maybe this pick of Palin will tell the voters something. Take a chance and throw the bastards out, start a REVOLITION and elect people who will govern for us, not their jobs.

  3. roylofquist says:

    Yes, all those inside baseball political things. They will pale when the real reaction sets in.

    Sarah Palin is going to be America’s sweetheart, everybody’s kid sister. I had tears in my eyes. So did some others. It’s the American dream writ large.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Outstanding Kathie – mind if I use it in a post?

  5. kathie says:

    If you can fix the grammer! Kathie

  6. […] I mentioned yesterday that we have a few days to go before the Daily Tracking Polls show the Palin effect, but that warning seems to have been missed by the math-challenged liberal media – who claim these polls to date have shown nothing on Palin: The first national polls on John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin yesterday came out today from Rasmussen and Gallup — and contrary to what the GOP probably hoped, she scored less well with women than men.  […]