Aug 30 2008

Todd Palin Ordered To Discuss Crazy Brother-in-law’s Threats To Governor

Well, so much for the troopergrate crap from the left on Governor Palin. Their entire premise lies on the fact Todd Palin (the First Gentleman of Alaska) had numerous contacts with the now fired Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan.  A blogger at Flopping Aces has discovered those contacts were ordered by the Governor’s security detail because the deranged ex-brother-in-law (in trouble for tasering his own son) was a threat.

“When made aware of the security concerns regarding a state trooper, I instructed the First Gentleman to contact the commissioner of Public Safety. It is standard protocol to ask every governor about any threats they perceive or have realized. “I will not hesitate to set the record straight in answering these false allegations by former Commissioner Monegan.” (emphasis added)

The Governor’s brother-in-law was a nutcase who drank on the job as a policeman, tasered his son and was possibly threatening his ex-wife’s family because of the divorce. Conflating this example of classic male stalking of ex-wives and girlfriends into some kind of smear on Palin is going to backfire.

Now we now see why the Baracuda (Palin) has devoured so many of her enemies – they implode over their own stupidity and biases.

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3 Responses to “Todd Palin Ordered To Discuss Crazy Brother-in-law’s Threats To Governor”

  1. Toes192 says:

    Good job on tracking this down, AJ. I have linked to your post at my Fuanglada blog. There is a video of Sarah responding to this somewhere. I will try to find it. You get absolutely NO bs or evasions from our Sarah. Pity poor slow Joe Biden when he has to share the stage at the VP debate. BTW, Fuanglada is my Thai wife. I am Maysman and we live in Alaska. We also spent 14 years in Saudi Arabia and therefore have some insights in to the Arab Muslim mind… and am also a Marine from the 60’s. My age? Don’t ask… don’t tell. 🙂

  2. Toes192 says:

    OK AJ… Found that video…

    Sarah responding to Trooper story + a bunch of other Sarah interviews there at youtube. Check it out, Strata readers…

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