Aug 30 2008

Obama/Democrat/Media Pretzel Logic Misses The Point On Palin – She IS America

I noted below how many on the the left (especially men from the Democrat talking heads, liberal media and Obama campaign) have been attempting to denigrate Governor Sarah Palin. Mort Kondracke made the inane comment that Obama’s endless campaigning since he was elected to the US Senate gave him more ‘experience’ than Palin, even though she has been in elected office longer than Obama, has more executive office experience by far, has commercial leadership experience in the private sector – and right now commands military forces of this nation (the Alaskan National Guard). She interfaces with one of the most elite US Coast Guard units in the world.

All this has done is reinforce the impression liberal men are the ones most insecure about women. It was, after all, liberal men who shunned Hillary and pushed her aside even though she received more votes than Obama in the Primary. It was Obama who was so insecure about a woman named Hillary that he ignored those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and went to the dusty old-white-guy bin in the Senate to tap smiling Joe – who racked up something like 10,000 votes in the Democrat primary.

I am simply stunned by the reaction of woman today, everywhere. Hillary had baggage – she was a Clinton and the country really did not want to see the last quarter century be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. She had the left, but she couldn’t really dent the right side of politics. Palin has them jumping and dancing and calling each other and celebrating. I NEVER saw this with Hillary. OK, I know mostly mothers and so they are the ones dancing a lot, but that is my point.

Palin is different. As Jeff Foxworthy says about being a redneck, when it comes to being an average middle class American ‘she are one’. Let’s take this discussion out of the echo chamber of the DC talking heads and political leaders – they ARE the problem in the first place. Those 80% wrong track numbers are aimed squarely at the political dynasties and cliques of vacuous journalists and media power brokers who endlessly bicker and go on and on inanely about some marginal PR spin. America is fed up with the entire political scene right now. Across Congress, the press and the President the man holding the highest respect in this cesspool of dysfunction is President Bush, and he is not popular by any means.

Let me emphasize what Sarah Palin is (from the Financial Times):

But Ms Palin’s political background is a far cry from Mrs Clinton’s. A hunting enthusiast and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, the mother of five is opposed to abortion, has a son in the army and a husband who is a part-Inuit champion snowmobiler.

The shorthand term is the Palins are mutts! They are not incredibly successful, they do not have reporters and photographers chasing them around. They don’t make news because they are a normal family doing normal things (the sad part of all this is how much of that they are about to lose). They ARE America. They are not the political knuckleheads in DC screwing everything up. 

And that experience thing? As screwed up as things are right now in DC, and with Obama’s audacity to think his watching a parade of Astronauts and a tour of Europe (where he dissed our injured troops) makes him eligible – then ANY of us are eligible. If Obama can, then we ALL can – and that includes Palin.

The difference is that Obama has a media crafted PR lie built up to try and anchor his strange life to middle America. From his uncaring father who left him behind, to his life in Indonesia in a Muslim school, to his associations back home with Ayers and “God damn Amerika” Wright, even to his destitute brother who he ignores in a shack in Kenya, the man is not mainstream America. He just isn’t.  He is not bad America (though his strange belief in liberal fantasies at his age does make one question his maturity), he is just not the core of America – he exists more near the outer fringes.

Palin – she is one of us. Like none of the other candidates are like one of us. She is straight down, bulls-eye, dead center main stream America. She hunts. She is a professional who holds a very important job and is raising a great family. She is very religious and pro life. She is the melting pot of left and right which MOST of us are. Most of us are not “True” progressives or conservatives. We take what makes sense from across America and fold it into our existence. I disagree with Palin on a lot of conservative issues – but I connect to her life story.

This is the election for the middle of America. The electorate is fed up with the extremes, which is all the media focuses on. We never see the quiet successes, the heroes who pull things off beyond the camera lens are never applauded. Palin represents that vast silent America outside the DC and NY Political media circuses. And one thing the political babbling class inside the media, the government and the political industry will be learning soon enough is that we out number you by vast numbers, and WE select who leads this country.

The women of this country have a champion whose life experiences and model bridges all political boundaries. And her and her family’s life story is EXACTLY what America wants for ‘Change’ in DC. Enough of the tired political DC machine, Palin is leading a charge to clean DC out of all its dysfunctional dead wood. Why would we trade the DC machine for the Chicago machine??? Maybe we should give her and McCain a whole new Congress to go with them? What do you folks think?

Addendum: This is the election where experience in DC is a negative. Up until now Obama was the most inexperienced outsider. Now he has lost that mantle – and the women’s vote outside the die hard liberals (10-15% of the electorate max). This year I think the farther you are from DC and the halls of power the more Americans will trust you to fix the mess in DC. Alaska is as far as you can get, and it raises very tough people. The middle of America is about to storm the decaying halls of DC, with McCain and Palin at the lead.

Update: I was reading this NY Times article on her (quite glowing) and I realized this is the battle of the sexes – with the white guys conveniently out of the picture so as to no muddy the waters. This paragraph struck me hard:

Though indisputably Alaskan, she rose to prominence by bucking the state’s rigid Republican hierarchy, impressing voters more with gumption, warmth and charm than an established record in government.

It was a combination that dumbfounded her rivals.

“She wouldn’t have articulated one coherent policy and people would just be fawning all over her,” said Andrew Halcro, a Republican turned independent, who along with Tony Knowles, a Democrat, ran against Ms. Palin for governor in 2006. “Tony and I looked at each other and it was, like, this isn’t about policy or Alaska issues, this is about people’s most basic instincts: ‘I like you, and you make me feel good.’ ”

“You know,” said Mr. Halcro, invoking the Democratic presidential nominee, “that’s kind of like Obama.”

The mind-numbing male policy wonks cannot figure out how a woman’s life experience brings breadth and purpose to policy. Anyone want to lay odds Obama and Biden are any more prepared to deal with a woman who can communicate, connect and lead?  LOL! This is going to be a fun one to watch, except for all the the mud coming from the liberal news media (which needs to go away – now). Outside of the liberal male reaction, this will be very uplifting and enjoyable.

Update: And do not forget there will be a lot of male idiots on the right too. Want to know how good a choice Palin is?  Anti-Meirs clown David Frum is all concerned (good, the guy is an idiot).  And over at a hillary site the women are ecstatic. (here is the direct link to the hillary site). Doesn’t get any better than this. It is a must read to go see how women are responding to Palin.

Update: Hillary donors heading to McCain and media sexism on parade.

Update: The crass and ugly liberal on parade:

Sarah Palin’s judgment is despicalble. She knowingly whelped a Mongoloid child earlier this year, probably to pander to the Right to Life Nutbags.Irresponsible decisions like hers dilutes the viability of the American Gene Pool. No wonder why we are falling farther and farther behind in an increasingly competitive global economic environment.

Her OB should have cut her tubes after her first child!!!

This from the pro-choice party? Why does the Obama camp sometime sound like the Nazi party, harassing journalists and free speech, and wondering about the purity of the master cause?

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19 Responses to “Obama/Democrat/Media Pretzel Logic Misses The Point On Palin – She IS America”

  1. ivehadit says:

    John and Sarah are the anti-o’s.
    Anti-Wright, anti-Alinsky, anti-Ayers, anti-Flager, anti-Davis, anti-Michelle, anti-dem.

    Wasn’t it o’s mentor, Emil Jones, who said, speaking of o, he was gonna “make himself a candidate”? That’s why o has so many uh, uh, oh, uh, um, uh, um’s when he speaks. He’s running several “schticks”, black, brown, white, moderate, radical, leftist, world citizen, American, Kenyan, poor upbringing, elite Harvard grad. Blah, blah, blah.

    There are so many who are jealous, jealous, jealous of this pick. 🙂

  2. Toes192 says:

    Dems are stunned because they realize they’ve been had. ha ha ha. Their main argument seems to be that McCain is going to die. Well, as an Alaskan blogger at Fuanglada blog, I opine that she is one h*ll of a lot more qualified than Senator O…. Whose judgment is REALLY BAD. After all, it is Senator O who chose the insider white guy as VP instead of a highly qualified woman who have brought [past tense, peeps] 18,000,000 votes to the Dem table. I opined on my blog at the time that Biden was a mistake. Little did I realize at the time what a huge mistake it was. Afraid of Big Bad Bill, Senator? Sen. O… You are a very timid man. Now you lose.

    btw, peeps. Sarah Palin made that really nice speech without a teleprompter… and… without… as ivehadit puts it … without any uh, uh, oh, uh, um, uh, um’s …. hehe … Without his teleprompter, Sen. O gets a little lost… Not our gal Sarah. Lordy, this gets better as I write and think. When you see Biden and Sarah side by side… well…

    I am going to add this un-PC thought. A lot of us old and young guys are going to think it is great to vote for such a hot, sexy, eye candy woman of such accomplishments and a record of public service to be proud of…

  3. WWS says:

    To borrow a phrase or two from powerline this morning – the democrats do NOT want to make an issue of experience; all it does is point out how little Obama has! Sarah Palin has run a town, a state, and a commercial fishing operation; Obama ain’t never run nuttin’ but his mouth.

  4. Toes192 says:

    btw, men… I have a great pic of Sarah [that I stole from Powerline] at my Fuanglada blog. Wow! While I am married to my lovely Thai wife, Fuanglada… all one can say is… Lucky Todd Palin [Sarah’s husband] You had great judgment yourself to latch on to this women back in high school. Gad, I just hate myself for being such a chauvinist pig. 🙂 MEN, do we want to look at Slow Joe for 4 or 8 years… or… do we want to have Sarah Palin to view and admire for 4-8 – 12 or even 16 years? Oh my. Poor Joe. I pity you at the debate. Be thankful you only have to appear with our Sarah once.

    bwt2… I opine that all Americans will be shocked at how competent and smart and ready this woman is… + that… you know… extra appeal…

  5. Fish Fear Me says:

    Hey, Your Insider Is Showing…

    While I’m enthused by McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin to be the VP nominee over the next few weeks she still needs to show that she belongs in that spot. She will get that chance and my gut tells me…

  6. WWS says:

    I’m pretty impressed by Palin’s husband, Todd – part Inuit, member of the steelworkers union, oilfield worker, commercial fisherman, and 4 time winner of the 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog contest, the toughest snowmobile contest in the world.

    Anybody who can do 2000 miles on a snowmobile in the middle of a north alaskan winter has gotta be one hell of a man!!!

  7. Birdalone says:

    My first thought was “moose-hunting fiscally responsible reformer – about time!” My second thought was “no more Harvard/Yale lawyers/MBAs” – a change in Washington I want to believe is possible.

    Sarah “Barracuda” Palin just revived my interest in this campaign. Not because she is a woman, but because she really is a grass roots change agent, with actual results that made a difference.

    Toes192: thanks for confirming what I thought was going through the minds of male voters everywhere.

  8. Boghie says:

    Here is the difference between McCain and Obama…

    Senator Obama could not make the decision with the information at hand. Without 100% certainty. Thus, he was fed the safe choice by the machine behind him. He could not pull the trigger himself, he was conflicted. Others finally pulled it for him. And, the others are a committee. Biden was the committee choice. My concern is the Senator Obama might just be conceited enough to think he made the ‘hard’ decision.

    Liberals are no longer decisive. They are weak.

    On the other hand,

    McCain made a tough decision. Anyone out there claiming the Republican machine made this for him. He pulled the trigger and picked the best ‘man’ with the information he had. He did not yell ‘I give up, give me your pick’ – at 3am in the morning.

    Another thought.

    If you are a CO, your XO SHOULD be younger and ‘less experienced’ than you. When your XO is older and more experienced it is a sign that the machine is trying to watch your back. It is a sign that those around you think you have promise, that you have leadership, but that you also might need support. And, yes, Libbies, I know what that means with ‘W’. However, he came through quite well. The best support your party can give to Senator Obama is Senator Biden? The Republicans supported a two term – but young – governor of a large and prosperous state with a former Chief of Staff to a President, a former Secretary of Defense, and the current Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton. Biden has held what leadership positions. How is that clown going to guide the young Obama. Our CO can guide our young XO. It is the way it should be.

  9. The Attacks Have Already Begun on Palin…

    Still, this campaign is far from over and the attacks are already beginning. The primary line of attack is her experience or perceived lack thereof. That’s right folks, the same media that refused to address the fact that Sen. Barack Obama came from ….

  10. gwood says:

    I disagree that Obama had the option to select Hillary as VP. He rightly, I think, calculated that the Clinton’s machine’s ambitions has no bounds. Nothing would have been beyond them to get what they covet. He had to fear that they might even provide the evidence to get him impeached so that she could ascend to the Presidency. No way would she help his administration become successful, as this would mean she would be helping him to a second term.

    Obama would have needed a food taster, bomb-sniffing dogs, and a bullet-proof vest at all times. Biden is a poor choice, but let’s face it, he had to pick a Democrat, so he couldn’t have done much better no matter who he picked.

  11. Boghie says:

    Senator McCain picked a challenging, but impressive, XO.

    He wanted someone loyal. Not all decisions made in the Oval Office are 100% righteous. Not all are made with 100% certitude. Not all are black or white. All, however, should be made honorably and with concern.

    Similarly, he wanted someone who would challenge him if the decision process became a dishonor. If one became flippant.

    Anyone out there think Governor Palin will be a toady. This is a two edge sword, but it is obvious that a real leader wanted a real XO.

    McCain has picked XOs before.
    Character and Leadership
    Talent and Promise
    Wanted an XO
    Got One.

    PS. Whatever AJ may think of the other potential selections (Romney, Pawlenty, Cantor, etc.) it is apparent now that the Republican bench is quite big, quite promising, and quite effective. The Democrats, not so much…

  12. Phil-351 says:

    The attacks I’ve read so far are so hypocritical of many of the ‘so-called’ liberal positions, I’m just LMAO. McCain has been called desperate,, which is laughable considering he got a poll boost from the Democrat convention at the opening, and BHO’s meager boost came on night #4. And , the attacks on her success and her family are so hypocritical, it only shows how asinine and sick these liberals truly are.

  13. dhunter says:

    Excellent, not much to add to that AJ. Spot on!

    My support has gone from:
    I cannot vote for McCain the ultimate insider, gameplayer.
    I may have to vote for McCain to prevent 0bama.
    If McCain picks Lieberman I will vote for Barrack.
    He had the guts to pick Palin the best Presidential candidate in the field.
    Today I contibuted and will work for this ticket, and I bet the polls will soon show there are hundreds of thousands like me.
    Will the Messiah debate when his poll numbers show him 15 points behind?

  14. Boghie says:

    I want a full ticket debate.

    I want McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden. I want all four of these folks in the same room around the same table. I want ALL of their opinions. I want them in a round table situation.

    But, I want a clock.

    I need a clock.

    Imagine an answer from Obama and/or Biden without completion, without finish, without coherence. I do not want to live that dream – and expected dream.

  15. Dc says:

    Why doesn’t everyone understand that only lawyers and lifetime political machine hacks can be President …or..uh…VP. It’s all about change…..change you can BELIEVE in.

  16. AJ: I knew nothing about Palin, till I first heard her name mentioned I think earlier this year in an article.

    I still know relatively little about her.

    But do you know how I know, that she was EXACTLY not only the right pick for McCain, but for the country?

    It’s very simple: because all the Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Leftwing Nutbags, are going absolutely. Freaking. Barking. At. The. Moon. Bat. Shit. CRAZY!

    That’s all the proof I need, ever!

    The Moonbats in my office yesterday, FREAKED! When the news came out; all hte rote arguments, immediately: No experince, Beauty Queen, Pro-Lifer, blah, blah, blah…

    I just laughed, and said: “The fact this drives you crazy, means it was the RIGHT choice, and that you, and the Obama (PBUH)(SAW)(SWT) campaign are jealous, and afraid, and literally crapping in your pants right now!

    That pretty much ended those discussions; they couldn’t rebut, and looked like the ass-clowns they totally are.

    Speaking of “ass-clowns” where is “bruschetta” hanging out?

    The same argument applies to that Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Traitor Moron Lefist Nutbag Clown!

    “bruschetta”; you’re freaking because you know it is Game. Set. Match!

    And Palin has more experince, and is a better person, and is already more popular than that freaking Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Marxist-Muslim at the TOP of YOUR “ticket”!


  17. Terrye says:

    I heard Mort Kondracke say that Obama was more experienced because he had been running for President for years and I thought Bill Kristol was going to smack him.

    Stupid thing to say. Nadar has been running for years too.

    Palin scares the DC people.

  18. AJStrata says:


    Agreed. My confidence is rocketing every time the left cries about her and the right side talking heads mutter their fears (both are screwing up for the nation to some degree).

    Palin is not the establishment GOP choice or the woman Libs wanted – she is the people’s candidate, which is why she will sweep into office on those 80% wrong track numbers.


  19. Dc says:

    I was laughing watching some CNN anchor spew spit all over herself trying to insist that she was not qualified for this because she comes from some hick town in “Alaaahhhska” and is nothing but a soccer Mom, etc., etc., And it got worse from there. I think it’s going to be an interesting election 🙂

    The one thing that will destroy McCain on this pick is if her “investigation” uncovers the same kind of quid-pro-quo, corruption that buried the rest of the RNC in 2006….and continues to bury them today. The moonbats are all over this already….in their typical fashion….suggesting she’s covering for her slut daughter with her latest pregnancy/birth, that she’s tried to force creation teaching in her schools (she did not, nor would she have an 80% approval rating if she did). Obama/Biden was born out of, and is….old school Liberal politics, represented by and supported by old school liberal thinkers/funders/ and political machine (including certain media networks), trying to dress up that donkey and proclomating it as a new species through slick oratory, isn’t going to take him very far in states he’s gonna need to carry to win.

    The Clinton women voters are already on the case about recognizing these smear tactics. Kristin Powers, her latest article, thinks it’s a clever trap…and that the old-guard of her party is simply running over each other trying to jump into it. She’s right. And not only is she right, but very reason those people are doing so is because they are simply too arrogant to see it. …which is something the DNC works hard to try and hide (their East Coast, ivy league, we know better than you, elitism). They are chomping at the bit to call her a disgruntled, confused, sluty, redneck, gun-totin’, hillbilly, barefoot and pregnant “Mom” who has no business in the WH. So much for the party of equality who fights against age, sex and religious discrimination and hiring practices. Obama campaigns first reaction was to respond that this now takes the whole “experience” issue off the table…which then….immediately put it back on the table….in the MIDDLE of the table. That’s all anybody is talking about now…(experience). But, they can’t even make “that” point right…and have to interject things about her being a woman, with kids..who should stay at home…who comes from some small hick town, in a no where state that nobody cares about the oil companies.

    BTW…how old is Biden? He don’t look too good either. What’s gonna happen if HE kicks off and can’t tell Obama how to respond to the russians? ! Pelosi for VP. Huckabee had the best response to this ridiculous Obama camp talking point (ie…if something happens to McCain she ready/qualified to be president)…he said…”she’s more ready right now should something happen to McCain…than Obama is if something “doesn’t” happen to McCain”.