Aug 29 2008

Men Behaving Badly On Palin

I have watched excitement among professional, mature, experienced women turn into red hot anger as male Obama apologists try and claim Palin’s experience to be Commander-in-Chief (more elected years in office, more executive years in office, years commanding troops, years running a business) is less than Obama’s community organization and speech making. These arrogant males are trying to raise the bar for Palin while lowering it for Obama is pissing women off no end.

This, gents, is why women want to break the glass ceiling and bury this crap once and for all. And the more the media and men (left and right, btw) set up two tracks on experience which is completely tilted for Obama – and it is mostly men tilting the track – the more women will throw party allegiance away and realize they can end the millennia of the ‘superior male’.

I like our moose-burger eating, gun-toting, business leading woman, mother of 5, Governor of Alaska (while pregnant) VP. The Barracuda and the Maverick will take on the Messiah and the Mouth – and win.

Update: The sick brother-in-law being investigated for driving his squad car while drunk, killing a moose on duty for fun, and possibly abusing the Governor’s nephew is not going to rally women. Women all have a story of the shunned asshole guy who tried to make life hell for them in an act of petty revenge. And the charge of tasering his child makes contact by the aunt and uncle with police very legitimate. I don’t think I have ever been as disgusted with American politics and news media as I have been today.

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15 Responses to “Men Behaving Badly On Palin”

  1. breschau says:

    AJ – you make some good points here. But, seriously – you need to go in and edit this post: there are typos EVERYWHERE.

    Yes, you can delete this comment after you do so.

  2. WWS says:

    I really want to see democrats try to champion the cause of a man who tasered an 11 year old boy.

  3. dhunter says:

    McCain made a great pick evidenced by the angst and spin coming from the left. This will get ugly and play into McCain and Palins hands. The target was 0bamas weakness, white, middle class working men and women the ones Hillary proved 0 was vulnerable with and he could not win. The union, working class families not yet ready to turn their country over to a bunch of socialist/marxist America haters.

    McCain struck hard into the heart of 0’s weakness and Palin is strong enough to bring the America loving family folks home to the GOP. They can relate to her and her struggles. To an elitist, Harvard educated ,community organizer and life long liberal senator not so much.

    Again this will get ugly as that is all the left has. Bereft of ideas that they dare articulate because they would be immediately rejected they must destroy this woman and in attempting to do so will destroy themselves. Bitterness, anger and hate nearly always destroy the bitter, angry, haters and you could see it in 0bamas face last night. That was before Sarah. He must be really furious today. Hate and anger kept him from picking Hillary the only chance he had of winning.

    You are testiment to this spectacle in your own tale of abandoning the Democrat liars and hippocrites respectfully, A.J.

  4. KauaiBoy says:

    McCain has certainly made a good, bold choice as the trolls are certainly wound up and shrilling. Nice job in stealing the “Change” mantra.

    As little as I know about Palin, she already sounds more qualified than the O boy, of whom we knew nothing about a few short months ago. We know he has never run a business, served his nation in uniform, actually run a government (or even spent much time at his day job in the Senate) and his only qualification is that he is half white.

  5. Let’s check Palin’s qualifications vs. Obama’s (PBUH), and see exactly who is more qualified:

    Palin: Christian…Check
    Obama: ah….no….

    Palin: American….Check
    Obama: ah…no….definitely not…

    Palin: Loves her country…Check!
    Obama: Hates this country, FACT!

    Palin: Patriot….Check!
    Obama: Not. Even. Close!

    Palin: Capitalist…Check!
    Obama: Marxist…Check!

    Palin: Racist? Ah no, married to a Native American!
    Obama: Racist? Yes, self-radicalized Anti-Semitic/Anti-White Racist, Married to a self-radicalize Anti-White Racist; spent 20 years in a so-called “Church” that is Anti-American/Anti-White/Anti-Semitic…so that do you thin?


    Wonder who “breschau” would pick, after reading that list of FACTS??


    I wonder…….chirp………chirp…………….chirp………..

  6. breschau says:


    Palin: is actually made of apple pie, and smells delicious! Check!
    Obama: mostly filled with terrorist couscous! Check!

    MY GOD!! I’ve seen the light!!! All candidates should be voted on, based upon their aroma!

    ALL HAIL BETTY CROCKER!!!!11!one!!!

    (You are my favorite poster on this whole site, and that’s saying a lot. Thank you for giving me all of this material.)

  7. You are my favorite poster on this whole site, and that’s saying a lot. Thank you for giving me all of this material.)

    “breschau”: I wish I could return the favor!

    Unfortunatley, I cannot; I DESPISE Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Traitor Moronic Leftist Nutbag Trolls such as yourself!

    I hope that doesn’t hurt your “feelings”??

  8. breschau says:


    Just a quick question:

    Are my “feelings” different in some way from my feelings?

    Or my “feelings?

    Or my feelings”?

    There’s such a subtle difference between clever and stupid.

  9. Terrye says:

    Yes, men are behaving badly. It seems the only women they respect are the ones with Ds behind their names.

  10. breschau says:

    BTW, Terrye:

    You’re welcome for what I said to Jules earlier.

  11. Redteam says:

    Oh Dale, that “Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Traitor Moronic Leftist Nutbag Troll” is gonna put you on his list of people he is ignoring. Thankfully I am on that list. I think I called him something similar to what you did and for whatever reason, he thought it was offensive. Now quite truthfully if I were an “Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Traitor Moronic Leftist Nutbag Troll” I would love it if people were referring to me that way. but for some reason, bresch thinks that is offensive. Maybe he is not a true believer.

    Note: bresch, continue to ignore, please

  12. Redteam says:

    You’re welcome for what I said to Jules earlier.

    you’ve already said things about her just as bad.

  13. […] I noted below how many on the the left (especially men from the Democrat talking heads, liberal media and Obama campaign) have been attempting to denigrate Governor Sarah Palin. Mort Kondracke made the inane comment that Obama’s endless campaigning since he was elected to the US Senate gave him more ‘experience’ than Palin, even though she has been in elected office longer than Obama, has more executive office experience by far, has commercial leadership experience in the private sector – and right now commands military forces of this nation (the Alaskan National Guard). She interfaces with one of the most elite US Coast Guard units in the world. […]

  14. missy1 says:


    Mata Harley gifted us with an outstanding run down on the ‘trooper-gate’ non-scandal.

  15. Or my “feelings?

    Or my feelings”?

    There’s such a subtle difference between clever and stupid.

    Unfortunately, it’s such a fine distinction, that you appear to have missed it completely!

    Ah no worries, I expected no better, and you’ve proven me correct, from an Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Delusional Democratic Traitor Moron Leftist Nutbag Troll!

    Redteam: sad isn’t it; “bruschetta” or “brocha”, whatever her name is, doesn’t know if she has “feelings”, or feelings.

    What a tool…..but then again, no surprise…