Aug 28 2008

Quote of the Night!!

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And for the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.

In the Strata household we got this:

AJStrata – “Inflate our tires with helium then the cars will weigh less”

Just pictures the cars effectively moon-walking down the roads. Now there is Obama’s plan.

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  1. joe six-pack says:

    This is a little out of my area, but here goes:

    No more dependence upon oil from the Middle East in 10 years?

    Now that is a trick. I would expect massive programs to expand nuclear power, alternative energy and domestic production along with conservation. How else can we replace 70% our our energy needs with domestic energy? Not to mention the growth that we all hope takes place.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Well I guess we will just have to look at all the oil producing countries in the world and try to figure out which countries he is going to have to invade and take over to perform this miracle.

  3. Jacqui says:

    I thought Obama gave a solid performance tonight – but the question I have been hearing on FOX and CNN is that he has provided no evidence he can deliver on anything – he has basically not done all that much. Susan Estrich was very lukewarm about it which surprised me.

    BTW, the McCain “congratulations” ad that ran during tonight’s coverage of the Dem Convention was a stroke of genius. It sure made McCain look like the statesman compared to the sniping and anger coming out of Obama’s mouth.

  4. Terrye says:

    The man is such a tool. He also said that income had fallen under Bush. From Powerline:

    Inflation-adjusted median income during the Bush administration is up, not “down $2,000” since 2001, and it increased again last year.

    Of course, Obama has no intention of appealing to the well-informed. Like other Democrats, he feeds on ignorance. Whether a majority of voters are ignorant enough to swallow Obama’s whoppers is, as yet, unknown.

  5. Terrye says:

    So how is he going to accomplish this feat of independence? Drilling? Please. Not unless a Republican Congress takes over in DC.

  6. kathie says:


  7. WWS says:

    I would love Palin, but I fear the scandals in Alaska make her kind of toxic at the moment. Maybe they can be gotten over.

  8. Jacqui says:

    I like her – her nickname is Sarah Barracuda. She is exciting and tough. Lifetime member of NRA – she hunts and fishes with her family… a real Josephina. Has a son in the Army. Always underestimated but exceeds expectations. She has a more substantial resume than Obama who is running for the top job.

    Palin had a choice to make when she found out she was pregnant with a baby with down’s syndrome and she chose life -compare that to a presidential candidate that thinks it’s a bother to save a baby who survives an abortion.

    As a woman…I’m really excited about this and hope it is true.

  9. gwood says:

    Wow. I hope it’s Palin too. I didn’t know about the Down’s syndrome baby, thanks for the info, Jacqui.

    She’s young, fresh, eloquent, grounded, and much more experienced than Obama. The best news if it’s Palin and the ‘pubbies can win, is that Hillary might have to face a woman in 2012! Hah!

    Oh, and she’s HOTT!!

  10. ivehadit says:


    Go McCain! I love it!

    Boring, tired, democrats spew their boring, tired liberal rhetoric with their boring, tired candidates/supporters.

    The media is so p—–.

  11. browngreengold says:



    Best. Pick. Evah.

  12. breschau says:

    “She’s […] much more experienced than Obama.”

    Really? A first-term governor who was elected 2 years ago?

    How, exactly, does that make her “much more experienced”?

    Now, I’m not saying she’s a bad pick or anything. In fact, I think it’s pretty awesome that the Demcratic party will be running an African-American as its Presdential nominee in the same year the Republican party will be running a woman as its VP candidate. It’s definitely a new day in America.

    But please explain how she could possibly be “much more experienced than Obama.”

  13. missy1 says:

    She’s actually accomplished something as Governor of Alaska. Compare that to Obama’s history in the IL Senate.

    Palin did away with the Gov’s security detail, the Gov’s private jet personally saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars. Got the natural gas pipeline deal through that had been languishing for years, went after crooked politicians on both sides of the aisle. All in two years.

    Emil Jones whitewashed Obama’s record so he had something to run on for the US Senate. Jones changed the the names from the work Obama’s colleagues did and credited Obama with work he did not do. Jones said he wanted to make himself a president.

    The work he has actually done, he is trying to hide. See CAC/Ayres.

    BTW, Obama is my Senator, unfortunately.

  14. ivehadit says:

    She is the ONLY candidate to have executive experience. And she has owned her own business. And being a governor is more experience than being a senator who voted present. Cowardly.

    And, as an added bonus, she totes her own gun. And she plays hockey. And she cares for a Down Syndrome child who she KNEW before birth would be afflicted.

    And she took on corruption, was beaten up badly by big oil in Alaska and WON.

  15. kathie says:


    She is a governor and has been for 2 years. She has executive experience. She was a Mayor, so had to lead and budget. She is a hunter, and a fisherwoman. She has fought corruption. She beat a corrupt governor. She knows about gas and oil. She runs things, she doesn’t just bloviate. She has been to Iraq, so she is interested in the war. Her son will go to Iraq this fall. I do not question her love for this country. This is for starters.

  16. Toes192 says:

    Are you kidding, peeps? At my blog, Fuanglada blog, I brought my previous predictions up to the top. Obama/Clinton ticket was the winner for the Dems. Now Obama loses and the nation is better off for it. I live in Alaska and this woman is a veeeery good governor… She takes on anyone without fear… The ONE selection that could get us all excited. Why did we not all see this as McCain’s obvious choice? btw, there is no new info at my blog… Just some cheerleading. btw, [male chauvinist alert] I am an active 70 and this woman is hot!!! 🙂

  17. missy1 says:

    Be proud Toes192, be very proud! You have Sarah Palin governing your state, but will be sharing her with the rest of the country, the downside, I’ll still be stuck with Obama. I’ll just have to take one for the team.

    I have so much lawn work to do today, but this has made me so happy that I don’t want to get to far from all the news. Poor flowers.

  18. Toes192 says:

    Misssy1… No need to take one for the team. We in America have what is called a secret voting system.. No one need know that all you women out there are now voting for McCain…

    My posts at Fuanglada blog are quite short [usually] but good pictures. Sample today right after my sister called from Texas [10am Texas equals 7am Alaska] and woke us up with the news. “Obama did not have the guts to select Clinton. Whiiimp. Afraid of Bill Clinton, I guess. Now he pays the price.

    Last of ninth… down three runs… bases loaded… no balls [no pun intended] batter swings… ball going… going.. It is a HOME RUN!!!!! McCain wins.

    btw2… Fox & MSNBC… Desperate attack comments coming from Obama camps. ha ha ha
    They realize what has just happened to them.