Aug 27 2008

Obama’s Slide In Polls Continue – Updated

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Two days down and Obama keeps slipping in the polls.  Now Rasmussen as McCain up one point as well. I fail to see how the Democrat Convention can be salvaged. If this continues I am wondering when the reverse coat tails will start to come into play and start destroying the Dems plans for expanding their Congressional majorities.

Major Update:  Here’s a no brainer – conservative Dems are peeling away from Obama which is why he is losing ground in the polls (follow link for larger image):

I predicted a while ago that Obama would never win the election because he would either lose the moderate middle or liberal base. Here is what I said on june 29th:

There is no stable policy configuration Obama can put together to win. No matter what he does he causes upheaval and loses support.  Either he appeases the far left, sending moderates to McCain, or he appeases the moderates sending the far left into a tirade, ending their support and sending moderates to McCain where they will feel more welcomed.

So far the moderates have not peeled off, but my guess is they will since many of them are the disaffected Hillary supporters. Obama cannot knit together a coalition – it is impossible. And the polls are showing how impossible it is. 

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  1. cochino says:

    McCain started hitting Obama hard earlier than I thought he would. Witness today, for the example, the “Tiny” ad that is running. I think McCain has seen an opening and he’s going for the “knockout blow” even before things even move into high gear in September.

    By that, I don’t mean some insurmountable deficit for Obama in the polls, but rather to create a perception in the popular imagination such that he will never be able to garner a majority of the vote. I think Obama is getting dangerously close to that, now.

    What have we seen so far as far as attacks on McCain? Four more years of Bush? I think that tack will be very effective as far as it goes, but will it be enough? McCain’s attacks on Obama go right to the heart of his readiness and capability to be President. I haven’t seen more devastating attack ads (largely because they have real cores of truth) in Presidential politics in a long time.

    In an unrelated vein, what’s with Obama’s big Greek column set for his speech? What’s he thinking? Obama has had enough grandeur in his campaign. He’s already derisively referred to as “The One” and the “Messiah”. People don’t want any more of that from him. It’s become a liability. Even his supporters want some specifics. I think it would be best to appear in the convention hall without a jacket with his sleeves rolled up giving people all of the specific things he wants to do, you know? I’m the tough community organizer from the South Side here to solve your problems. He doesn’t need Mount Olympus at this point.

  2. WWS says:

    It’s a mini-White House facade. (I know that it would be a lot more fun to play with the “antichrist decends from the pagan temple with fireworks and confetti, but it’s just the white house)

    The point is to try to make him look “Presidential”. Just like putting Dukakis in a tank was supposed to make him look military or something. All it does is make him look like a little kid pretending to be a grown up in his play white house. Sad.

    I think “high school musical” did a much better job with their sets and concepts than this pack of juveniles has.

  3. cochino says:

    I’m sure they’re going for something reminiscent of the Capitol, but from what I can see in the photo on Drudge, that things looks like the Parthenon. Maybe they’ll add some things to it to make people think “White House” or “Capitol Building”, I don’t know. But it’s not a good image for him and it will probably be used against him in ads the next day.

  4. WWS says:

    Okay, cochino, you GOTTA look at the pic on this page:

    somebody already visualized what you were thinking!!! (don’t overlook the motto on the shield)

    oh, and guess what he’s holding in his left hand. Nice touch!

  5. Terrye says:

    Silly vain little man. That is what Obama is beginning to look like.