Aug 20 2008

Why al-Qaeda Has Lost The Muslim Street

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America has been The Great Satan to many Arab Muslims over the decades. It is that hate of America and the West that al-Qaeda tapped into to become a beacon of hope that Islam would attain victory over America. But when the war came to the Arab homeland in Iraq, things changed. al-Qaeda became exposed as another vicious cancer up humanity, more akin to Hitler and the Nazis than any golden age of humanity. And now al-Qaeda, by their own sick atrocities on their fellow Arab Muslims, has been shown to be the true agent of evil:

“There are the bloodstains on the wall, and here it is dried on the floor,” Abu Muhanad said as he walked through a torture chamber in a Baghdad mosque where more than two dozen bodies have been found.

“And here, a woman’s shoes. She was a victim of the militia. We found her corpse in the grave.”

Chunks of hair waft lazily across the floor in the hot Baghdad breeze.

“This was the torture room,” said Muhanad, the leader of a U.S.-backed armed group that now controls the mosque.

I saw this report on CNN last night (see below) and it was horrific. It makes you wonder how such evil could exist in humanity. But it also reminded me of something I posted back in late May when the Mahdi Army were on the run:

There are some very naive and delusional liberals who still think the Iraq government victory over the Mahdi Army criminals is actually a victory for Sadr and his Sadrists movement. But they are simply grasping at straws so they do not have to face how pathetically wrong they have been on the Maliki action itself, the war in Iraq and the war on terror generally. The fact is the Sadrists and al-Sadr gave political cover for heinous crimes commited by the Mahdi Islamo Fascists as they raped and killed their fellow Muslims. Once Basra and Sadr City were liberated it was only a matter of time that these atrocities would start to be reported and become public, as told by the people who were being oppressed.

I predicted this would be the actual fallout from the liberation of the Shiite areas of Iraq from the jackboot of the Mahdi Militia. Like all Islamo Fascists they are obsessed with committing the most brutal of crimes against their fellow humans. It is their deep insecurity that drives them to hate, and then punish, those who have successfully evolved with the modern world. It is their acidic insecurity that drives them to rape and torture those who represent what they can never be. This is the ugly side of inciting the failures in life to a messianic cause – they get god complexes and start meting out punishment with gusto and glee.

Their horrific atrocities are now the indelible story of al-Qaeda’s vision of Islam. It repulses most humans and must send a shiver of fear through most Muslims. I applaud CNN for going back and reminding all of us why we fought in Iraq, and why we redoubled our efforts to achieve victory in Iraq. This is the story of how America defeated some of the greatest evil to walk this planet:

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The Muslim Street is not going to go willingly into this nightmare.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    How do you know it’s Al Qeada?

    I think this was better covered at jihad watch, but then again, they know Islam.

    A Master-List of Mosques Behaving Badly should be compiled. That list should include, from U.S. military records, all the shoot-outs in Iraq (and Afghanistan) with people who fired on American soldiers from mosques, or who ran to mosques in order to avoid capture and then used them as places from which to attack Americans (until the Americans stopped, as they eventually did, from holding back).

    Such a list should also include the mosques in Western Europe that have been found to contain false papers (sometimes in false ceilings, as in the mosque in Milan on Viale Jenner), including forged passports and national identity documents. And don’t forget the mosques that have been discovered to contain AK-47s, explosives, and videocassettes of beheadings of Infidels, and audiocassettes to whip up the Believers to even greater deeds of derring-do against the Infidels. Yes, all that stuff has been found in mosques, that weaponry, those forgeries and counterfeits, those hysterical whippings-up of hatred for Infidels — see what Saudi-supplied “literature” has been found in American mosques. By now the security services of the Western world are so used to all of that that they practically yawn at what they find, and often the rest of us find things out piecemeal, from a story here and a story there. But no one connects the dots.

    By Hugh, read more at Jihad Watch.

  2. stevevvs says:

    Have you read about this?

    What is wrong with that picture?

  3. stevevvs says:

    Speaking of Mosques, if you would like to learn what is going on in Mosques here, in the good old USA, your in luck!
    Andrew C.McCarthy covers then in his book: Willful Blindness. It is VERY informative.

    Also, Paul Sperry does the same in his book: Infiltration.

    Nonie Darwish, talks of the Los Angeles Mosques in her book: Now they call me Infidel.

    And Finally, in Front Page Mag today they have an article on a Mosque in Tampa Florida.

    I have other books that touch on Mosques here, but those above go very indepth.

    It’s a shame most people don’t study the texts and tenants of Islam. There is a lot to learn.

    Mark Krikorians new book: The Case Against Immigration, Both legal and Illegal, is an eye opening experiance as well.

    That is where I learned 182,000 people come here each month, legally and Illegally. This man did his homework. It’s a good book for those concerned about what this country will look like in a few years down the road. It’s a shame we all but stopped immigration of people from Europe. We did a 180 in 1965, and now it’s primarily third world people, and many muslims, which frightens me, as I am a Student of European Immigration. It seems we want to emulate them. Why? I don’t know.