Aug 24 2005

Headless Hart

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Another in a series of articles by desparate leftwing liberals hoping we surrender in Iraq before, heaven forbid, we win we have Gary Hart coming out in a nostalgic editorial about the good old days when we left Vietnam to murderous thugs because we did not fight a war to win.

My generation of Democrats jumped on the hot stove of Vietnam and now, with its members in positions of responsibility, it is afraid of jumping on any political stove. In their leaders, the American people look for strength, determination and self-confidence, but they also look for courage, wisdom, judgment and, in times of moral crisis, the willingness to say: “I was wrong.”

Ahh,… Those were the days! When we could disparage our brave soldiers as baby killers and accuse them of being Ghengis Kahn! I too remember them.

Well Senator, let me help you out. I agree – you were wrong.

For one thing, this is not vietnam. We are not fighting to contain the spread of communism, we are fighting religious fanatics who fear and loathe democracy in their midst because it saps them of their support. We are fighting the enemy who declared war on us and killed more Americans on our soil than any enemy ever has in a single attack. And if you do not have the backbone to see this through until the voting in Iraq in October – then too bad for you.

We’ve stumbled into a hornet’s nest. We’ve weakened ourselves at home and in the world. We are less secure today than before this war began.

Now move on. We appreciate you are scared and afraid, and this is all too big for you, too much to handle. Just move on, now. Let those who can, and will, win this thing take care of it.

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