Aug 24 2005

Virginia Is For Illegals

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OK, that was just a bad play on the ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ slogan. But Virginia does have sufficient illegal aliens in the counties outside DC to make this one of the top issues in this falls state wide elections. So for all those concerned about illegal immigration this years elections will give a good indicator for where the people in the nation are leaning.

For a good rundown on the issue, check out this news article in the Washington Times regarding a bold move by the sole hispanic delegate in the state legislature. Mr. Frederick (R) of Prince William County is calling on Governor Mark Warner (D) – a likely candidate for the presidential elections in 2008 – to call for a state of emergency here in VA in line to what is happening in Arizona and New Mexico.

Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, Prince William County Republican, has asked Mr. Warner, a Democrat, to declare a state of emergency to stop the influx of illegal aliens into the state. Mr. Frederick said that even though Virginia does not share a border with Mexico, the state must take such action to tap federal homeland security dollars to fund police efforts to arrest illegal aliens and hand them over to federal immigration authorities.

“They might be coming through Arizona, but they are landing here,” Mr. Frederick said. “It’s getting out of control. We really need to do everything we can and utilize every tool that’s available to us.”

Mr. Frederick, the only Hispanic member of the General Assembly, said such a move would help stem the drain on taxpayer resources caused by illegals who use public services, including hospitals. He still has relatives in Colombia.

Mr. Frederick’s Friday letter to the governor likely will net wide support in the Republican-controlled legislature, which earlier this year overwhelmingly passed a measure denying public benefits to illegal aliens and in 2003 required motorists to prove legal residency to obtain driver’s licenses.

The article goes on to mention the decision by my town of Herndon to use state funds to erect a facility on town land to provide a place for day laborers to congregate and meet up with possible employers. Right now they congregate in the parking lot of a 7-11 right outside a neighborhood and the middled school grounds.

Mr. Albo said illegals are attracted to Northern Virginia because the low unemployment rate means many jobs for those seeking temporary work.

These comments come one week after Herndon approved a formal day-laborer center on town property, putting immigration at the forefront of the Nov. 8 election, in which voters will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and all 100 House delegates.

The move by Herndon garnered national press on CNN and FOXNews. The subject of illegal immigration, as the article notes, will effect every race in VA.

Now before any leftwing bomb throwers come around and claim VA is just a southern state who hates immigrants you have to get your facts straight. Yes, Virginia was once home to the capitol of the Confederacy and Robert E. Lee, but we also were the first and only state to elect an African American Governor and we enjoy one of the most internationally diverse communities in the world here in Northern Virginia. I call people from just about every corner of the world neighbor – with honor. We have immigrants galore here and that is what makes our community distinct.

So we are not against immigrants or foreigners or non-whites. You can just forget about all that propaganda. What is going to resonate is 9-11. The World Trade Center is the image most associated with 9-11, but two of the airplanes highjacked came from Dulles Airport – 5 miles from Herndon. And the Pentagon, for those who do not know, is located in Northern Virginia – not DC. We lost many people that day.

So mixed into this entire debate is the oft ignored security aspect the MSM likes to avoid bringing up. Illegal aliens mean undocumented aliens, which means there have been no background checks.

And one thing Virginia does represent is either a target or a launching point for terrorists wanting to hit DC. And we have had terrorist cells rolled up right here in our communities. And no one should forget the emotional mark the DC snipers left on the area. The fear and stress to wackos with a rifle unleashed reminds everyone what can happen with fanatics on the loose.

So illegal immigration is as tied to homeland security – as Iraq is tied to the war on terror. Liberals don’t want it to be so. And they get all upset and angry when people understand there are connections. But the left’s inability to face these connections only diminishes their image in the public eye regarding their ability to deal with these issues.

So while the liberal left will be pushing the Virginia democrats to the leftward fringes, the conservatives will be wanting a crack down on illegal immigrants. And it will be interesting to watch how this all falls out in November.

BTW, my position on illegal immigrants already incountry is tolerance until they break a serious law – then boot them out. In tandem with that, I support extending the number of immigrant workers allowed to cover those here and working. No job after a few months – out they go. And all must have and keep clean legal records. I want to see immigrants documented in the sense they have proven to simply be looking for a better job and have a no legal problems in their past. I am not interested in rounding them up and shipping them out. I have not gotten to the point of supporting those kinds of inhumane actions yet.

Yes, immigrants have broken the law. But we need to decide whether the crime is of the order of reckless driving or late filing of your taxes and something truly serious, like murder. To disrupt a life, a family for not getting paper work done is simply overreacting. We only take those actions for serious law breakers.

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