Aug 24 2005

Democrat Break Up

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I need to keep this post short and sweet, but it is telling that the political pundits see the coming crack up of the democrats, now made nearly certain with the Cindy Sheehan bandwagon giving voice to the far left’s anti Israel, anti American rants. At RealClearPolitics today one is met with the following stories

It’s All About-Face for the Democrats – Kevin Drum, Los Angeles Times
The War, the Democrats and Hillary – Pat Buchanan, Creators
Cindy Sheehan and the Democrats – David Frum, Il Foglio

They are all interesting articles from the entire political spectrum. They all see the impending doom facing the democrats. Kevin Drum is predictably naive and represents the rationalization one must create to call for a pull out of troops. He thinks we are doomed, but we should know in 2 years so make that the deadline. OK Kevin, why not wait 2 years and not give a deadline for the terrorists to wait out.

The Iraqis are doing their part. More are signing up to the police and army to risk their lives for their new country than are joining the terrorists – who are mostly non Iraqis. The differential in those sacrificing for the new Iraq vs joining to destroy it must be 100 to 1. So I find it patently idiotic to keep looking for defeat. Everytime a major milestone hits everyone gets all tense and depressed.

Maybe that is why we don’t have dates certain in Bosnia.

Anyway, the radicals like Sheehan are not anywhere near is coherent as Kevin is on his worst day. And they are driving the left side of politics now. The democrats have denigrated the political right for so long they have whipped these people into a fanatical tizzy, which will not die out until everyone in this country follows their madness to a ‘T’.

Democrats, you created and fostered and egged on these liberal haters, and now they are about to turn on you for not being sufficiently angry and emotional and fearful of the evil right. Enjoy your creation – you deserve each other.

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