Jul 11 2008

Military Security Specialists Pan Obama’s Unconditional Surrender In Iraq

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It is becoming quite clear Barrack Obama is going to have to admit defeat on his plans to surrender unconditionally in Iraq. The facts on the ground are pressuring him to get real on this matter, and cause another break with his already fed up base:

Military personnel in Iraq are following the presidential race closely, especially when it comes to Iraq.

The soldiers and commanders we spoke to will not engage in political conversation or talk about any particular candidate, but they had some strong opinions about the military mission which they are trying to accomplish, and the dramatic security gains they have made in the past few months.

We spent a day with Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond in Sadr City. He is the commander of the 4th Infantry Division, which is responsible for Baghdad. Hammond will likely be one of the commanders who briefs Barack Obama when he visits Iraq.

“Instead of any time-based approach to any decision for withdrawal, it’s got to be conditions-based, with the starting point being an intelligence analysis of what might be here today, and what might lie ahead in the future. I still think we still have work that remains to be done before I can really answer that question,” Hammond said when asked how he would feel about an order to start drawing down two combat brigades a month.

Basically, Obama is facing serious blowback (couched in professional, but serious terms) from the military who have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, to bring the situation in Iraq to a point where it is poised to move into a sustainable and stable secure, democratic ally to the US in the war on terror. These gains should not be dismissed. Nor should the human toll in bloodshed that would result in an unconditional surrender. And neither should the enormous potential we could gain from a successful end in Iraq. All of these need to be considered seriously, and not just passed over as if there was some “Easy Button” out there on Iraq any old fool could push and things would be OK.

Update: More of the same pressure here. And also the same from a previous post of mine.

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  1. Oh, the “Easy Button” is a mater stroke!

    Well done AJ!

    Gotta LOVE that!


  2. AJStrata says:

    Why thank you Dale!

  3. AJStrata says:


    I used to refer to it as the “George Jetson Button”. You know, the one George would push each day to do his ‘job’!

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Obama doesn’t have a clue what it would take to withdraw all the men and equipment.

    You have to put a lot of stuff on ships to rotate back to state side or Europe in some cases and this is stuff that has built up over years of supply chain accumulation.

    You think moving to a new house is bad..it has nothing on the scale of the problem you would be dealing with without just leaving massive amounts of stuff behind.

  5. I used to refer to it as the “George Jetson Button”. You know, the one George would push each day to do his ‘job’!

    AJ, actually, I’m old enough to remember that, and old enough to have forgotten, until you reminded me!


    That should’ve been “maSter stroke”; the more I email, and type, my spelling skills erode, very crazy…

  6. crosspatch says:

    AJ, check this out:

    The race for the White House is getting a bit closer. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain down to a statistically insignificant single percentage point, 43% to 42%.


  7. crosspatch says:

    Latest Obama Waffle:

    June 18th 2008 speaking about Osama bin Laden:

    “What would be important would be for us to do it in a way that allows the entire world to understand the murderous acts that he’s engaged in and not to make him into a martyr, and to assure that the United States government is abiding by basic conventions that would strengthen our hand in the broader battle against terrorism,” Obama said.

    (Can I finish my waffle?)

    July 11th 2008 speaking about Osama bin Laden

    If he was captured alive, then we would make a decision to bring the full weight of not only US justice but world justice down on him. And, uh, I think that I’ve said this before, that I am not a cheerleader for the death penalty … I think it has to be reserved for only the most heinous crimes, but I certainly think that plotting and engineering the death of 3,000 Americans justifies such an approach.

    So … in June we shouldn’t make him a martyr and in July his crimes justify the death penalty.

  8. Terrye says:

    Reality is such a bother. But then again, when you are the Messiah what is reality?

  9. BarbaraS says:

    When you are a democrat what is reality?