Aug 23 2005

Too Weird!

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OK, I am not sure what this means – it is way too tinfoil hat for me. But at the same time the coincidences are too much to ignore. So I am posting this without any commentary as to what it means. I don’t know if it means anything.

In a previous post on Able Danger we learned from Eric Umansky what Atta’s full name is and what names he used:

Atta’s full name is Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta. That’s what was on his passport and if you look carefully on his U.S. visa issued in May of 2000. The name he went by before that–the name he used for example on email–is Mohamed el-Amir. Atta didn’t go by “Mohamed Atta” until the late spring of 2000, after Able Danger supposedly ID’d him.

UPDATE: Here’s the flight manifest from the trip Atta took to Pakitan in November 1999 and his return to Hamburg in February of 2000. On both legs of the flight, the records identify him simply as Mohamed al-Amir.

OK, so we also know from FoxNews that Able Danger might have found Mohamed Atta through some connection to Omar Abdul Rahman, the blind sheik of WTC I fame.

So, when you google El-Amir and Rahman you get this interesting nexus:

Last fall, “Dateline” obtained information about Magdy Elamir. He’s a prominent doctor, a neurologist with a practice in Jersey City. Born and educated in Egypt, he moved to this country about 20 years ago and since then has built a fortune. He lives in a mansion, is generous to local charities and is an active supporter of both political parties.

Should counterterrorism investigators take an interest in Dr. Elamir? Well, “Dateline” obtained a document last fall — foreign intelligence report, that makes a startling allegation about the doctor — that he has had financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years.

This was in 1998.

The report alleges that an H.M.O. owned by Dr. Elamir in New Jersey was “funded by ben [sic] Laden” and that in turn Dr. Elamir was skimming money from the H.M.O. to fund “terrorist activities.”

“Dateline” has found another reason why federal investigators might want to pay close attention to Dr. Elamir and his family. It’s something we learned when we interviewed Randy Glass, the con-man turned undercover operative who helped the government break up an illegal weapons ring allegedly tied to terrorist groups. It turns out that one of the people recorded trying to arrange an arms deal with Randy Glass was Dr. Elamir’s own brother, Mohamed, an engineer, also a U.S. citizen now living in Egypt. And just listen to what he was interested in.
“There was a warehouse full of weapons in Italy that they needed shipped,” says Glass.
It was the spring of 1999. Mohamed Elamir explains that he wants false papers that would identify a shipment of weapons — as vegetables.

Now I am not saying Chertoff did anything wrong. But we have an Egyptian Dr. named El-Amir with supposed ties to Bin Laden, who has an Egyptian brother named Mohamed El-Amir who was trying to smuggle weapons. It could explain how Egyptian Mohamed Atta could have been caught up in a intelligence search.


I do not trust searches based on these arabic names – but of course Mohamed Atta’s father’s name is….

The father of one of the hijackers who commandeered the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, praised the recent terror attacks in London and said many more would follow.

Speaking to CNN producer Ayman Mohyeldin Tuesday in his apartment in the upper-middle-class Cairo suburb of Giza, Mohamed el-Amir said he would like to see more attacks like the July 7 bombings of three London subway trains and a bus that killed 52 people, plus the four bombers.

Mohamed el-Amir. Could he have had a brother who ran an HMO in NJ? Why do I feel Mohamed el-Amir is arabic for John Smith?

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  1. AJ, you find the most interesting stuff…interesting that the Inside 9/11 documentary didn’t mention Atta’s previous name…it was otherwise so thorough!…

  2. AJStrata says:

    What is sad about all this is we let the 9-11 commission make us believe they had done some exhaustive and open minded analysis…

    Silly us.

  3. bill says:

    It very much looks like there is little about the 9/11 final report you can trust, it’s all political. That’s too bad, because this time we are in a real struggle, the consequences of failure can be bad. If we can’t accurately define what went wrong, how do we know we have fixed the underlying systemic problems.

    My suggestion . . . maybe the only thing we can count on anymore is open source blog journalism — we surly know we can’t trust the AP to report objectively. After reading the recent flood of biased AP wires, we need a way to unmask AP reporters. They now hide behind an anonymous byline. Who are they? What axe do they have to grind? What are their qualifications to do reporting? Why won’t they stand in the sunshine and defend their reports? The public has a right to know.

  4. patch says:


    Let me really get the investment in tinfoil rolling.

    New Jersey is considered the source of the anthrax attacks that happened right after 9/11.

    Are we in Rod Serling territory yet?

    This might be freaking wild.

  5. Why the Able Danger story is important and why we

    Destroying the 9/11 Commissions timelines and putting Atta in Prague during the time period that the Czech Foreign Service

  6. Why was Atta singled out as significant by ABLE DA

    Boy if I was asking questions I think it might be pretty interesting to ask the Able Danger folks

  7. dilbert_g says:

    Dear Mr. Strata,
    My tinfoil is in the kitchen. Thanks for the info that Mohammed Atta might really be Mohammed El-Amir.

    Unless you went beyond this point of “Now I am not saying Chertoff did anything wrong”, and I didnt see this on your previous post, then you won’t yet know this: Chertoff not only ‘overlooked’ the connection, but Chertoff was Magdy El-Amir’s LAWYER.

    Maybe you already got that somewhere else, and I missed it. The records of the State’s case against El-Amir are online, and Michael Chertoff — a Fed Prosecutor and at one point on the Whitewater prosecution — stepped up to the plate to defend El-Amir. Not only did he escape inquiry into who owned the “unnamed offshore accounts” where the money disappeared, but ALL charges were dropped and he got to keep the money.

    Furthermore, there was about a month overlap when Chertoff was running Operation Green Quest tracking terrorist financing, while simultaneously defending a man accused of financing terror.

    I have not yet read the book “The Big Wedding” which allegedly was a code name for 9-11, but the author discussed that in an interview.

    You might want to pick up the video Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus. Catchy title, similar topic.

    I have links to it lo-fi on my site look for Daniel Hopsicker on my site,

    The Left-Right paradigm is as phony as the Republican-Democrat split. It’s a sort of “PR” mind-control to get people arguing about nonsense, like the old-fashioned shell game. Just keep your focus off the real action.

    I think what you see in the media is mostly cartoons of real people. September 11 is TOO IMPORTANT to crash on partisan bickering.

  8. AJStrata says:


    Yes, I was aware that Chertoff was the lawyer for a Magdy el-Amir, who is no relation to Mohamed el-Amir Atta. My guess is the data mining effort connected the like names, then other more real connections figured in determining Atta was a terrorist which the tripped over through sheer coincidence.

  9. […] 29th Item: Army searched more than 15 modern, open source databases – which are more expansive – and using the tools of today. They looked at Nov 1999 to May 2000 thinking that was the period of interest. They did not apparently come up with ‘the’ Atta we all know from 9-11. Now the one problem I have with this is data mining is part art. tweak a few search parameters and you get a different result. And I suspect they did not seed the process correctly. These people forgot the Brooklyn cell was built around known people from WTC I, where linkages began with these people and spread out from there. And that is how you can trip over Mohamed Atta. The newer systems may be able to discern like named individuals and throw away a link that an older system may have found and accidentally linked in Atta. That is why luck is always part of this. The re-runs using new data mean very little. In fact, since the panelists say they took Garland data to the newer SOCOM facility, ran it and apparently did not get a ‘Brooklyn cell’ shows me they botched these re-runs. No one should have missed the Brooklyn Cell since many of them are known terrorist. […]