Jun 23 2008

Liberal Media Targets “Grumpy Old Ladies”

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The ugly side of the Democrat Party has been exposed in terrible clarity as it tries to deal with the nomination battle between Clinton and Obama.  I had no idea how cruel and uncaring the Democrats could be against their own base when it dares to not follow the party line.  I was simply stunned when a liberal media outlet decided to go after Clinton supporters who have not yet made amends with the harsh and sexist comments of the liberal news media, by going harsh and sexist when railing against them!

If you’re a dedicated Democrat — or perhaps even one of those fed-up Republicans we’ve heard about — there’s a good chance you’re pretty stoked right about now.

But why do you keep hearing all these stories about grumpy old ladies still hung up on Hillary Clinton, the ones who’re threatening to make a scene at the Democratic convention in Denver, or vote for John McCain in November?

Geez, I don’t know – maybe these woman are sick and tired of being demeaned by an arrogant and disrespectful liberal media?  Just guessing here.   If the liberals are so obsessed with power they would use this kind of language, then clearly the Democrat Party in 2008 is not for refined and experienced women with important issues on their minds.

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8 Responses to “Liberal Media Targets “Grumpy Old Ladies””

  1. I have to admit. I find the charges of sexism agains the Obama campaign as about on par with his rant against Racist Republicans the other day

    What exactly did the Obama people to merit this charge?

  2. kathie says:

    Give me a break, the left wing dems have always been hateful, racist, lying, demagogues who have the intelligence and emotional maturity of my teenage daughters at their best.

  3. norm says:

    this is a blatant mis-representation of the article. did you score low on reading and comprehension? here’s an exercise that may help. in the meantime you must have some video game images to post?

  4. norm says:

    sorry…i forgot the link. let me know how you score.


  5. Terrye says:

    actually norm, one of your fellow travelers called me something like this the other day. Not only that he added that McCain is a geezer etc. Never mind the fact that geezers vote. And so do grumpy old ladies.

    chickens coming home to roost and all that stuff. Power to the people Obama said as he pandered to the folks on billionare row.

    So we can add sexism to regional snobbery.

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    norm must be freaking out that even Democrat women aren’t going to go along with the Marxist Trojan Horse that has be selected for them.

  7. BarbaraS says:

    Has no one heard of the union thugs who have in the past gone after any dissenters within the party? And played really rough with republicans. I saw on Fox last night one of the Clinton female backers said she AND her children have been threatened by the Obama campaign or his supporters. Is here any difference between the mentality of these thugs and Mugabe’s thugs in Zimbawe?

  8. BarbaraS says:

    I haven’t forgotten Kathleen Willey’s cat and probably never will. She was threatened by the dem party or Clinton backers.