Jun 21 2008

al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri And Saddam Hussein Were Planning Attacks After 9-11

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The SurrenderMedia recently misreported (there’s a surprise) that Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaeda, when in fact the report the SurrenderMedia was trying to cover said just the opposite. As I noted at the time the analysis showed Saddam Hussein had long time ties with Ayman Zawahiri, who at the time ran the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. A group that was integrated into al-Qaeda when Zawahiri joined forces with Bin Laden in the 1990’s.

Gateway Pundit has a link to a recent news article out of Iraq showing evidence that Saddam Hussein continued his ties with Zawahiri after Egyptian Islamic Jihad had been integrated into al-Qaeda. In fact, the evidence points to Saddam attempting to coordinate terrorist attacks with al-Qaed AFTER 9-11!

The Kurdish daily Kurdistani Nwe has published a 2002 letter from the Iraqi presidency that it says proves that there was cooperation between the regime of Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda. 

The letter, which appeared on the paper’s front page, was published by the intelligence apparatus of the Iraqi presidency and discussed an intention to meet with Ayman Al-Zawahiri in order to examine a plan drawn up by the Iraqi presidency to carry out a “revenge operation” in Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the previous evidence which did not show communication between Saddam and his ol’ buddy Zawahiri after 9-11, this evidence clearly shows Saddam knew who to go to in al-Qaeda to execute attacks on American allies after 9-11.  So much for the “Bush Lied” crap from the SurrenderMedia and Surrendercrats in Congress.

Even more than that, Saddam’s was a notoriously reckless and power hungry brute.  His invasion of Iran and Kuwait demonstrated how insane the man could be.  His obsession with WMDs was proven out when his son-in-law exposed his undetected nuclear weapons program.  Now we learn this unstable nutcase was attempting to coordinate an attack with al-Qaeda after 9-11, when he knew such contact could bring the wrath of America to his doorstep.

As usual, Bush was right and the libs were making things up to garner votes. Why would the liberal BS in 2008 be any less false than the BS they have promulgated for 7 long years?  Clearly it isn’t.


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  2. Mark78 says:

    You might wanna revisit this topic now that that IDA report says Saddam had some plots planned in Saudi Arabia….