Jun 13 2008

US Not Slowing Down Actions Against Militants In Afghanistan

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After the border incident in Afghanistan (where Pakistan based insurgents crossed the border, took on US Forces, were beaten back and then retreated to Pakistan – drawing US fire with them) the US has not slowed the pace of actions against the last militant strongholds in Afghanistan:

An anti-insurgents operation of the U.S.-led Coalition forces have left several militants killed and one female civilian dead in eastern Afghan province of Paktia, a Coalition statement issued here Friday said.

The Coalition forces while searching compounds in Zurmat district Thursday to target two militant leaders were engaged by armed militants, it said.

“The force responded with small-arms fire and air strikes, killing several militants and a woman who was located with the attacking militants in the building,” it said.

One militant detonated a suicide-vest bomb in the compound, killing only himself, according to the U.S.-led military. It said multiple AK-47s, a sniper rifle, ammunition vests, small-arms ammunition and grenades were discovered in the operation.

In neighboring Ghazni province, the Coalition forces Thursday conducted precision air strikes on an alleged militant compound in Andar district, destroying the building, where the forces said it did not encounter any militants or other occupants.

These operations came days after U.S.-led Coalition forces in an air strike reportedly bombed a check post in Pakistan’s Mohmand tribal agency near the Afghan-Pakistani border Tuesday night, leaving 11 Pakistani paramilitary soldiers dead.

Play time is over for the terrorists. Most people are not aware that 75% of Afghanistan is under peaceful control of the Afghanistan government. Just as in Iraq we are purging the last remnants of the failed Islamo Fascist ideology from the country.

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