Jun 13 2008

Power Mad Liberals Blind US To Our Enemy’s Pure Evil

The lust for political power can be all consuming. It can be so consuming some people are willing to sacrifice thousands of strangers in foreign lands to ugly and brutal deaths to obtain power here at home. It is amazing to what lengths and lies some will go for power.

In politics the most common tactic used is to minimize the opposition’s strength while distracting the masses to some marginal issue where the pol believes they have an edge. The distraction includes hyping the personal strength so when it is casually compared to the opposition’s strength (which is being minimized in parallel) it appears there are greener grasses available with little risk to the voter. It is, in essence, the creation of an illusion.

Sadly this is a lie meant to trick voters, just as telephone hucksters trick people out of money or the bank account IDs by sounding reasonable. Same game, different purpose.

We hear constantly about the anti-children GOP, the anti-poor GOP, the anti-middle class GOP. The war on the middle class is a classic example of exaggerating liberal causes that most Americans would rather the government stay out of. The government is not waging ‘war’ on the people of America.

The game is to exaggerate conservative policies to the point those promoting them would appear to be mad, evil and greedy. Remember all the people who would be on the streets if welfare had time and money limits on it for the able bodied? Classic example of liberals crying “wolf”. Remember the quagmire in Afghanistan? Remember the failed Surge in Iraq?

In 2008 we are fighting pure evil – an enemy that needs no exaggeration. They have killed thousands of us, and tens of thousands of their fellow Muslims to try and gain power. In the brutal aftermath just after 9-11 it was impossible to play this diversionary power grab game. There was no inflating some domestic issue to the level of al-Qaeda’s brutality, and there was no wide to marginalize burning funeral pyres in NY, VA and PA.

However, as we took on al-Qaeda and their ilk in their homeland, and as we learned to stop threats by removing ridiculous barriers to the flow of information between those who watch our borders and those who police our streets (more on this in a later post), the threat on the streets of America dissipated, and appeared to disappear from view. We became accustomed to the new rules for boarding airlines to the point we have forgotten what it was like to walk on a plane with a pocket knife.

As the threat dissipated (but did not really disappear) an opening arose for the political hucksters to try and garner votes through the tried and true sham of marginalizing their opponents strengths (in this case the huge progress in Iraq) and trying to emphasize the importance of some silly little sound bite back home (tax the rich). But al-Qaeda and their ilk are not so easily papered over. There is no amount of lipstick the liberals can put on the pig of Islamo Fascism.

This was proven again recently when detailed al-Qaeda papers were discovered providing a glimpse into a real government of evil – not a pretend one coming out of spinmeisters in DC and NYC. If you want to see how cold and calculating a government bureaucracy can be, just look at the efficiencies of al-Qaeda in Iraq and realize the danger if such an organization did take over a well resourced and educated country like Iraq.

Flowing from the memo approving Operation Desert Shield, a stream of reports follow.

On January 7, 2006, a memo called for Iraqis who’d infiltrated various U.S. bases to conduct site surveys to help identify the camps that would be hit. The two-page note also spoke of placing ammunition stores well in advance of the attacks so the fighters could resort to them during the battles.

The January memo also commented on training and rehearsals for the offensive and the extraction routes their fighters would use after the attacks, and it dictated the need to obtain pledges from the foot soldiers of their willingness to die.

In another memo, reports were compiled from al Qaeda field commanders recommending which U.S. Army and Marine bases or Iraqi checkpoints or police stations should be targeted. Baghdad International Airport was one of the targets named. Beside each entry were notes on weapons each target would require: Grad surface-to-surface missiles, Katyusha rockets, roadside bombs and suicide bombers.

“It reveals,” Driscoll said, “first of all, a pretty robust command and control system, if you will. I was kind of surprised when I saw the degree of documentation for everything — pay records, those kind of things — and that [al Qaeda in Iraq] was obviously a well-established network.”

That network is now under enormous stress, primarily from the more than 100,000 nationalist insurgents who formed the Awakening Council militias and initiated an extremely effective assassination program against al Qaeda, but also from recent U.S. and Iraqi government strikes into their strongholds.

“These are the application forms filled in by the people who join al Qaeda,” Abu Saif said, holding one of the documents obtained by CNN. Until recently, Abu Saif was himself a senior-level al Qaeda commander.

“They took information about [the recruits], and if the applicant lied about something — because they were investigated — they would whip him,” Abu Saif said.

Induction into al Qaeda, he said, would take up to four months. In one case, Abu Saif recounted, an applicant lived for four months at the home of what he thought was a local supporter of the organization providing a safe house. Finally accepted and called to a cell leaders’ meeting, he discovered that his host was actually a senior recruiter who’d been studying his every move for those four months.

Al Qaeda’s bookkeeping was orderly and expansive: death lists of opponents, rosters of prisoners al Qaeda was holding, along with the verdicts and sentences (normally execution) the prisoners received, plus phone numbers from a telephone exchange of those who’d called the American tip line to inform on insurgents, and motor pool records of vehicle roadworthiness.

Liberals wail constantly about the NSA spying on America (again, this lie will be addressed in a later post), hinting at evil right-wingers in military uniforms gathering information on innocent civilians. The reality in Iraq is this future Islam of al-Qaeda’s used spies, informants and taps to find even the smallest dissent – and killed those they discovered, maybe with a pretend show-trial thrown in for good measure.

Liberals whine about how only the poor and uneducated fill the ranks of our military, to die as pawns to the powerful. But al-Qaeda forced support by threatening or killing family members, and beat its ‘recruits’ into submission so they would go off to die for the cause a suicide bombers. In the US we do all we can to protect our soldiers, who do all they can to avoid civilian casualties. How the liberal mind can conflate the two organizations and their approaches is beyond me. But clearly it is a symptom of power-blind madness.

There is one Islamo Fascist State that does have this kind of organizational evil built into it – Iran. Yet you listen to the liberals and to Obama you would think Iran is some minor, incapable, non-threat. There is no threat in Iran, but we need to invade Pakistan? Is sanity still required to run for higher office in the West?

Make no mistake. This is a regional threat that knows no borders and is trying to gain real estate and power by taking over countries. Only CNN could call a foreign run organization in Iraq an Iraqi enterprise because the middle managers were Iraqis. Check out the level of denial in this self conflicted ‘report’:

According to the internal al Qaeda correspondence in the files, Iraqis have taken to, and effectively run, al Qaeda in Iraq. Foreign fighters’ roles seem mostly relegated to the canon fodder of suicide attacks.

Though the upper tiers of the organization are still dominated by non-Iraqis, in Anbar, at least, all the princes and brigade and battalion commanders are homegrown.

Documents from 2005 and 2006 show that top-ranking leaders feared the imposition of strict religious law and brutal tactics were turning their popular support base against them.

One memorandum from three years ago warned executions of traitors and sinners condemned by religious courts “were being carried out in the wrong way, in a semi-public way, so a lot of families are threatening revenge, and this is now a dangerous intelligence situation.”

That awareness led al Qaeda to start killing tribesmen and nationalist insurgents wherever they began to rally against it, long before America ever realized that it had potential allies to turn to.

Yes, there were Iraqis willing to sell their soul and their nation and their families for power. There were Iraqis who would literally make a pack with the devil to become ‘leaders’. But most of the Iraqis in Anbar rejected this deadly arrangement, and have instead taken up arms and purged Iraq of al-Qaeda’s sick and brutal control. There are always those who either embrace or ignore deadly evil for personal gain. Always.

Which brings me back to the point of the post. We and the Iraqis stopped a truly evil governing model from taking hold in the world. One built on suspicion, control and monitoring of the individual, violent and brutal coercion, purity to the one world vision, obedience to power. In essence the real deal of all those liberal bogey-men stories we have heard for years. AQ is the real evil empire built upon religion.

Yet liberals have called for us to surrender Iraq to these animals for years now. To the point of predicting failure in the face of amazing success. They were and are willing to give AQ a base of power so large it resembles Germany in the 1930’s when Hitler rose to power. It even comes with strong and dangerous allies in Syria and Iran (representing Japan and Italy in WWII). This looks like a mass suicide plot of epic proportions!

Al-Qaeda had many blind Muslim followers who, after 9-11 who would have sold their souls into Islamo-Fascist Hell to see America beaten and bloodied. Now, after years of seeing AQ in action most Muslims are rejecting this evil. Why are we not recognizing this?

We are succeeding in Iraq and in our war against a truly evil ideology. Look at how methodical al-Qaeda was in recruiting animals who could behead a man for not following orders and then tie his four year old son to his body and throw them both in the river to demonstrate who had the power to govern. Think about organized evil and you will find the best modern model of this in al-Qaeda and Iran. Yet liberals think we should let this disease flourish and gain strength, so they can focus on government take over of energy, health care, CEO salaries, the foods we should eat, how much we should drive, what we can say …

There are days when I wonder if the two groups, liberals and al-Qaeda, coordinate or are just so blind in their lust for power they will use each other synergistically to gain their desires. Not surprisingly this too has precedence in WWII. Not only did Neville Chamberlain try and appease Hitler and give him time to arm his forces and make his plans for dominating Europe, at one time Nazi Germany’s ally was Russia. It wasn’t until the evil intentions of Hitler drove him to turn on Russia did the alliance of convenience finally shatter. People lusting for power use other people – welcome to reality.

Convenience. It is the siren’s song to all sorts of evil and crime and suffering. It may be convenient to surrender Iraq in the short term. It may help, in the short term, to forget how deadly some people in the world are (and that they are targeting us at this very moment) by pulling our troops off the battle field. But it is all an illusion that simply allows our enemies to grow strong, and increase the price in blood and treasure we will require when we face our survival later.

Stay the course, honor those who sacrificed to bring us to this point, defeat our enemy with pride that we destroyed one of the most evil organizations ever created on Earth. Don’t be deluded or confused with simple minded solutions that seem miraculous. Don’t let someone’s lust for power fool you into a false hope. The grass is just as green on this side as the other – most people understand that.

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6 Responses to “Power Mad Liberals Blind US To Our Enemy’s Pure Evil”

  1. dave m says:

    Events are about to overtake all of us.

    There are lots of arguments about what will be seen as minor issues.
    The price of gasoline, the habeus corpus grant to terrorists, over in the UK
    a conservative minister resigned over a plan to introduce 42 days
    detention during terrorism investigations, the list is pretty long,

    Debka reported yesterday that their sources tell them that Iran is
    expected to have an atomic bomb by October, THIS year.

    So what?

    So this. Iran is pursuing their nukes in order to use them. They have
    already told us that. They intend to use them in a belief that it will bring
    about a messianic end of days vision that their sect, hojattieh shiism,
    will lead to total world conquest by an islamic warrior and peace thereafter.

    President Bush has a chance to stop this in his final days in office. I have
    no idea if he will. If you listen to the world press, with talk about sanctions
    and UN initiatives, then we have to conclude he will hand this problem on
    to his successor, who very well might be BH Obsama. Obsama will do

    It may happen that islam will finally eradicate itself by starting the
    nuclear war it promised. What a crappy ending.

    The USA, and most of Europe, will survive. It is probable that the
    world banking system will collapse and a very large number of people
    will lose all their savings, their jobs, and their peace of mind. It will
    be worse for Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. They are looking at maybe 500
    million dead.

    There will be fallout. Not as bad as that nihilistic movie “on the beach”
    portended, but bad enough to cause disruption to our lives everywhere.

    What to do? Here’s my guess:
    If you live in a major American or European city, ie. New York, DC,
    London, Paris, just get out. Change your job, change your life, survive.
    Read the available literature concerning survival in case of
    a nuclear war. I AM NOT A SURVIVALIST.
    If you are an American citizen, vote vote vote for your very life and
    the lives of your family. Defeat Obsama. Nothing is more important.
    Keep some supplies to hand, especially cash. Probably better to
    arrange your new life somwhere warm, where oil shortages will not
    be life threatening in the short run.

    Historians will look back on this decade and marvel at why we were so
    stupid. History, I think, doesn’t get the close in intimate f-ups that
    change the course of history then quietly vanish. Bish derangement
    syndrome will put the free world in paralysis. It will wake up belatedly.
    And everyone will ask WTF was that? Except me.

  2. kathie says:

    Americans pride themselves as being compassionate, and caring because we have so much, we are hardy, innovative, we can do people. In the face of this kind of evil why would a politician exploit the most selfish aspects of our human nature by suggesting that it is none of our business what is happening in Iraq, we need to give to ourselves first, before we extend our good will to others.

    It is not as if this organization hasn’t reached its ugly hand into our homes already. Do we remember the innocent people who boarded an airplane to visit a friend, or who were traveling on business who found themselves on a plane flying into buildings in New York, the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania?

    To me it doesn’t matter if you think it was right or wrong to go into Iraq. The point is we KNOW how depraved al Qaeda is and to leave them any space to organize another attack, let alone a rich country is just plain stupid.

  3. […] Power Mad Liberals Blind US To Our Enemy’s Pure Evil As the threat dissipated (but did not really disappear) an opening arose for the political hucksters to try and garner votes through the tried and true sham of marginalizing their opponents strengths (in this case the huge progress in … […]

  4. VinceP1974 says:

    Dave: I the way I see it is this..

    The United States will be destroyed soon.. we’re under assault on all fronts.. our morality, our culture, our freedom, our education, our government, our border, our military.

    Shia Islam is getting ready for the coming of the Mahdi. They will launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on the United States. This will isolate the survivors and ensure no more substantial influence of America on world events.

    Therefore, the Eastern world will be free to do what they will. A Muslim will come forward and declare himself to be the Imam al Mahdi.. the 12th Imam… Islam’s final Caliph who will restore the pure Islamic State, the Caliphate.

    Once the Caliphate is established, the legal authority exists to command all Muslims worldwide to go on the offensive and call for Global Jihad.. This will compell all Muslims to join.

    All the terrorist groups that are in every city of the West will unleash violence on their host countries.

    Christians and Jews will be forced to convert or die.

    In other world, the Antichrist of the Bible in the form of the Islamic Mahdi will emerge on the scene.

    The False Prophet will follow.. the False Prophet will present himself to the Muslims as the Prophet Isa (Jesus). The FP will be a dragon in lamb’s clothing.

    The Mahdi and Isa , the Bible’s Antichrist and False Prophet, will impose their Government (Sharia Caliphte) and Religion (Neo-Islam) on the world surrounding Israel.

    Israel will be totally cut off from all external support and forced to deal with the Mahdi.

  5. scaulen says:

    Maybe it’s time we had a MAD with the Iranians, Syrians, and a few other enablers? Sure they may be able to get a nuke eventually, might even set it off. But if it goes of in the US do you really think we’ll keep the gloves on? How many Muslims or Muslim looking people will be hunted down for this? Does any one think they will have a chance with a military and police force that will be as equally pissed as the populace? The worse thing they could do to us would be to really unite us. And hitting the US with a nuke would do just that.

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    scaulen: If a Iranian nuke goes off in the United States what makes you think they’re stopping with just one?

    I find people are lacking in immigation when they forumate “One day we’re going to find a mushroom cloud over a city”

    No we aren’t. We’re going to have 15 or 20 mushroom clouds.

    Let me suggest to you that should that happen, I really dont care if Iran is destroyed or not.. my country will have been destroyed already.