Jun 08 2008

Clinton Supporters Will Go To McCain, Super Delegates May Feel The Wrath Of The Disenfranchised Primary Voter

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I predicted a couple of times in recent months Obama was heading for trouble because he was losing moderated democrats who were flocking to Hillary (see here and here for examples).  The indicator this would happen would be polls showing no bump for Obama if he won the nomination ‘outright’.  If there was no celebratory bump in the polls, then it would indicate Obama was losing Hillary supporters, not healing the rifts between the two camps.  

Today there was a great post from a life long democrat and Hillary supporter that exemplifies the problem Obama faces when he used the Democrat Party machine to overthrow a close primary where he did not win the majority of the votes cast, where he lost nearly all the primaries where voters selected the winner – not party leaders and activists as is the case in the caucuses:

Today I registered as a Republican for the first time in my life.

I have been a lifelong democrat, but today my family and I left the Democratic Party and registered as Republicans.

We will be supporting John McCain in November.

We didn’t have to re-register, we could have simply voted for McCain in November, but we wanted to send a message to the Democratic Party. We are unhappy, disappointed, and angry at Obama, his supporters, the media and the Democratic Party.  

Barack Obama was Selected, Not Elected by the Democratic party.

I suggest folks read the whole post – it is well thought out, logical and damning to Obama.  And remember, many Democrat candidates for the House and the Senate will be tarnished by this undemocratic act because they are the Super Delegates who overturned the will of the voters. The Democrat Party implosion is just beginning to become visible (it will not be an instantaneous event).  When the primary voters revolt there will be a lot of Super Delegates with Super Headaches come this fall.  

This time the voters can target those who stole their right to select their leaders from them – they are called Super Delegates and they will be on ballots all across this nation.

Update:  Reader Lurker9876 points us to the comments at HillaryClinton.com – man are these people pissed with BO.

Update:  Still no poll bump for BO against McCain.  If I am write we should see BO fade by 3-6% points in polls over the next week or so.

Update:  Boy, the ladies supporting Hillary are really, really, really angry.  The news media has done a wonderful job of hiding the anger, but hiding something this big is usually a mistake.  Check out this You Tube video from the other weekend when the Dem Rules Committee was overturning the will of the primary voters (H/T Hill Buzz):


Update: By the way, this is not the first progressive woman Obama has knocked out of the running – people need to learn more about how he off’ed Alice Palmer. And why he would go digging into private divorce files against the wishes of the ex-wives to take out opposition. The man has no scruples – just groupies.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    But for contrast take a walk through the threads over on the far left blogs that support Obama and the world is all sunshine lollipops and rainbows and all is right with the world and the march to victory is now inevitable and the crushing of the Evil Bush Regime is now assured.

  2. Soothsayer says:

    Clinton Supporters Will Go To McCain

    As if. Smoking crack in the Stratasphere again, or just garden variety wishful thinking?

    New Rasmussen poll says otherwise – with Obama a 48-40 leader over Grumpy McSame (50/43 counting leaners).

    Watch the gap widen folks, as the intellectual bankruptcy of the Crazy Old Coot combines with further lobbying scandals and the unraveling of the criminal conspiracy that IS the Bush Administration continues.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Wow…I took at look at the anti-obama.com website where Ed claims listening to the Michelle “Whitey” tape. And read some of the comments.

    The Obama supporters are really calling the Hillary supporters racists and bigots for absolutely no reason other than not voting for Obama.

    I don’t think I have ever seen an election like this one before. Have you?

    When McCain won the nomination, many Republicans were still upset and swore off not voting for McCain. Now more and more are slowly accepting and defending him, even if some of them still don’t like him. I don’t like him but he is the best choice of the 3 candidates (a week ago) now 2.

    The question is will the Hillary supporters cool down and rethink their votes towards Obama. After reading those comments and some of these videos, I don’t think they will cool down. Think the women will learn to become conservatives? Maybe!

    The DNC made some very serious mistakes, especially with Florida and Michigan.

    Merlinos, now that should not be so surprising, huh? I keep bringing up the issues of Obama and the more I do it, the madder and upset the Obama supporters get. 🙂

    Flopping Aces just reported that Petreaus is considering a massive US troop withdrawal in September.

    Imagine that! If that’s the case, then Obama will never declare a victory. I hope so.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Hey, AJStrata, ya think the DNC will eliminate the superdelegates from their primaries for 2012? Completely? And will they consider redefining the primary process so that they will avoid the same mistakes with Florida and Michigan?

  5. lurker9876 says:

    And what are the odds that Hillary will be Obama’s VP?

    Will that solve the rifts?

    I don’t think so.

  6. sjreidhead says:

    Something that has dawned one me is the fact that these people may be annoyed enough to vote (I know, it’s a fantasy) a straight party GOP ticket. This may be the ‘new blood’ we need to balance the very hard right that is dragging us down to defeat.

    Is it possible we are going to see a major alignment of the political parties this year?

    The Pink Flamingo

  7. AJStrata says:


    The table is set for a major re-alignment if the conservatives play their cards right. If they can get over their losses and their purity BS then, yes, the schism in the Democrat Party is ripe for a sea change.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Just watched the Fox News with Chris Wallace. The All Star panel seems to think that there would be a cooling period, then the Hillary Clinton supporters will begin to focus their vote towards Obama.

    Time will tell.

    I’m wondering that if the polling numbers for Obama continues to decline, will they be desperate enough to put Hillary on the ticket…

  9. conman says:


    Once again this is way too premature a prediction and mostly wishful thinking. It is the day after Clinton’s concession speech. It was a long and hard fought primary – you cannot expect Clinton’s supporters to come around in a single day. Things will change after their anger subsides, they see Clinton actively campaigning for Obama and they learn more about Obama and McCain’s policy positions.

    For instances, let’s focus on Democratic party registered women, a large block of Clinton’s supporters. Do you honestly think that several months from now they will ignore Clinton’s pleas to vote for Obama and vote for someone like McCain who is pro-life, against universal health care, stay the course in Iraq, and a continuation of Bush’s tax cuts? It simply is not going to happen. The best McCain can hope for is that a large enough segment of this group feels unenthusiatic and decides not to vote. Even that seems like a long shot given how galvanized the Democrats are in this election and how important an election it will be.

    You fail to realize the motivation behind these threats to vote for McCain if Clinton did not win the nomination. These were threats made in the heat of battle and were largely done for effect. Both Clinton and Obama supports have been threatening to jump the DNC ship if their person did not get the nominee to make the other candidiate look unelectable. Hardly the first time this primary tactic was used.

    These same predictions were made when McCain won the GOP nominee. As Lurker said, “When McCain won the nomination, many Republicans were still upset and swore off not voting for McCain. Now more and more are slowly accepting and defending him, even if some of them still don’t like him. I don’t like him but he is the best choice of the 3 candidates (a week ago) now 2.” Same thing will happen to Obama over the next few months.

  10. crosspatch says:

    “this is way too premature a prediction”

    That’s probably true. The Hillary supporters are still smarting and their reactions now are going to be emotional. The interesting thing is that McCain has some appeal to that bunch. The media has invested several years in pumping up McCain’s image while he was talking back to the Republican leadership. A bunch of Democrats jumping ship to McCain might just be chickens finding their roosting place on the roof of various newspaper buildings.

  11. dude1394 says:

    I’m not averse to a moderate, but I must admit supporting McCain is very difficult when he talks like a liberal when it comes to Anwar and Climate legislation.

    It is very,very difficult. It makes me very unsure of his core values as I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can promote those policies.

    It’s one of the reasons I’m a republican, because of that kind of idiocy.

  12. VinceP1974 says:

    agree with you totally.

    everytime he lurches to some position of stupidity my heart drops

  13. crosspatch says:

    “he talks like a liberal when it comes to Anwar and Climate legislation”

    He is a Senator, not a governor. He is a legislator, not an executive. He is used to passing regulations and having it be someone else’s responsibility to actually carry out those regulations. He is used to holding up his finger and seeing which way the wind is blowing in order to maintain his seat in Congress. There are no term limits in Congress, there are for the Presidency.

    His past positions were probably based more on polling data than on what he actually believes. That is one reason why there are so few Senators who were President. It is a different skill set. In modern times we have only:

    Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon who were Senators but Nixon had also been Governor of California. Truman and Johnson were vice-Presidents who came to office through the death of their President leaving only Kennedy to come directly to the White House in modern times from the Senate.

  14. patrick neid says:

    The woman who wrote the screed should get some counseling. I mean at the end of the day we are still talking about Hillary.

    I would not count on her vote. She’ll be in a padded cell before the election having lost it just before Hillary drops her October surprise and makes off with the nomination.

  15. Soothsayer says:

    Clinton Supporters will vote for McCain??? Especially once female Clinton supporters get a load of this rather full story of John McCain’s conscienceless and despicable abandonment of his first wife, Carol.

    Carol, whom he married in 1965, waited faithfully while he sat in a Vietnamese prison camp. When John returned to the US, however, the injuries she suffered in a car accident caused him to dump her for the younger, richer Cindy:

    When McCain – his hair turned prematurely white and his body reduced to little more than a skeleton – was released in March 1973, he told reporters he was overjoyed to see Carol again.

    But friends say privately he was ‘appalled’ by the change in her appearance.

    In 1979 – while still married to Carol – he met Cindy at a cocktail party in Hawaii. Over the next six months he pursued her, flying around the country to see her. Then he began to push to end his marriage.

    Carol and her children were devastated. ‘It was a complete surprise,’ says Nancy Reynolds, a former Reagan aide.

    See the full story here:

    Somehow, I don’t see Hillary supporters flocking to the likes of John McCain.

  16. patrick neid says:


    Oh yeah, these Clinton supporters are an demanding bunch when it comes to marriages.

    Let’s see. They adore Hillary because she stayed with an accused rapist? A serial adulterer who continually shamed her and their daughter for 25 years in the public square? A President accused of lying under oath and brought up on impeachment charges for, among other things, having sex with an intern? A man forced to make a financial settlement with a woman he molested? That’s just for starters.

    Oh yeah, these folks will really be upset. Clinton supporters are the most ethically challenged voting block the likes of which we hopefully won’t see again. There is no sludge they won’t bathe in to get back to sullying the White House. They would even vote for McCain if they thought it would work for 2012.

  17. Soothsayer says:

    Neidmeister, you’re so close to understanding it. Your laundry list of bad things about Bill Clinton – his serial womanizing – applies equally to Grumpy McSameâ„¢. Did you neglect to read the part about how McCQain’s FIRST WIFE was married when he started seeing her. That is, I believe, the very definition of a serial adulterer . . . ah, those Republican family values.

    Moreover, Since the vast majority of Hillary supporters are women, they are likely to tar McCain with the same brush.\

    In spite of all the peccadilloes, Bill and Hill are still on their first marriage . . . something that cannot be said about the Old Lechâ„¢.

    And finally: Rasmussen 48-40 Obama; Rasmussen Markets 64-36; Intrade 62-36.

  18. conman says:


    It looks like Obama is getting the “celebratory bump in the polls” that you indicated would be a sign of a healing of the rifts between the Obama and Clinton camps.