Aug 19 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

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Dr Sanity took the best post of the week in the Council category with her post on the possible connection between Sandy Bergler’s sticky fingers and the Able Danger news. We are proud to announce we came in second (not to mention being linked in the first place post) with one of our many updates to Able Danger. Tied for second was the Glittering Eye for a post debunking the theory TV has made wars harder to support.

In the non Council category The Iraqi Model won first place with its heart felt post to Cindy Sheehan, while second place went to Varifrank on an excellent post reminding us of our own violent insurgency here in the US.

You can see all the results here, plus all the candidates for this week here – there were a lot of really good posts to chose from this week.

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