Jun 02 2008

If Hillary Suspends Campaign, And The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video Became Public …

Plausible deniability – keep that in mind for the coming days and weeks. Clinton needs to derail the Obama Express somehow without the entire planet figuring out that her campaign and/or surrogates were behind the dirty deed. Right now Clinton has a great case to make for stepping into the breach to replace a damaged Obama campaign. She has the popular vote lead right now in many reasonable scenarios, and the party is clearly split 50-50.

Yet all indications are she may suspend her campaign tomorrow in New York. So what gives with this whisper campaign about a video showing Michelle Obama ranting about “Whitey”? Isn’t it getting down to the wire for anything to save Clinton right now? The stage is set for Clinton to take over, all that is needed now is for Obama to fall somehow. I am beginning to wonder more about that tape since some liberal bloggers apparently have been exposed to a transcript or audio or something. How else could two very close variations on the tape’s content come out of the liberal blogosphere?

The supposed “whitey” quote allegedly said by Michelle Obama:

Reported verbiage from Michelle Obama?s tape

“Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen, Why’d he leave millions of children behind. This is the legacy the white man gives us”

Booman Tribune explains it away thusly:

From what I understand, it is a tape of Michelle Obama criticizing the Bush administration.

How you’d write it:

Why did Bush cut folks off medicaid?
Why did Bush let New Orleans drown?
Why did Bush do nothing about Jena?
Why did Bush put us in Iraq for no reason?

How you’d say it:

Why’d he cut folks off medicaid?
Why’d he let New Orleans drown?
Why’d he do nothing about Jena?
Why’d he put us in Iraq for no reason?

How Larry Johnson wants you to hear it:

Whitie cut folks off medicaid?
Whitie let New Orleans drown?
Whitie do nothing about Jena?
Whitie put us in Iraq for no reason?

These two versions are too close to be independent guesses.  These two bloggers either talked to the same person, or persons who had seen the same tape.  Booman’s excuse always seemed to me like grasping out of desperation.  So maybe there is a tape.

Whatever the case, if Hillary suspends her campaign and then the tape was made public and Obama started to tank in the polls (he is not far from there already for a Democrat), then it would be ‘Hillary to the rescue’ and not ‘Hillary the traitor’ as the story line.   Complete and utter speculation on my part, but if I was to commit political character assassination, and needed to cover my tracks, this option would look good – if I was desperate enough to do the dirty deed to win office in the first place.  Food for thought.

BTW, I made a category for the Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video posts in the off chance this story takes off and demands a lot more attention.  The fact I did this ahead of time usually means the story dies off quite quickly!

Update:  It seems Obama supporters are admitting a video does exist, and these folks talked to the blogger above who claimed to have a version of the transcript:

but I’ve had several Obama supporters admit to its existence and say what was on it. I also have an email I was sent last night that had some potential verbiage. And I was also sent a link by one of my visitors which pointed me to this site which is the supposed context of the tape. 

These two bloggers seem to be getting the same information from common sources.   Anyway, will this tape now disappear from history?


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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Considering this wasn’t totally screamed down by the Obama camp when it went viral on the web would lead to thinking a tape of some kind exists or they believe the have an excellent damage control solution.

    Based on past performance of that campaign damage control is not one of their strong suits.

  2. AJ: considering how badly that Hillary wants this nomination, there is NO doubt that IF such a tape existed, and was real, and said the things that people thinnk it says, that they wouldn’t have found a way to release it by now, and destroy Obama with it.

    Hence, it either doesn’t exist, or, it’s clearly not saying what Larry Johnson says it says…

  3. AJStrata says:


    The only problem with that scenario is that Hillary has to keep her fingerprints away from the deed or she loses the African American vote and it is all for naught.

    The fact the media and political power brokers have seen the tape and have not aired it seems to say either it is not that damning, or the media is trying to protect Obama – which is really the wrong thing to do.

    Anyway, I tend to agree it would not seem that damning, but then again Harriet Miers, Dubai Ports and The Gang of 14 didn’t seem all that ominous either. You can never tell where and when things might erupt.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    Since it seems Obama supporters are acknowledging that such a tape exists I’ll bet Obama put this rumor out there. Why else would they admit usch a thing? He has a history of these kind of tactics and what better way than this to destroy Clinton once and for all. That way he wouldn’t have to name her VP or in his cabiniet. He puts out rumors of a tape then proves the said tape is totally innocuous. A nefarious Clinton ploy. And the cream of the jest is that he got Larry Johnson as rumor monger.
    Either she did or he did it. I don’t believe the RC would put any mention of it out there now if they had it. They would wait until October 31. Surely they have learned something from the democrat shenigans over the last few decades.

  5. Frogg says:

    I don’t know if there is a tape, or what was said. But, the thing that bothers me at the root of it all is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle Obama did say those things.

    If this is all fakery…..I hope the rumor dies soon. If this is truth….I hope the tape is made public soon. If some media has been sitting on it……we definately need to know why.

  6. BarbaraS says:

    OT just read on Fox that Trinity church has gotten at least 15 million dollars from the government over the last 15 years in grants. There you go, our tax payer money given to people who hate and subvert us. No wonder the church can afford to give Wright a 10 million dollar house. Well folks, we paid for it.

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  8. ZEITGEIST says:

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  16. Fat Steve says:

    If this preview is anything to go by, the video is pretty hot stuff.


  17. mascamote says:

    (Reposting from the home page or wherever I mistakenly put this. Just joined, finding my way about).

    Hillary is widely reported to have ‘quit’ or ‘withdrawn’ or has ‘ended her campaign’ and so on.

    I’m not an American, at least not a US citizen, though I am of the Americas, so a bit of elucidation would be appreciated. As far as I know Hillary has ’suspended’ her campaign an I think that means staying on the ballot come convention time? If that’s right, what she did seems more like idling the motor, keeping her delegates and seeing what happens between now and the convention.

    Some states allow their delegates to vote as they wish, especially on a second ballot, as far as I know, and I think the ’superdelegates’ are not bound by anything – they can vote any way they want even on the first ballot.

    If all the above is right, aren’t we looking at Hillary’s staying in the race with the motor idling ready to pick up the nomination if Obama slips, if another skeleton appears, if he polls badly against McCain in the interim and so on?

    Wouldn’t quitting have involved her ‘ending’ rather than ’suspending’ her campaign; wouldn’t she have released her delegates to switch to Obama? She did neither.

    Ponder, perhaps, that ‘ending’ the campaign was an option deliberately not exercised.

    It was a clever speech. She surely cottoned early to which phrases were eliciting boos at the mention of Obama’s name and she used ‘em good and she used ‘em often. If they were already in the script when the booing started she could have avoided repetition. Nah. She reminded the women of America that they had been thwarted and she used code like ‘I intend to carry on’ and ‘I will be in the front lines’ and ‘I’ll be there for you’ and so on.

    Her speech hit her partisan supporters’ nerve endings and paid enough measured lip service to Obama to be off the hook if he gets the nomination then loses to MCain. Of course, he doesn’t have the nomination, she’s still on the ticket until the end … note end … of the convention. She can play those good excerpts later though to prove how ’supportive’ she was.

    Oh, and there’s Obama’s Boos Problem (I know, bad pun).

    Obama has a boos problem within the Democratic party. There were lots of boos from Hillary’s audience at the mention of his name. There are a lot of smart women and others around who can figure that if Obama loses in November she’s the heir presumptive for 2012 when her age is still viable. McCain will be nearing 80. If Obama wins and is two term, Hillary’s hopes are toast. This can be seen as ‘women are toast for a decade’. And for those who don’t figger that out for themselves, is it possible that there will be plenty of Hillary operators to explain it? I think so.