Jun 02 2008

Victory Coming To Afghanistan?

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Reader Frogg noted a story where the UK Commander in Afghanistan is asserting that our efforts in the War on Terror in that country have put us on the brink of victory:

The new “precise, surgical” tactics have killed scores of insurgent leaders and made it extremely difficult for Pakistan-based Taliban leaders to prosecute the campaign, according to Brig Mark Carleton-Smith.

In the past two years an estimated 7,000 Taliban have been killed, the majority in southern and eastern Afghanistan. But it is the “very effective targeted decapitation operations” that have removed “several echelons of commanders”.

This in turn has left the insurgents on the brink of defeat, the head of Task Force Helmand said.

We have seen increasing fissures of stress through the whole organisation that has led to internecine and fratricidal strife between competing groups.”

Taliban fighters are apparently becoming increasingly unpopular in Helmand, where they are reliant on the local population for food and water.

They have also been subjected to strikes by the RAF’s American-made Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle and the guided Royal Artillery missile system, which have both proved a major battlefield success.

“I can therefore judge the Taliban insurgency a failure at the moment,” said Brig Carleton-Smith. “We have reached the tipping point.”

This is an amazing claim, one I doubt is being made in haste or from too much exuberence (the British military is known for being low key). What a stunning turn around from the doom and gloom eminating from the news media last year, when all seemed lost (at least that was the snow job they were selling. America is going to wonder what happened with all this success breaking out in the War on Terror.

According to Powerline it has gotten so bad Barrack Obama has had to start rewriting his own history in order to distance himself from the Surrendercrats and Surrendermedia he has led to his nomination. One thing is for sure, America sure is lucky they had President Bush around to stop a lot of misguided and uninformed liberals from defeating our efforts in fighting Islamo Fascism. If not for President Bush’s resolve and adaptation to changing events Bin Laden might right now be building a massive terror state in Iraq, preparing to wage war across the Middle East as he began is dream of brutal Islamist control of the world.

Now we can focus on the retreating and diminished terrorists in Pakistan’s tribal areas – the last sanctuary of Bin Laden’s nightmare.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Don’t tell norm or soothie et al. 🙂

  2. pjo says:

    My biggest concern is that when the FNG (pres and congress) rolls in next January that they do pull the classic American Strategy of declaring its all over (victory or defeat), then cut-off spending to this effort and the one Iraq asap, let it fester and then act surprised when some bad guys move in to fill the vacuum.

  3. KauaiBoy says:

    And again I say thank God neither Gore nor Kerry never had POTUS after their name.

    And Nobama for me thank you; I like America just as it is—American!!!