May 30 2008

Surrendercrats Must Face Our Enemy’s Vision For America

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The democrats want to ‘talk’ to terrorists, work out some deal, end the war before we seal our victory. As I noted in the post below the Bush plan, to defeat the terrorists, is actually working and picking up momentum. Today al-Qaeda did the world a favor, and decimated the Democrat policy foolishness, by graphically portraying their hopeful vision of the future for Earth. Here is what the Islamo Fascists want from America:

This computer generated image posted on terror forums depict what would happen if a nuclear attack took place in Washington D.C

The Islamo Fascists are clear on what they want from us. It reminds me of that scene in the movie Independence Day when the President asks the alien invader what it wants from humanity, and the answer is the aliens want humanity to “die”. For all the call for talk, for all the support for Obama to be elected, the deep down, core goal of these animals is to destroy us. Their hate has no bounds.

The Islamo Fascists initiated this war, which we will end with their defeat. There is no need to discuss anything beyond that.

Update: Reader Crosspatch notes someone has identified the above graphic as coming from a computer game. While interesting and funny, it is still the image the Islamo Fascists hold dear and wish for – which, in the end, is all we need to understand about where they hope all discussions finally lead.

As a computer game image it is cool and entertaining being simply science fiction.

As a desired real life outcome the image is disturbing and requires serious consideration regarding the mental state of those who would wish this on any human beings.

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12 Responses to “Surrendercrats Must Face Our Enemy’s Vision For America”

  1. Jules Roy says:

    Much of the Imperial Capital Washington DC already looks like that. Large sections of the USA look like the Third World. Been to southern California lately? For those of from Europe and Canada visiting the USA is like visiting poor but proud relatives.

    “Islamo fascists”. How old are you? I suggest you stop pretending to fight the wars of the past. Even when the US is the one acting like fascists it is ALWAYS those who don’t accept American world domination who are the fascists! Try reading some Julius Evola and other fascist theoriticians (though they might be a bit heavy for Yanks) and you’ll see that the Muslims of AQ have virtually nothing in common with them.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Jules, How old are YOU? 18? Give us a break.

  3. norm says:


  4. BarbaraS says:


    You’re too stupid to be scared.

  5. Cepik says:


    If you think AJ is so pathetic, why do you keep coming back?

  6. crosspatch says:

    However, it has transpired that far from being a detailed simulation created by terrorist masterminds, the apocalyptic vision is in fact lifted from the computer game Fallout 3, by US game designers Bethesda Softworks.

    The game bills itself as “America’s first choice in post-nuclear simulation”, with players roaming a ruined landscape some time after a nuclear war in 2077.


  7. crosspatch says:

    The defeat of the islamofascists won’t come only from us. They will know they are completely defeated when they realize they have no support among other Muslims. The rank and file Muslims have the power to defeat the fascists without firing a shot. They can simply refuse to give succor to a movement founded on the concept that murder and other crimes are allowable if done in the name of Islam.

  8. Terrye says:

    What terrorist was it who said that they did not fight because they wanted something from us, they fought to eliminate us.

    I think that is their vision of DC. I don’t get that job done, but they can kill a lot of people and wreak a lot of havoc trying.

  9. Terrye says:


    go to hell.

  10. gwood says:

    Jules Roy:

    Much of the Imperial Capital Washington DC already looks like that. Large sections of the USA look like the Third World. Been to southern California lately? For those of from Europe and Canada visiting the USA is like visiting poor but proud relatives.

    My wife is Austrian, we have traveled there, and her family has come here many times. I also have dear Canadian friends who come to see us every year. None of them would insult this country the way you have in the above statement, and they are not shy about speaking their mind. I couldn’t bring myself to even think something that injurious about where they live, let alone say it, because I know they love their respective countries, such is human nature.

    You seem to feel the need to lash out. Since the gist of what AJ said is that we should heed what those who claim they hate us say they want to do to us, I cannot help but think the source of your animosity toward America is born of some weakness within you. AJ has been saying what needs to be said about what is now happening in Iraq. The fact that he’s right, that we are winning in Iraq, is what I think is bothering you.

    I would suggest you get a hold of yourself, because there’s more bad news on the way, and your response above clearly reveals the anguish you must be feeling now.

  11. Dc says:

    Oh please…..I’ve been to Canada many times……you get used to the arrogant insults.

    I travelled with a US touring company through Canada. It was one insult after another. And it was the ONLY place in our entire world tour that some of the cast got assaulted in a bar (cause they were gay). We all fought….even the bus driver. Of course, I’m “sure” that not all Canadians are like that. (ie..imperilist)

    But I can tell you there are some brave Canadians putting their arses on the line in Afghanistan. Despite the surrender monkeys that live there….they’ve anted up and put the fight to the right place. Kudos to them for that.

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