May 26 2008

Head Of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Says Bin Laden’s Actions Are Wrong

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Here is some great news and other positive events in the war on terror, as we remember those who fought and sacrificed so much to get where we are today, witnessing the collapse of Islamo Fascism.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest Islamist organizations in the modern world.  It apparently has a serious voice in the world of Islamo Fascist groups like al-Qaeda.  So what does it say when the head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood basically says Bin Laden and his crew of thugs have been committing serious crimes against Muslims?

Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the supreme guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) tried to swallow his words in which he praised the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, whom he considered to be a faithful mujahid (resistance fighter). However, instead of fixing the situation, he ended up making matters worse.

Mr. Mahdi Akef tried to water down his statements in which he had praised Bin Laden and thus justified it by saying, “what Bin Laden is doing against the occupier in Iraq and other Muslim countries that are under occupation is jihad, but what he is committing against people and civilians in Muslim and other states is wrong.”

I was a little stunned when I read this because the author condemns Akef as being another Bin Laden, for not coming out and denouncing all Bin Laden does, not just his means.  Apparently Akef felt he had to clarify his opposition to Bin Laden in much clearer terms:

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mahdi Akif stressed that he rejects Al-Qaeda’s use of violence against civilians. He said in a statement to Asharq al-Awsat that Al-Qaeda Organization is an American illusion; that the thought of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is based on violence; and that the Muslim Brotherhood does not support violence under any circumstance except against the occupier.

Akif said: “We (the Brotherhood) have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden… we are against violence except when fighting the occupier…When he (Bin Laden) fights the occupier then he is a mujahid, and when he attacks civilians, then this is rejected.” 

Well, Since Bin Laden’s groups have been responsible for manifold more Muslim deaths than American in the last few years that makes him ten to hundred times more a criminal than mujahid.  It would seem Bin Laden’s name is becoming politically toxic in the Muslim Street for an organization like the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to have to make sure it is distanced from Bin Laden’s deeds and results.

In other news in the war on terror, al-Qaeda continues to be rounded up across Iraq:

“On Sunday our battalion carried out a raid with the US forces in the area of Buhroz, arresting 29 terrorists,” said the chief of police, according to a report in London-based Al-Hayat newspaper. 

“Among those captured were nine local emirs of al-Qaeda.”

According to the Iraqi army, the arrests were important because those detained have been accused of having “recruited children to carry out suicide attacks”. 

In addition, the liberation of Mosul form al-Qaeda’s jackboot is evident as Muslims return to their normal lives, rejecting the form of Islam imposed by the Islamo Fascists:

Frightened residents deserted the park in north Mosul after radical Al-Qaeda militants imposed their extremist view of Islam on the city.

But since the local campaign against Al-Qaeda began residents have been returning in force to celebrate weddings in the park, especially at weekends.

Guests gather there both to congratulate the newlyweds and to pose for pictures with the couple.

“The extremist factions imposed their values on us with rhetoric and fatwas (decrees) that have nothing to do with real Islam,” said Taha.

Coffee shops and restaurants, as well as other favourite meeting spots like the corniche overlooking the Tigris River in downtown Mosul, have also buzzed with activity since the anti-Al Qaeda operation got under way.

There is no clearer sign that Islamo Fascism is being rejected by the Muslim Street than the rejection of the extreme edicts the moment the jackbooted thugs are run out of town.  If Bin Laden’s view of Islam was so popular it would exist and thrive as a grass roots movement – not something thrown to the ground the minute the religious zealots are gone.

All reports indicate al-Qaeda is routed from Northern Iraq and on the run.   

And I would wager the Mahdi Army and their Sadrist apologists are not in much better stead.  As the US SurrenderMedia attempts to provide PR life-support to the Sadrists and their own army of thugs, they present a ludicrously stupid argument of projection (the act of projecting your own weaknesses and faults on others).  Check out how the Sadrists claim the Iraq government has lost control of its armed forces!

Mr. Sadr’s followers asserted that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was not fully in control of his own military. But a top Iraqi military spokesman dismissed their claims, saying that Mr. Sadr’s militia, the Mahdi Army, had been beaten back in all its major strongholds.

The Iraqi military dismissed the criticism. “If they had real power, they wouldn’t be seeking a truce and handing over their arms,” said Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, a Ministry of Defense spokesman.

That is the lamest, most desperate attempt to try and equate the Sadrists and their loss of control of their Mahdi Army – which started to cause a backlash among their own people – and the Iraqi armed forces which are now in control of Sadrist strongholds, with clear relief from the populations there.  

Islamo Fascism is on the run and being rejected.  It is losing, which means we are winning and successfully turning the Muslim Street away from militancy.  And that is, in essence, what victory of Bin Laden was going to look like: his movement shunned, his fighters being hunted down by fellow Muslims, Americans welcomed as allies in the heart of Mesopotamia – beyond that everything else is pure gravy.

Addendum:  BTW, all those who believed the AP reports about Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s recent proclamations (they should know better than to believe the Allah Press) need to check out Gateway Pundit.  It seems all was not as it was reported, and Sistani is not happy with the misinformation being spread.

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  1. robert verdi says:

    220 years the United States was the first Democracy, Revolutionary and Radical. Since then we have been strengthend by the advance of Democracy across the globe. This has led to some idiot americans using the term hegemon or empire. As if encouraging majoritarian governments is bad thing. Another group of Americans basicaly argue whats the point. Who cares if other countries are dicatatorships it doesn’t affect us. These schools of thought have been labeled Isolationist, New left, Realist, whatever. They all miss the point. 10’s of millions of people being liberated in the Middle east or anywhere for that matter automaticaly strengthens and secures the USA. The magnitude of what we and the Iraqi people have accomplished is lost on people who sit happily secure in places that take democracy and freedom for granted.

  2. dude1394 says:

    Bravo Mr. Verdi…bravo indeed…

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  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    You can probably replace a salt mine with this one, but I am seeing reports from multiple sources that OBL’s hideout has been located in the K2 mountain range of northern Pakistan.