May 22 2008

More On The Michelle Obama “Whitey” Rumor

Addendum Below

We are down to the wire in the democrat presidential nomination process and the Clinton’s desperately need to derail the Obama-Express. In what looks like another Foleygate smear job Larry Johnson, big Clinton fanatic and your basic political hitman, has re-affirmed the existence of a video where Michelle Obama rails against “whitey”:

I am not sorry that folks are disquieted by my report that Republicans have a videotape of Michelle doing a rant on white people. This is not a work of creative fiction on my part. I have it solid from four separate sources–one of whom is a prominent person who also happens to be an Obama supporter. Two of the people I have spoken with–one a Republican and one a Democrate–have spoken directly to people who have seen the tape.

The only issue now is whether or not the right wing Republicans who hate John McCain will succeed in getting their hands on the tape before the Democratic Convention. Why? They want to stop Barack because they are certain McCain will trounce Mr. Obama in the fall. They would rather take their chances with Hillary. Sounds convoluted but I have impeccable sources that the Republican billionaire has put out a bounty to get the tape.

Emphasis mine.  When the dust cleared on Foleygate it was learned that many of the emails from Foley, which were suggestive (but nothing like the original rumors), where leaked by Democratic staffers and shopped around to the press by democrat political hatchet types.  The facts the entire mess was a political hit job was not enough to stem the damage done to Foley (who I could care less about).  It was a classic dirty trick for the gullible liberal media.

What is interesting is how this Michelle Obama rumor has all the tell tale marks of democrat dirty tricks, including the insinuation that republicans are behind the entire mess.  Fact is Johnson has tipped his hand on where this is coming from again.  As I emphasized someone shopped the video around – enough so both GOP and Democrat leaders have knowledge of this tape.  For an October surprise this ticking bombshell is way too well known.  

Does the tape exist?  Who knows.  What is clear is only Clinton needs this tape out now.  The far right has much easier ways to derail McCain if they want to.  They could simply publicly stab him in the back, as they did Bush, and watch McCain’s base disappear.  They simply can hold off donations – which clearly is not happening.  There is no need for something this crude and crazy to give the presidency to either democrat.

That leaves Clinton as the prime beneficiary of such a bombshell (or whisper campaign) coming right now. The Clintons are expert at hiding their tracks, and using a firebrand, ex-CIA, nut case like Johnson is one way to hide their fingerprints.  Johnson is willing to do anything for causes he believes in, so this is not beyond his capacity by a long shot.  Only time will tell if anyone will know the truth about the video, and the true motivations of those publicizing the existence of this mythical political a-bomb.

My two previous posts on this matter can be found here and here.

Addendum:  I should note that I don’t think a video as damning as Johnson’s whisper campaign exists.  If there is a video it is not as strong as hinted. Michelle could be simply recalling what she heard someone else saying as she grew up, or something.   It could be a lot of things that when looked at in full context wouldn’t bother anyone.  That’s why the video is not out and why it is left to the scum of the Earth to whisper about it and let people’s imagination do the dirty work for the scum.  Classic propaganda ploy.  My two cents.

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20 Responses to “More On The Michelle Obama “Whitey” Rumor”

  1. Terrye says:

    I think there are people on the right who hate McCain, but this whole scenario of Johnson’s is just too crazy.

    I wonder if there is such a tape. I could believe it. The woman is obnoxious.

  2. Larry Johnson is a proven Liar, a proven Fraud, a proven Leftwing Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Nutbag.

    He has ZERO credibility on ANYTHING!

    Hey Larry, tell us once again, how you wrote that article a few weeks before 9/11 that said the US was safe from any terrorist attacks and that the threat was being exaggerated by the Bush Administration?


    What a complete and utter Tool, Liar and Moron!

    IF the Michelle Obama “tape” even exists, this is CLEARLY a Democratic/Clintonite Dirty Trick, to put it out there, and blame it on the Republicans.

    Johnson has always had a man-crush on Bill Clinton, and he’s a boot-licking lackey for the Plame’s and Hillary, so its no surprise that it is him that is putting this crap out there.

    The “Billionaire” reference is a clear allusion to Richard Scaife, who has now endorsed Hillary of all people; so by Johnson’s convoluted logic, and bogus lie story; the “billionaire”, Scaife, a Republican Hillary supporter, is trying to get the tape on Michelle Obama, in order to put it out there before the Leftist Convention, in order to destroy Obama AND McCain, it appears, and thus pave the way for Hillary, but its some how a “Republican” dirty trick…


    IF there is a “tape”, this is a Clintonian “hit” thru and thru, perpetrated by using Johnson as the cut-out to blame the Republicans.

    Regardless, I wish Johnson was in a jail cell with me, because he would be my “bitch”!

  3. Neo says:

    At this point the only thing that really matters is that Michelle Obama knows the truth.

    If she, in fact, used the “whitey” label, may her conscious bother her badly as she sweats out the final outcome.
    If she didn’t, Crazy Larry is still crazy. She should be happy that this lame rumour is the worst that can be thrown at her.

    I know that I’m not losing any sleep over this story/rumour.

  4. crosspatch says:

    If the Republicans had such a tape, they would not let that cat out of the bag unless Obama got the nomination. Democrats who favor Hillary would want to get that tape out NOW before Obama had the nomination wrapped up. The Obama campaign would be trying to use supporters to buy the tape.

    If I were the Republican holding the tape I would make three copies of it and give the other two to people who I could trust NOT to release it to ANYONE unless and until Obama wins the nomination. That should make it practically impossible for it to be suppressed.

    IF this tape exists, Johnson would, as a Clinton supporter, want to get it out ASAP and putting the word out would be a good step toward getting it leaked. If you shake the trees hard enough, something might fall out. His interest would be in getting a lot of people to see this now, before Obama has the nomination sewn up so his candidate can get the nomination.

    What I would *love* to see is a reporter say something like “What about the tape?” to Obama just to catch that first split second of limbic response and see what kind of reaction it is.

  5. dhunter says:

    that question would be a little broad and you would not be able to get a good read on the subject at hand.

    He could mistakenly think it is the tape of him helping his weather underground buddies making bombs, or clapping loudly at Wrights “America sucks and is run by Joos” speach, him hooked up with one of the Playboy bunnies, Him and a bunny snorting coke, him dealing drugs on a street corner, Him praising his favorite dictator, or swearing in on the Koran

    Or any number of other indiscressions Hillary or her minions have accused him of.
    See what I mean it would have to be more specific and regardless would matter very little to his brain dead, guilt ridden, hate America first, liberal college professor type supporters.

  6. patrick neid says:

    The tape doesn’t even have to exist.

    Michelle, by her own comments and her long standing membership at Trinity where the rev Wright gets very close to using “whitey” on a routine basis, is the perfect foil for the dirty trick.
    It’s easy to believe that she would say it.

    If she has actually said it ranting at the pulpit I hope they do have a tape of it. It would be a great learning experience for her.

  7. ivehadit says:

    Yes, it is sad to say that it is very plausible, from what I have heard Michelle say, that she could have said as much.

    What’s the line the dems used in the Dan Rather assault on President Bush’s Guard Service, regarding the fake documents:”Fake but accurate”. LOL!!!

  8. crosspatch says:

    It would not surprise me if the Clintons somehow managed to get this tape to a Republican who showed it to others and now Johnson comes out with this story in order to shake it loose.

    It would sort of go like this:

    Clinton campaign comes up with this video but THEY can’t put it out because they wouldn’t be “team players” within the Democratic Party as it would not only sabotage Obama for ’08 but for eternity. So they get the brilliant idea to “leak” it through a cut-out to the Republicans. Once they are aware that it has been “shown around”, they leak word of its existence. Now the Clinton campaign has can deny they had anything to do with it. It is something Johnson and people associated with Johnson would have training in pulling off.

  9. DubiousD says:

    If Johnson had the tape, why couldn’t he just YouTube it?

  10. Crosspatch: Larry Johnson is a LIAR, Fraud and Leftist Clintonian Nutbag, better to not even consider that this story has a shred of truth to it!

  11. AJStrata says:


    Sounds like you know this fool personally.

  12. Nice one AJ; no don’t know him “personally”, but have watched him closely over the past seven years, and watched what he did to our old pal Seixon, and I’ve had a few “discussions” about him with people inside the beltway, including his old employers over at Langley; trust me, they’re watching the fool closely!

  13. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Dale.

    Yeah, I know is type well. I assume he was dropped out of the agency for being a cross between Get Smart and Rambo – correct?

  14. I’d be lying if I said I KNOW why he left the CIA; purportedly, he worked in the Directorate of Ops; and left after 4 years to go over to the State Department’s CT Branch.

    In my experience, when you leave the CIA after a short period like that, its basically because you are “asked” to leave; of course the CIA will never say why he left, and he’ll never admit the truth.

    I do know this, whatever he says is the reason for anything, just realize the the 180 degree opposite is in all actuality probably the real “truth” of the matter!

  15. 75 says:

    My guess, Dale, is that he left the CIA because he had done what was required of him there to cover for the Clintons and Billy Jeff needed his shenanigans elsewhere.


  16. WWS says:

    It strikes me that this comes from the same place that Hillary’s other reason for staying in the race comes from:

    Why does she stay in the race? “Because, you know, Obama may end up like Robert Kennedy or something.”

    Oops – damned embarrasing when your secret wishes slip out like that, Hillary.

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