May 21 2008

Now Come The Horror Stories Of Mahdi Army Atrocities

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There are some very naive and delusional liberals who still think the Iraq government victory over the Mahdi Army criminals is actually a victory for Sadr and his Sadrists movement.  But they are simply grasping at straws so they do not have to face how pathetically wrong they have been on the Maliki action itself, the war in Iraq and the war on terror generally.  The fact is the Sadrists and al-Sadr gave political cover for heinous crimes commited by the Mahdi Islamo Fascists as they raped and killed their fellow Muslims.  Once Basra and Sadr City were liberated it was only a matter of time that these atrocities would start to be reported and become public, as told by the people who were being oppressed.  And so it has begun:

The man, blindfolded and handcuffed, crouches in the corner of the detention center while an Iraqi soldier grills him about rampant crimes being carried out by gangs in the southern city of Basra.

How many girls did you kill and rape?” the soldier asks.

“I raped one, sir,” the man responds.

“What was her name?”

“Ahlam,” he says.

Ahlam was a university student in the predominantly Shiite city of Basra. The detainee said the gang he was in kidnapped her as she was leaving the university, heading home.

“They forced me, and I killed her with a machine gun, sir,” he says.

Women bore the brunt of the militias’ extremist ideologies. The militants spray-painted threats on walls across Basra, warning women to wear headscarves and not to wear make-up. Women were sometimes executed for the vague charge of doing something “un-Islamic.”

In the wasteland on the outskirts of Basra, dotted with rundown homes, the stench of death mixes with the sewage. Local residents told the Iraqi Army that executions often take place in the area, particularly for women, sometimes killed for something as seemingly inocuous as wearing jeans.

Militias implemented their own laws with abandon, threatening stores for displaying mannequins with bare shoulders or for selling Western music. Many store owners are still too frightened to speak publicly.

But the horrors of militia rule are now surfacing as some residents begin to feel more comfortable speaking out.

Inside her rundown home, Sabriya’s watery eyes peer out from under her robe. She points to the first photo of one of her sons on the wall.

“This one was killed because he was drinking,” she says.

She draws her finger across her neck and gestures at the next photo.

“This one was slaughtered for his car.”

“This one the same,” she adds, looking at the third.

Her three sons, her daughter and her sister were all killed by the hard-line militia. Her sister was slaughtered because she was a single woman living alone.

“They said [to her], ‘Why don’t you have a husband?’ ” Sabriya says. “They came in at night and put a pillow on her face and shot her in the head.”

I predicted this would be the actual fallout from the liberation of the Shiite areas of Iraq from the jackboot of the Mahdi Militia.  Like all Islamo Fascists they are obsessed with committing the most brutal of crimes against their fellow humans.  It is their deep insecurity that drives them to hate, and then punish, those who have successfully evolved with the modern world.  It is their acidic insecurity that drives them to rape and torture those who represent what they can never be.  This is the ugly side of inciting the failures in life to a messianic cause – they get god complexes and start meting out punishment with gusto and glee.

And this is what the Muslim Street will be faced with – as it was with the al-Qaeda animals who inflicted the same atrocities on Iraq Sunnis.  And the backlash will also be the same, now that the veil has been ripped away from these animals and we and the Iraqis see them for what they are.  

Arabs are a proud society, and they take honor very seriously.  The reaction that will blow back on the Sadrists for covering up these atrocities will be massive. The Sadrist will rightfully take the brunt of this in the fall elections, while Maliki and his government will be seen as the heros and saviors.  But more than that, the liberal appeasers in the West will have a lot to answer for too.  Why should America have left Iraq to these thugs?  Why should America have cut-and-run to leave little girls to be raped and killed when we had it within our means to free them?  Why did the media side with these animals and their masters in predicting no good would come out of purging Iraq of these scum? 

There are two elections this fall where these questions will be pondered by Americans and Iraqis.  And I would suspect the conventional liberal wisdom, as short-sighted and deplete of humanity as it has been shown to be, will be up ended.  Politics can be powerful – but the sight of human suffering at the hands of animals like this is much, much more powerful than any propaganda or spin.  No American should be able to rationalize away these crimes against humanity – no amount of votes are worth this kind of ugly carnage.  A new Awakening is about to spread across Iraq and out to the world.  An Awakening that exposes the true evil of Islamo Fascism and the deplorable choices made by the liberals in ignoring this evil, even at times rooting for it to win out over American interests.

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  1. dhunter says:

    Maybe Al Malaki was less than happy to leave the battle in Mosul to return and find one of the terrorist sympathizers waiting to talk to him.
    Hope he threatened to have her arrested or better yet offered to come to America and tell the real story of Iraq from the House or senate floor.

  2. 75 says:

    Keep the faith, people. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

  3. kathie says:

    Boy would I love that……Al Malaki on the Senate floor, the surge worked, Iraq is free and thank you America and George W. Bush for sticking with us. That would be a great finale.

  4. Frogg says:

    ….and, when these autrocities are known to the world…..will there be global outrage for months like there was when US Soldiers put underpanties on the heads of detainees? Just wondering.

  5. dhunter says:

    Could have a huge MISSION ACCOMPLISED banner made up for behind Al Malaki just for good measure.

    Now how bout getting on with bombing the hell out of Iran while some grownups are still in charge of this country after all what are the dumbwits gioing to do about it impeach W?

    Hell they can’t even fund a war spending or appropriations bill in one year and that is their job they’d play hell getting an impeachment done by Nov.

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