May 20 2008

al-Qaeda Running Out Of Fighters, Goes After Children

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In Hitler’s final days there is a chilling photo of what the Nazi Fascists were willing to do to the German people in order to stave off defeat.  The picture shows children forced into defending Berlin from the wave of allied forces closing in on all sides to end the Nazi reign of terror.

From this brutal history lesson we can now see that al-Qaeda is also on its last legs, since it too is so depleted of fighters it is drafting children to fight for Bin Laden’s sick and depraved vision of Islamic world domination:

How much evidence do we need to see al-Qaeda is on the brink? Does anyone outside the liberal fever swamps think this is not changing the heart of the Muslim Street? al-Qaeda is not the future of Islam anymore. It is now its enemy – preying on the innocent children.

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  1. kathie says:

    The Arab jihadi’s, the Persian jihadi’s and the Nazi’s have more in common then the hatred of the Jews. How to eradicate those who stand in their way is a history lesson that Mr. Obama should study.

  2. gwood says:

    I agree with you, AJ, that the use of children to perpetrate these atrocities means that the supply of willing martyrs has dried up. The Arab Street is unwilling to supply its own for what it perceives to be a losing cause.

    The only ones left to convince that the war is over reside in the West, more specifically within the anti-war wing of the Democratic Party.

  3. foil says:

    This is somewhat off subject but I think it is very important. It may be another topic for discussion on your blog. I was very pleased to hear of Senator Lieberman’s reasonable request of YouTube to take down the videos of Al Qaeda’s attacks on our soldiers being killed or maimed. The response as exhibited in this upi article struck me as moral nihilism on the part of Google/YouTube management. The response from quoted from the UPI article sums their nihilistic position perfectly.

    The blog posting said the site “encourages free speech and defends everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. We believe that YouTube is a richer and more relevant platform for users precisely because it hosts a diverse range of views, and rather than stifle debate we allow our users to view all acceptable content and make up their own minds.”

    I don’t believe the Google/YouTube executives understand the threat of its own existince from Al Qaeda’s aims. These are not simply unpopular viewpoints but truly a rejection of everything that Google/YouTube rely upon for their existance.
    It is time to vote with the pocket book and with the fingers. I for one, have already given up using Google as a search engine for the Chinese censorship issues. YouTube will be the next on the list. I will refuse to use it and I will encourage others to not post there as well.

  4. stevevvs says:

    The “unescapable” stench of sewage and executions in the park: The joys of Basra under militias enforcing Sharia law
    Another “success” story for Sharia law, which the jihadists want to impose on all of us. “Iraqi: ‘I killed her with a machine gun’,” by Arwa Damon for CNN, May 21:

    Get Andrew C McCarthy’s new book: Willful Blindness. Andy had to study Islam to Prosecute Islamists after the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings. What he found in the Qur’an, the Haddiths, and the Suras was shocking to him. He baught the line that Islam is “A Religion of Peace”, but found through studying the Islamic Texts for the Trials, it is not a religion of peace.

    It’s an excellent book, giving you insight into our FBI survalences of the suspects before the bombing, where they were from, what they had been up to under our noses, etc. It was a fantastic look into these people, and what motivates them.

    I would also highly recommend INFILTRATION: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington, by Paul Sperry. Neither book is for the faint of heart, but should you chose to know about your enemy, these are excellent sources.
    Contrary to many, Alqueda is doing just fine.

    I’d recommend a daily trip to Jihad, Diana West. net, Andrew, Front Page, just for starters. Al Quaeda isn’t the only problem out there. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizballa,Talaban just to name a few are major problems as well.
    Off to work, take care.

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