May 14 2008

Updates On The War In Iraq 05_14_08, Sadr City Residents Battle The Iranian-Backed Mahdi Army

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Some news you may not get from the liberal SurrenderMedia as they try and paper-over the sea change happening in Iraq. First off, there is a little reported final push in Northern Iraq to extricate the last major remnants of al-Qaeda from Iraq. In the year plus since The Surge began al-Qaeda has been systematically destroyed and pushed out of Iraq. al-Qaeda’s final significant toe-hold is about to come to an end.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki visited the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday to supervise a military offensive against al-Qaida in Iraq in its last major stronghold, regional Gov. Duraid Kashmola said.

Maliki’s flight to northern Iraq mirrors a similar trip he took almost two months ago to the southern city of Basra, where government troops fought radical Shiite militias. That fighting spread to the Shiite slum of Sadr City in Baghdad, where a cease-fire to end those clashes was only reached on Monday.

Basra is now free of the Mahdi Army oppressors, so we can expect Mosul (and therefore Iraq) will soon be free of al-Qaeda. Once this is done it will be time to unfurl some well deserved congratulations for our armed forces, the armed forces of Iraq and the people of Iraq. Hopefully the Democrats will see fit to acknowledge the important milestone when Iraq has purged al-Qaeda from all its strongholds. There will always be dead-ender believers, but that is not excuse to recognize the sacrifices and accomplishments of the final defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

All indications point to scenario where President Bush will leave office having defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq.



al-Qaeda has left an impression on Iraq and the Muslim community – one that relates more to the Holocaust by the Nazis than anything else. In the Islamo Fascist version of this sick story the enemy is not Jews, but non-believers who must be blown up by suicide bombers at market for the sins. That is the legacy of al-Qaeda: their brutality against Muslims.

This brutality from al-Qaeda and Mahdi Army forces has led Muslims to a new Jihad – against the killers of their people, their neighbors and their family. But this time they are not so gullible as to buy into the propaganda pushed by dictators and liberal media news outlets that the threat is American society. They know first hand the threat is Islamo Fascists – which is why you find the Muslim Street fighting back at our side:

According to reports, the new cease-fire calls for al-Sadr’s forces to surrender their medium and heavy weapons. The government agreed to open all roads into Al-Sadr City, which the United Nations said is suffering from shortages of food and water.

Iraqi troops would reportedly be allowed to enter the district to search for criminals, but additional details of the cease-fire were reportedly still being worked out in negotiations between the government and representatives of al-Sadr, who is believed living in Iran.

It was also unclear whether al-Sadr’s representatives could bring about compliance by the Special Groups.

“[The new cease-fire] is a lie,” Iraqi Army Colonel Yehea Resol Abdala said on May 12 in reference to militants adhering to it. “Just an hour ago, they attacked my soldiers. We know these people; we’ve fought them before. If they don’t surrender their weapons, they must be squashed.”

Ironically, in the same hour in which word on May 10 was first received of the cease-fire, 11 IEDs could be heard from the colonel’s Jamilla-neighborhood office.

Yehea is commander of an Iraqi Army division that operates in the Jamilla area. His unit stood firm and fought off Al-Mahdi Army and Special Group gunmen when they launched concerted, coordinated attacks on government positions on April 19.

Yehea, like his troops, is a Shi’a from Al-Sadr City and said government forces must be in the city or there will be no peace. “The Special Groups don’t take their orders from al-Sadr,” he said. “They take their orders from Iran.”

Emphasis mine. This should be headline news since it rebuts the media myth that Shiites are abandoning the armed forces and siding with Sadr. Here is a division of Sadr City Shiites fighting to cleanse their community of the Iranian trained and armed criminals. Why is this not on the nightly news? And make no mistake, these people are fighting side-by-side with our troops, which are leading the way into the Mahdi Enclaves to take control – as happened in now peaceful and liberated Basra.

We should have celebrations and ceremonies of recognition for people like this commander who will have finally freed Iraq from the grip of Islamo Fascism, which tried to take control after the demise of Saddam Hussein. Tried and failed. We have a long way to go before al-Qaeda is finally beaten, it is an ideology and not a state or country. But we may soon be able to claim the mission in Iraq is accomplished. Sooner than some may hope, and others may fear.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    “We have a long way to go before al-Qaeda is finally beaten, it is an ideology and not a state or country. ”

    And that is why this is the worst conflict with which we have ever been involved. And all praise to George W. Bush, who has been fighting this war with s 21st century mindset, not the dems old, old tactics from the 20th century!

    Thank you, George W. Bush! We owe you lifetimes of gratitude.