May 14 2008

Clinton Clobbers Obama In West-By-Golly

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It wasn’t even close folks, 67% for Clinton to 26% for Obama. WV is not Obama country (which is true for a lot of the country). LJStrata and I had a date to see a friend’s son’s band play locally so we did not get to see the returns or the talking head commentary, but I bet it was as shell-shocked as it was useless.

The Democrat party is now going to step back and think hard about its options. It has too. The liberal news media loves Obama, but Americans despise the liberal news media and their usual preferences on matters. The liberal leaders in Congress like Pelosi support Obama, yet Pelosi’s Congress is the only thing in our government that makes President Bush look good by comparison in public opinion polls (the liberal media is right down there with I would wager).

The DC and NYC elite liberals forget why the US wrong track numbers could be so high. They assume these polls only reflect on the President and have nothing to do with Congress or the crappy and biased news media – who screws up stories more than provides useful and insightful information to a country that now turns to the internet to be informed. Clinton clobbered Obama in WV and the talking heads and political experts have no clue to what is going on. They haven’t all year as expectations and predictions fell to the way side and a primary like no other has unraveled on both sides of the aisles.

Hillary stays in and she is going to do to Obama next week what he did to her in last week with NC and IN. She will romp on KY and all eyes will be on the Oregan caucuses – to see how much strength Obama really has left in him. This ain’t over, and won’t be for at least another week, if not longer.

Update: I should have noted McCain losing WV and Huckabee winning quite well. Since my father is from WV I spend a lot of time there. Huckabee is their candidate. Evangical ministers I think make up the top job category in many parts of WV (just kidding). But don’t read too much into these results – everyone knew they could vote to send message instead of pick a candidate. It was a statement of support for their fellow evangelical. McCain is a war hero, and the hills of WV are dotted by the graves of war heros and war veterans. They will come back to McCain in the general.

Update: OK, the reaction of this liberal nut job to Clinton’s win is just too funny to miss. And Obama seems to have stumbled again when discussing foreign policy. Is Obama going to make it through the month?

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  1. dave m says:

    I got disgusted with Fox News enough to turn them off this morning.
    A new narrative seems to be taking hold in the media –
    if you don’t vote for Obama then you’re probably a racist.
    Oh really? How about I’m not voting for Obama because he’s
    a punk kid without a clue.
    How totally insulting. I used to expect better from that station.
    They seem to have been got at.
    I’m tempted to chuck out the whole thing, send off my absentee
    ballot, enjoy the summer, and see who won in November.

  2. dave m says:

    Sorry, I added this comment to the wrong post, I meant for it to be here:
    Breaking today:
    Obama found pictured on the front cover of Trumpet
    Magazine with Louis Farrakhan on three separate occasions
    in 2006. If it happened once, maybe you could have some
    deniability. (Trumpet is Rev Wright’s publication) Say “Don’t
    put me on the cover with that man again” – but [i]three[/i]
    Obama knew since at least 2006 what he has been about.
    He is lying about it now.
    Maybe the word shouldn’t be “lying” – maybe it should
    be “using taqiyya”.
    Here’s the link: