May 12 2008

Mahdi Hell In Sadr City

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In the post below I noted how the brutal oppression of Sadr City residents, at the hands of the Iranian trained and armed Mahdi Army, was eroding any and all popular support for the Sadrists who are the ones providing political cover for the human atrocities. A recent ‘news’ article catalogues the Islamo Fascist hell the Sadrists and the Mahdi Army inflicted on the residents of Sadr City – stories which are sure to permeate the Iraqi Muslim Street and provide an indelible stain upon the Sadrist movement, destroying their support and opportunities at the polls this fall:

Inside Abdul Hassan’s home, furnished with colorful rugs and flimsy mattresses, Sakran and his wife hoped for calm after weeks of bombardment and gunbattles, but they feared that the worst is yet to come.

“We just want peace,” Sakran’s wife, Suham Bresam, said, her eyes heavy from sleepless nights. “This agreement happened and I was up all night from the gunshots and strikes.”

Before the battle began in late March, the area was peaceful, save for the sectarian killings that often happened. Bresam could go to the market, and her husband could drive to and from work easily. But they lived in an atmosphere of intimidation. When women were beaten by the al-Mahdi Army in her neighborhood or Sunnis killed, they objected quietly and never challenged the militia.

Just three days earlier, three men were killed, “spy” was written on their foreheads and they were left in the street. “We can’t say anything,” she said. “They’ll accuse us of being with the Americans.”

Emphasis mine. The story goes on to treat Sadrist propaganda as fact, sowing fear among the Sadr City residents that the Maliki government is out to kill Shiites. Of course this is the kind of crap Nazis did to sow fear and mistrust in Nazi Germany so they could cover up their crimes against humanity. When reading ‘news’ like this one just wonders at the naiveté at play in the liberal media to present the brutal oppression under Sadr’s thugs as ‘peaceful’.

The fact is, when Sadr City is liberated and real peace is brought into these Mahdi Army hell holes (as happened in Basra) the reality of the Sadrist oppression is unavoidable – and they become the enemy of the Muslim Street. We have seen this time and time again as Muslims are liberated from Islamo Fascism, yet the liberal SurrenderMedia still doesn’t believe life is better out from under the jackboot.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I would be looking out for any “Mahdi Army” militia people who can’t speak Arabic and only seem to know Farsi. That is what they are finding in Lebanon (found that linked over at Hot Air):

    My exclusive Lebanese Intelligence sources tell me that a number of Hezbollah terrorist fighters have been caught, over the weekend, and they cannot speak Arabic, only Farsi. They are Iranian and have identified themselves or been identified by third parties as members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This is the same group that, under Khomeini, took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and kept U.S. civilians hostage for over 444 days in 1979-81, in Iran.

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