May 04 2008

Another Claim Of Global Warming Damage – Strangely Without The Global Warming!

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The hysterics coming from the Church of IPCC-Gore is nothing but comical these days. As we experience a decade of zero warming and mild cooling, the alarmists who want to promote what is now a defunct religion (since we now must take on faith what science is now showing and predicting will not happen for another decade at least), the claims have become all the more ludicrous. Take this latest cry as a perfect example of the worthless hysteria coming from the far left:

Three decades have passed since the movie Jaws sent terrified bathers scrambling out of the ocean. But as any beach lifeguard knows, there’s still nothing like a gory shark attack to stoke public hysteria and paranoia.

nother contributory factor to the location of shark attacks could be global warming and rising sea temperatures. ‘You’ll find that some species will begin to appear in places they didn’t in the past with some regularity,’ he said.

Funny – I wonder how that theory works when the IPCC and others have had to admit the global temperatures have been flat or falling while the shark attacks increased? I guess we just need to ignore the data, and take it on faith, that all is right with the Church of IPCC-Gore. Pathetic.

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  1. dave m says:

    Hello AJ,
    Here is a great must read article on global cooling and the
    great fraud. It is packed with scientific links and if you
    haven’t happened on the errortheory website, then
    I most heartily recommend you try it out.
    They are also into heavily documenting the fraud that is passing
    as the “Flight 93” memorial, which is actually something completely
    different, but that’s another story.
    One of the good things about Alec Rawl’s site is how carefully he
    gets his facts and mathematics right and referenced. Enjoy.

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