Apr 30 2008

Michelle Obama On AC360 – Live Blogging

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I am ‘live blogging’ the Michelle Obama interview on Anderson Cooper 360 in anticipation some major news may break as Michelle stands by her man and takes on Rev Wright. So here we go!

10:02 PM Eastern: Michelle is introduced as a ‘steely’ woman – which implies some sparks are going to fly. First some background stories before the interview. Interestingly it is Michelle Obama plus Caroline Kennedy?

10:03 PM Eastern: Q1: Did Wright Betray You? Michelle dodged the bait and simply stated she was proud of Barack’s speech on race, hinting that Wright was opening the schism not helping.

10:05 PM Eastern: Q2: How painful was this, when did you become disillusioned? Michelle dodged again and slipped past the details only to admit it was painful and time to move on. Tries to end the line of questioning.

10:06 PM Eastern: Q3 Attempts at Detente with Wright have been rebuffed, but can you go forward with Wright out there? Michelle say they will soldier through.

Sadly a dud of an interview – OK, now onto good TV.

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    I’m not on a mission to demonize VB, I don’t know enough about them. This began as a comment about LGF and then you called them nazis and I asked you why and you went off on a tangent where you contradicted yourself and began to lob judgments at me that were not warranted.