Apr 16 2008

Bill Maher Demonstrates Liberal Insecurity With Religion

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Liberals wallow in a severe inferiority complex when it comes to people of religion, especially those in the Catholic religion. I guess it is part of their sustained juvenile revolt against authority pointing out that some of their self absorbed behavior (drugs, infidelity, etc) is more often than not a net negative on them and those around them. But it seems clear the anger at religion comes more from insecurity than anything else, since one can tolerate differences in opinions and life choice without belittling others when they have an innate confidence in their own life choices.

The latest insecure liberal to demonstrate this childish reaction to diversity is Bill Maher, who has to be one of the most insecure people on the planet given his need to bash someone who is really just trying to do what he thinks is best for humanity:

Comments by HBO’s Bill Maher insulting the Pope and calling Catholicism a “cult” that promotes “organized pedophilia” have stirred resentment among many American Catholics upset he would say this the week before Pope Benedict XVI visits the United States.

Bill Maher compared the Texas scandal and its latest alleged abuse with the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church in the United States in 2002.

“I’d like to tip off law enforcement to an even larger child-abusing religious cult,” Maher told his audience. “Its leader also has a compound, and this guy not only operates outside the bounds of the law, but he used to be a Nazi and he wears funny hats. That’s right, the Pope is coming to America this week and, ladies, he’s single.”

What a pathetic display of inferiority compensation. I am not religious. I was raised Roman Catholic but have issues with the Church which keeps me independent of organized religion. However, I am not scared, nor do I feel inferior to those who embrace Christianity and I know they do a lot of good in the world. So I feel no need to bash them as a way to defend my own choices on religion. In fact I respect them for their good works while I take issue with some of their stands.

But then again I got over my teen years and the insecurity about how others with differing views are an threat to my views. Diversity doesn’t scare me like it clearly does Maher.

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34 Responses to “Bill Maher Demonstrates Liberal Insecurity With Religion”

  1. norm says:

    you are amazing…he’s a comedian…his job is satire…he chooses current events as his topics. i guess you would limit the topics which he chooses to lampoon. why not…you endorse torture and illegal spying on us citzens…what’s one more right for you to give away.

  2. Whippet1 says:

    Again the truth escapes Norm. Maher a comedian? That’s partly true but again your dishonesty is tiring. Everyone knows that Maher is not JUST a comedian. He uses his platform for political ranting as often as is possible. It’s his right but it doesn’t allow him to escape criticizm for it simply because he’s a comedian.

    And again, what is this torture and illegal spying you keep referring to?

  3. 75 says:

    always love the satire excuse.
    Norm, all the crap we’ve been giving you? You can stop whining…it’s just satire.

  4. truthhard2take says:

    Yes but anyone who rejects organized religion for himself entirely, as does Strata, simply because he had problems with one branch of it, is likely just to have a rebellious attitude toward all spiritual authority.
    Too bad he is a submissive vis a vis Bush.

  5. WWS says:

    Being independant of organized religion is a far cry from “rejecting” it, and that’s a loathsome slur. Most of the founders of this country were independantly religious in much the same way (see Deism) Abraham Lincoln was notably “independant” of organized religion; so was Ronald Reagan. And yet both of them in their writings revealed deep moral and religious beliefs that informed and guided their actions in this world.

  6. Whippet1 says:

    I can’t even imagine what a pathetic life one must lead to wake up every morning anticipating how you can slur as many people as possible that don’t think like you…

  7. ivehadit says:

    Read “Thought Police” by Tammy Bruce.
    Norm’s comments are comical… His group has control of our language, donncha know!

  8. AJStrata says:

    Norm and Truth and Hard2Take need to understand that echoing the talking points of fools make you less than the fools you echo….

  9. truthhard2take says:

    I repeat for the dull, Strata has “rejected organized religion for himself. ” This is not a slur; defining one as a Bush admirer who twice voted for the inept lying war criminal, a category of people who should be denied the franchise in the future, is not even a slur.

  10. Whippet1 says:

    There you go again, Truthy, “inept lying war criminal.” Hmmm, they got Clinton for perjury… “inept lying war criminal” should have been easy…if it were true.

    The hatred just eats at you doesn’t it Truthy?

  11. kathie says:

    War criminal, lair, torturer, are just words, words of hysterical politicians trying to do harm to a countries reputation. A country lead by an honest, thoughtful and heroic President who’s only intension is to keep your ass intack. Too bad you are to haunted to recognize the truth.

  12. Terrye says:

    Typical cowards these lefties are. Imagine them giving crap like this to Islamists. Oh NOOOOO, gotta kiss their asses. They kill people. But the Pope? No biggeee. No need to be civil or respectful or decent. Nah….just attack the entire religion.

    And Bush is not a war criminal. However I do hope that people on the left keep screeching and screaming and ranting and raving and reminding America that a vote for Democrats means never ending investigations and witch hunts and partisan mayhem.

  13. Terrye says:

    Speaking of war criminals truthy, what was it about Saddam that you admired the most?


    And let us not forget Zarqawi. Just imagine the size of that training camp today. My, he could have trained all kinds of murderers if not for that big bad Bushie spoiling his fun.

  14. truthhard2take says:

    You’re full of it. Of course if you can prove to me you opposed,at the time, America’s friendship with Saddam and aid to him during the Iraq/Iran War, exemplified by the Rummy handshake, wherein he forgave him for “excesses” of the past, I’ll be happy to rescind.

  15. Maher quit being a Satirist and Comedian over ten years ago; and ever since he moved to HBO, and can now “legally” swear, he’s becoming nothing more that what he really was all along: a typical Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi hate-mongering Traitorous Leftist Nutbag!

    He uses the bully-pulpit of his HBO show to spew hate, lies, sedition and political demagogery of the most vile kind.

    He is certainly NOT a “comedian” nor a “satirist”.

    He is a poster child for the most nutbagish, Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi left in this country, just like people such as “Worm” and “TRUTHHALFBAKED”, for example.

    He gets his weekly show Talking Points from the DNC every Friday night, before he starts his show; he’s a disgusting individual who promotes conspiracy theories and nutbagishness!

    And you know what “Worm” and “TRUTHHALFBAKED”; I don’t care if he has a show, and I don’t care what he says; power to him; let him spew away; its his choice, and that of his enablers, HBO.

    If you’re idiot enough to tune and actually stay long enough to listen to him, and NOT get sick to your stomach, then you deserve to rot in hell with him!

    That said, I completely advocate NOT censoring him, nor shutting him down in any fashion, the American people, are good and decent at their core, “get it”, and we need to see people like him display their Anti-Americanism and Leftist nonsense, so we can see just how truly they are disturbed, and also to remind us on a daily basis that they are the Enemy within.

    And because I, unlike you “Worm” and unlike you “TRUTHHALFBAKED”; actually wore the Uniform of a Marine, to fight for YOUR right to Hate American like you both do, and like Maher does, and I protected YOUR “rights” to spew your nonsense and treason, I WANT you all to continue, to remind us of what a great country we really are, that we can actually survive, and overcome the treasonous cancer you all are, without having to do anyting except let you destroy yourselves!

    So that let that burn a hole right thru your smug little Anti-American/Pro-Jihadis selves, “Worm” and “TRUTHHALFBAKED”; I encourage you to continue to spew your hate and treason, as well as your Idol, Maher, the more you do it, the more it wakes up and educates normal Americans; and also let it burn you in Hell, that I actually helped GIVE you the very “rights” that you two weasels, as well as Maher and others of your Leftist Nutbagishness, would never have the Testicular and Intestinal fortitude to fight for nor protect yourselves!

    Read it and weep, scum….and post away, I enjoy it knowing the only reason you can, is because people like me who love this country, GAVE you that “right’!


  16. kathie says:

    Amen Dalein, and thank you.

  17. 75 says:

    I would argue that Maher was never a comedian. One must be funny to be called a comedian…not just funny looking.

    Now Truthy? That’s a comedian!!

  18. Whippet1 says:


    Excellant! And thank you for your service and your courage.

  19. Dorf77 says:

    ‘Nuther one for Dale… If you are going to feed th T(rolls)(or tu…) FEED THEM WELL.

  20. ivehadit says:

    Here, here Dale. And thank you so very much for your service.

    As to truthie/norm/sooth, they want us to hate like they hate. Won’t happen. We’re too happy. Unlike them.