Apr 15 2008

al Qaeda Begs Sunnis To Come Back

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al-Qaeda must be on its last legs. Those same enemies of true Islam which Osama Bin Laden himself just recently claimed were fair targets in Iraq are now being sought after. Bin Laden’s latest public statements on the killing of Iraqi Muslims was quite clear – they were traitors and deserved to die:

This deadly siege started by Arab leaders providing support to America and the Zionist alliance on the Mujahideen in Palestine and this one of the things that nullifies their Islam for they are partners in this hideous crime. So the Muslims should abhor them and prey upon them; they should strive to remove them and be openly innocent as much as possible, and if they are not able, then at least be innocent in the heart.

The reason al-Qaeda is being pushed from Iraq was the brutal atrocities they inflicted on fellow Muslims (I compiled a reasonably good list of examples here). Their crimes against humanity will go down in the history books as some of the worst ever.

Now al-Qaeda is so desperate to stave off complete annihilation in Iraq they are begging their Iraqi Muslim victims to give them one more chance:

In the recording, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who allegedly heads the Islamic State of Iraq, called on Sunni unity and urged Sunnis in the Iraqi army, police and the so-called “Awakening Councils” to abandon fighting the mujahideen, and instead turn their guns toward the “Crusader” enemy — shorthand for U.S. troops in Iraq.

“The scholars of the faith and the honorable sheiks of the tribes are charged with calling and urging the children of the Sunni sheikdoms to leave the army and the police … and the Awakening Councils, on the basis that all arms … be directed at the Crusaders and those who support them,” al-Baghdadi said in the latest recording.

Unspoken but clearly implied is the “>em>or else!” threat. The Americans freed the Sunnis from the brutality of al-Qaeda, I doubt seriously those same Sunnis want to get mixed up with Bin Laden’s bloodthirsty whacko thugs again. The “or else” is on clear blood drenched display today in Iraq as bombs ripped through once peaceful Sunni areas. Sadly, this display is so al-Qaeda can get front page headline coverage in the western media with the hopes more liberals will run to the cameras and try and spin the carnage as defeat. The Pavlovian cycle of violence in Iraq creating news briefings in DC is a clear sign al-Qaeda is manipulating the press and left wing polls to deft and precision.

But the fact is it is the Iraqis destroying al-Qaeda, using their security forces and through tips from locals ready to be rid of the pestilence that is al-Qaeda. There is no bright future for Islam with al-Qaeda, just misery and death at the hands of AQ’s priests of darkness.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I am willing to go out on a limb here and say that things might not really be what they seem. It actually is in the JAM’s interest right now to get all these bombs going off. While we might appear to have a Sunni taking the “credit” for it, the words of “al-Baghdadi” might really be an Iranian intelligence operation designed again to stir people up and relieve some pressure off of Sadr City and Basra. I believe the Iranians have some serious interest in seeing sectarian turmoil in Iraq and I believe they might be facilitating AQI.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I am halfway out on that limb with you – but it still will not work. The Iraqis are not dumb (in fact I believe they are the most literate and educated Arab state on the planet). They can put 2 and 2 together and see that there is nothing gained in reopening the civil war.

    If anything you are just pointing out the Iranians are as brutally dumb and clumsy as AQ is. OK, no problem there.

  3. 75 says:

    The desperate levels that terrorists are sinking to should give a clear indication of just how important radical Islam sees American success in Iraq as a threat. A Democratic people, with the US as loyal ally, and staging base, smack dab in the middle of terror central frightens the b’Jesus out of radicals…and rightfully so.

  4. truthhard2take says:

    First, Strata gets it wrong

    “The Americans freed the Sunnis from the brutality of al-Qaeda, “

    Rather, the American taxpayer’s money bribed some Sunni insurgents to turn on foreign jihadists, many of the former already declaring their continuing opposition to the Shia-dominated government and/or their plans to resume fighting the American occupier in the future and some reputed to be assisting attacks against US troops even while accepting bribes.

    Crosspatch, take a hint- the fact you believe Iran has the ability to cleverly sabatoge the occupation should tell you the latter is doomed, unless (until) it chooses to negotiate with the winner.

  5. truthhard2take says:

    75 obviously didn’t believe Bobby Mueller, but Iran did.

  6. truthhard2take says:

    When Strata says “Pavlovian cycle of violence” “manipulating the press …and the left …to precision” what he means is, the press
    shouldn’t use terms like (Baquba, Ramani, you pick ’em ) “had” been stabilized to describe the successful insurgent hits—and I’m sure Pat Dullard agrees.

  7. 75 says:

    I see Truthy put in fresh batteries today. 🙂

  8. Gigantus says:

    truthhard2take…it sure must be hard for you to take. You have no concept of geopolitics at all…and all of this is just a game of “our side” against “your side.” Shame on you and your ilk.

  9. 75 says:

    Relax Gigantus…Truthy’s nothing…and knows it. His entire existence is to piss in your soup. What the hell else is he going to do all day between bong hits and hackeysack?

  10. truthhard2take says:

    My side is much sparer: America the Nation with friends limited to this hemisphere. Your side has an alignment of necessary friends and enemies strewn out in the far corners of the globe, as when your “side” included the Moslem jihadis who with US help, ejected the Soviets from Afghnaistan. Then came the blowback.

  11. Boghie says:

    Wow Truthman,

    The problem is that we now can get from one part of the world to another within a day. A single day Truthy. Amazing.

    I know that seems hard to believe. But, we have planes and things now.

    So, these schleps all over the world will be pissed if we are there – and they will be pissed if we aren’t. They will be pissed if we kinda side with Hamas like Jimmah, and pissed if we kinda side with the Jooooos like the civilized world.

    They will be pissed because they are barbarians.

    Now, what do civilized countries do to violent barbarians?

    Let me think about that for a moment.

    Especially ones that seem bent on crapping on our civilized land.

  12. crosspatch says:

    Hey, Truthtard … Let’s see … Germany moved more to the right with Merkel … France with Sarkozy, Italy just this past weekend, and Labor in the UK is getting ready to vacate the government in favor of the Conservative party the next round of elections if the polls are correct (worst Labor showing since Thatcher was in office). Your comment that we have no friends outside this hemisphere is based on outdated wishful thinking. Europe is moving to the right. And don’t look now but the younger generation of Americans (the ones enlisting for duty in Iraq) is too.

  13. VinceP1974 says:

    Europe will only be moving more to the Right as time goes by and thier cities become more Islamized and the citizens realize that its the Leftist elite that destroyed thier nations and culture.

  14. Whippet1 says:

    Truthy will be crying soon…looks like his buddies have lost another one…poor poor Truthy. He works so hard at losing too. I guess Zogby didn’t poll in Basra. I’m shocked!

  15. 75 says:

    Zogby does all his polling out of D.C…including Iraqi polling. 😉

  16. truthhard2take says:


    obviously you haven’t read the recent worldwide polls establishing Israel as one of the most dangerous,unpopular nations in world opinion, not as “civilized.”

  17. truthhard2take says:

    Crosspatch can’t read very well. I said , as did our Founders, we
    should have no friends, or enemies in distant parts of the world, mirrored in Washington’s warning against entangling alliances.
    You of course approve of American world-policing Empire’s
    cast of friends and enemies.

  18. 75 says:

    Truthy prefers Russian “annexation” for his world-policing empires.