Apr 15 2008

Pressure Building For Democrat Implosion

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I have to admit I have enjoyed watching the democrats self destruct this year. It has been slowly building as their once vaulted hopes of riding a defeat in Iraq to the White House have been dashed by not only a path to victory laid before us in Iraq, but the infighting of the left’s two prime identity groups – the only one’s really left – blacks and women. Sadly for these two respected elements of society they each are being represented by lame candidates, and they have helped create the pending low speed train wreck.

Hillary has trouble keeping reality and dreamland straight and can be so condescending one wonders whether she is as smart as every one claims. She is still riding Bill Clinton’s coat tails and the political machine they built from his presidency. Even with all that support she is flailing.

Obama looked to be the better candidate. He was a DC outsider, at a glance he looks stylish and poised. Hilariously he was able to destroy that image with a quick game of bowling where he bowled a ridiculous 37! Geez, how isolated has this man been from America? He was seen as something new, a way to get past the long gone racial divides that primarily exist today as romantic memories in some people’s minds. In the end we learned he was part of that stubborn group that will not let racial tensions die, who cannot get past the upheavals of the last century, who cannot see the progress and only see the US of KKKA.

To this point there was hope for Obama, but when he claimed bitter frustration was the reason for people to believe in God and demand the right to bear arms (just think of these two concepts in the Church of Reverend Wright!!) he exposed the fact he is a far left liberal trying to play a charade on America. That is a two punch blow: First for letting his condescending views about his supporters leak out, but also making it clear he has not been honest with them, basically putting on a show to fool them.

(and I am being generous here, the left is not all that astute at times – but then again the right can be tone death too) are just noticing the fact Obama is seriously damaged for the general election:

Obama comes from a modest background and has tried to appeal as a candidate of both Harvard Law School and Chicago’s Back-of-the-Yards, where he organized laid-off steel workers, but he hasn’t been able to pull it off. His manner, his tenor, and his diction are Harvard Law, and when he starts dropping his ‘g’s,” he sounds strained. And Obama is too young, and lacks the stature, to appear as a Franklin Roosevelt-style father figure.

These difficulties were clear before Obama spoke in San Francisco, but they’re much more glaring now. In the speech, Obama appeared to say that Pennsylvania voters’ opposition to gun control or abortion or immigration or free trade was pathological–a product of what Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse once called “false consciousness.” On the other hand, he implied that when he voiced opposition to an issue like free trade–Obama has consistently hammered Clinton on her support for the North American Free Trade Agreement–he was simply pandering to these voters’ displaced anxieties. He was saying to these upscale San Francisco Democrats, “I am really one of you, and I am not one of them.”

Oh, it was much worse than that. But liberals cannot grasp the damage done. And it is getting worse now that Obama’s name has come up in a scandal trial. Last thing America wants is another crooked pol in DC. Even if Obama is not implicated, America will take no chances with the Presidency.

What is really interesting is the Democrats also cannot stop Obama from winning the delegate count for the primaries. As I said, Clinton is such a bad candidate she could take out this neophyte early on. So what is happening is the support between Hillary and Obama keeps solidifying in the two liberal enclaves, each unwilling to take a back seat to the other victimized group (because that is all they represent on the left, victims’ groups). Now with Obama leading in delegates and popular vote he is imploding, putting pressure on the Democrat machine to make a move to save their dreams. They either up-end the primary process and put in Hillary (which would severe the democrats hold on the African American vote) or they put in someone who did not run like Al Bore (and destroy the party forever).

Watching the pressure build week after week is riveting. In one week so much pressure will be built up the entire party is going to be screaming for it to stop. But it can’t stop. The supporters will not back down and the candidates will not back down (and their supporters would not buy it anyway). It is amazing to watch, knowing the Democrats will be a crippled party one way or the other when this thing finally blows.

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  1. norm says:

    whippet…i’m not a mind reader i just base my observations on past behavior. on a similar thread monday i was told no one cared for my analysis. so on this thread i simply focused on the meanings of words which is beyond dispute for logical people.
    as for what i think obama meant…because you asked twice…every four years politicians from both sides of the aisle spread out across the country and talk about all the good things they are going to do for everyone…then they go to washington and forget all about it until the next election cycle. obama was simply pointing out what many people have pointed out before…the folks who have lost jobs to mexico and india and have lost their healthcare don’t believe they are going to get any help on any of these things from politicians because all they ever hear is empty promises. things like hunting and church and cultural tradition are important to a lot of people but especially small town america. so when republicans push those wedge issues and say someone wants to take their guns away, or push ridiculous gay-marriage amendments, or go on anti-immigration rants they vote on those issues rather than in their own economic self-interests. it’s a simple argument…and it’s not elitist. if you want to know more i suggest you read “what’s wrong with kansas” by thomas frank.

  2. 75 says:

    Leave it to Norm to cite a book with overtly liberal elitist snobbery to make his non-elitist point of view.

  3. Dc says:

    Beyond dispute? The only part of his statement that anyone trying to defend it has addressed, including yourself, is the first part about people being “bitter” and why they are bitter. Obama, and anyone trying to defend this statement just walked right away from the 2nd part of the sentence as if it didn’t exist—the 2nd part being what ties the point he was making in in the first part in an entirely different direction. That also is beyond dispute—for logical thinking people.

  4. Dc says:

    As for literary suggestions, I would suggest branching out to different points of view, different opinions, theories, etc. I would also suggest that having an opinion or theory doesn’t therefore making it factual. This is something most younger, liberal minded people have a lot of trouble with these days.

    example: A happened. B happened. Therefore: A caused B.

    If you question the cause/effect relationship in the above example, a they typically respond….well….A happened. B happened. That proves it. They also pretty much believe everything they read and seek out only books that re-enforce their own views— instead of broadening their understanding. There’s a book store close by me called “The Unimperialistic, Unoppressive Book Store” whos shelves are full of nothing but leftist propaganda and socialist heros.

  5. 75 says:

    Dc, this is what they’ve become…relegated to cheap debate tactics such as ommission, parsing, and context. I’ve even had lefties argue over typos! Their candidates are such lowlifes that they are now put in the absurd position of defending a completely racist statement from a racist candidate. What a hell they must live in to have to live in such a swamp of falsehoods and minutia. They’re reaping what they’ve sown and it just gets more and more outrageous.

  6. norm says:

    rascist…now it’s rascist? amazing. astounding. buy a dog, name it clue, then you will have one.

  7. Whippet1 says:

    “.” rascist…now it’s rascist? amazing. astounding. buy a dog, name it clue, then you will have one.”

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If you want to continue whining about people’s immature comments than I suggest you stop making immature comments yourself. That or quit whining…

    “things like hunting and church and cultural tradition are important to a lot of people but especially small town america. so when republicans push those wedge issues and say someone wants to take their guns away, or push ridiculous gay-marriage amendments, or go on anti-immigration rants they vote on those issues rather than in their own economic self-interests. it’s a simple argument…and it’s not elitist.”

    Out of Obama’s mouth and blamed on the Republicans. Amazing…you’ve become quite skilled in liberalspeak.

  8. 75 says:

    What do you mean “now” it’s racist?
    Clearly, Obama’s been raised as a hate-filled racist from a very young age. Just how much more evidence do you need?

  9. Whippet1 says:

    “…and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    Yes, racist.

  10. 75 says:

    He mentioned everything but white sheets and burning crosses….
    But I’m sure his reverend has covered that once or twice in his life.

  11. truthhard2take says:

    Whether he’s racist or not, he wouldn’t be a threat to the presidency
    were it not for the failed Iraq War based on lies, which catapulted him to viability because of Hillary’s initial support of the war and her ensuing unpopularity with the Democratic left-mainstream.
    Since you warmongers supported and support the war, blame yourselves.

  12. 75 says:

    Truthy’s in desperate need of a thesaurus. Parrots don’t repeat things as often as this idiot.