Apr 04 2008

Why Do European al-Qaeda Terrorists Travel Via Iran To Pakistan?

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If Iran is not supporting al-Qaeda efforts why is it so many terrorists in Europe use Tehran as their transit point between Europe and the training facilities and gathering forces of al-Qaeda inside Pakistan?

On April 1, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on April 1 notified leaders of Germany’s military, the United Nations and potential targets — including a five-star hotel in Kabul — that two men from Germany with known ties to terrorist groups could be planning a bomb attack against Germans in Afghanistan.

The men are identified as Eric B., a 20-year-old German Muslim convert, and Houssain al-M., a 24-year-old Lebanese native who holds a German passport.

Federal investigators connect the men to the Sauerland terror cell, a group of three would-be terrorists arrested in Germany last September. Investigators believe that the cell, comprised of two German converts to Islam and one Turkish national, was plotting a major attack on US military bases in Germany (more…).

Officials within the BKA told SPIEGEL ONLINE that investigators kept an eye on Eric B. and Houssain al-M.’s movements after they left Germany last fall. The two men’s first stop was Cairo, where they visited a radical Islamic cleric with ties to Germany.

At the end of November they proceeded to Dubai, then on to Tehran. Investigators lost track of them in early December, but they are believed to have crossed the border from Iran into Waziristan, a northwestern Pakistani province where the Islamic Jihad Union has several training camps.

Houssain al-M. attempted the same crossing last summer with a member of the Sauerland terror cell. However both men were arrested by Pakistani secret service agents.

OK, there are also stops in Cairo and Dubai, but many countries keep tabs on the length of stay of people and notice when someone of interests doesn’t show up for weeks. And that is what it takes to travel from Tehran through the eastern provinces of Iran and into Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas (which share a cultural heritage with the eastern provinces of Iran).

Now maybe Tehran tipped off the Pakistanis the one time they caught the person using this path. But I would say that there also could be an underground railroad of types running through Iran to gain access to Europe and Iraq from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Of course the liberals have their eyes shut, their fingers in their ears and are screaming “I can’t hear you” when this kind of evidence shows up. It is their way to ignore the dots – as with happened with the run up to 9-11. Honestly I could care less about the depth of their denial, what concerns me is how Iran continues to play an enabling role in terror against Iraq and Europe (like providing specialized shape-charged IEDs). And when we will start to take action to end it.

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  1. truthhard2take says:

    So you didn’t listen to the AQ leader’s promotion of war against Shias
    and Iran on the recently released tape? How convenient.

  2. 75 says:

    Truthy listens to AQ tapes? So does Olby!

    (Cue the Beavis and Butthead chuckles)