Mar 28 2008

Obama Throws Wright Under The Bus – Caught In Another Lie

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Obama must realize the hits he is taking for his relationship with an anti-American, anti-white ‘pastor’ are crippling his support, because today Obama’s BS-Express went into high gear:

In appearance taped for airing this morning on “The View,” Senator Obama makes news by saying he might have left Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ if the Rev. Jeremiah Wright had not retired.

In a clip posted by ABC, Obama says: ‘Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country — for all its flaws — then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying there at the church.”

This is doubly bad for Sen Obama because it creates more questions and doubts. If Wright was that bad, why not denounce him now and get it over with? And if it was that bad, why wait 20 years to deal with it? And if it was that bad, what about the new pastor who is not that much better? And all this comment does is keep the story alive longer – smooth move there.

Fact is Obama just crumpled because he lost what little spine he has. And it will not be enough to move his skeptics, but it will be considered a ‘judas moment’ to the black community. Just more evidence Obama is not ready for the pressures of the White House.

Update: Reader Neo points us to this enlightening bit of news about the Obama-Wright saga from Christopher Hitchens:

It’s been more than a month since I began warning Sen. Barack Obama that he would become answerable for his revolting choice of a family priest. But never mind that; the astonishing thing is that it’s at least 11 months since he himself has known precisely the same thing. “If Barack gets past the primary,” said the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the New York Times in April of last year, “he might have to publicly distance himself from me. I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.” Pause just for a moment, if only to admire the sheer calculating self-confidence of this. Sen. Obama has long known perfectly well, in other words, that he’d one day have to put some daylight between himself and a bigmouth Farrakhan fan. But he felt he needed his South Side Chicago “base” in the meantime. So he coldly decided to double-cross that bridge when he came to it. And now we are all supposed to marvel at the silky success of the maneuver.

Well, that clearly indicates Obama has been caught in a red-faced lie to the American people. No one wants or will vote for a president who lies with ease to America. The thing about George Bush which has been so refreshing is he says what he means and means what he says – and then does what he says. It irritates the hell out of people, but to America it is one of his best qualities. We know what we are getting and where we are going. Liars are much less predictable. So, what else has Obama lied about? That is the question which will dog him for the rest of the campaign. I doubt the Clinton machine will miss any opportunities to emphasize his struggles with be honest and forthright with the country. Not that she doesn’t also have a problem with telling the truth!

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  1. truthhard2take says:

    Of course Bush and Condi proved to the Pals we only support democracy if our side wins the elections-hence the attempts to overthrow the Hamas victory against Abbas.

  2. Neo says:

    When an Obama commercial, running here in Pennsylvania, mentioned a “Windfall Profits Tax“, the conversion of Barack Obama into the black version of Jimmy Carter was complete.

    Now Obama wants to take us back to the gas lines that were synonymous with Jimmy Carter. In the past 2 years, the Democrat controlled Congress has done nothing to create a single drop of “new oil” while standing around with their hands in their pockets as the price of gasoline goes up and up. Their and Obama’s solution, tax the oil companies.

    Just how is taxing the oil companies going to produce more oil ?

  3. truthhard2take says:

    Cheney leaned on the Saudis but they are too pissed at how the guy who “had other priorities” when it was his time to serve handed Iraq over to the Shias and Iran to co-operate.